How weekend breaks helps!!

There are a number of ways taking a quick weekend away can benefit your health. Taking leisure time can led to experiencing more positive frame of mind, stress-free attitude, less depression and more satisfaction.


Weekend is the best way to give a pause to your busy life and enjoy your special moments with family..

Mommy and baby enjoying beautiful morning

Sometimes you just want to relax and spend some time with family. Never let your work life affect your family life…so take a break every weekend or at least once in a month and have a long ride😍

Lovely tea gardens in Munnar

How weekend getaway helps you!

It helps you both physically and mentally improving your productivity at work and happy relationship…😊

Morning track in a national park and then relaxing in a stream of fresh water
Benefits of weekend gateways
  • Benefits start even before you visit any place or do anything i.e. even with a thought of getaway or holiday boosts your happiness. This is my personal experience as well as results of scientific study.
  • Screen free time as when you are out for holidays, we enjoy the place and company and most of the time no network really helps😉.
  • Daddy and baby enjoying the view
  • When you are free from your cellphone and laptop your brain and eyes are also stress free and they are also on relax mode.
  • Out of home means no kitchen, no cooking 😁 so you have more couple time, family time and you enjoy food together.
Baby’s first beach vacation
  • You can have more of outdoor activities with kids as most of the time we are busy with home and office work.
  • When you are on holidays you do more of physical activity and it’s more of your body exercise 😁.
Fun time with Kid & beautiful Colosseum at back
  • You get free from all tension and get solution to most of your problems as after holidays you are all positive and stress free and you can concentrate proper in your work life.

Tips to plans a nice weekend gateway
  • Selecting a place according to your mood, whether you want a relaxing holiday or full of adventure or if not outstation then as per your interest.
  • Depends on ones interest – they can plan to watch a play ( I am talking about live performance ) or visit an exhibition or a movie or if possible go and watch your favourite team’s match.
  • Or just to relax one can pamper themselves with some nice Spa session and beauty session.
Relaxed Morning on beach
  • If planning outstation then one of the most important part after deciding where to go is selecting the best accommodation.
  • Always keep in mind the location should be near to all  places you want to visit. Otherwise you would end up most of the time in traveling from hotel to places.
  • If you are traveling with kids/toddlers having a room with kitchen works best, as you can anytime access kitchen for kids.
Dadu dadi with granddaughter having good time at archaeological site
  • If you don’t want to spend too much money on lodging then definitely go for home stays through airbnb or any other website.
  • Recently we have a wonderful stay at Silver Brook Estate, Coorg and Ivorycoast’e, Kannur. These are both home stay’s and  have kitchen facilities with helpers, you’ll feel home away from home at such places ( Would share proper detail of places soon ).
Kids enjoying the sun and having some fun
  • Keeping the luggage light, yes I know with a baby you have lot and lot of stuff to carry but try keeping only the essentials for the trip. Less luggage means less stress before, on and after a holiday as less things to pack – unpack, less things to take care of this means more free time in hand and relaxed mind.
Family selfie
  • Always carry good sunscreen lotion and mosquito repellent for you and kids (for some really good & natural baby products click here). I have been using Mamaearth natural mosquito repellent and Mamaearth baby sunscreen.
  • Planning to visit all places before traveling, saves your time and helps you finding the best location as per the places you have planned to visit.
  • If you have infant or toddler then baby carriers are must have. kids are so relaxed and comfortable in carriers that they allow you to enjoy the place and you also have your hands free to do other stuff like taking some amazing pics.
Daddy enjoying beautiful sea and baby sleeping comfortably in her carrier
Check my other post on baby carriers – Strength and Bonding
  • If possible try visiting some new places and avoid going to crowded places, in our recent trip we explored some really nice places that was not listed as tourist attraction but was worth visiting.
  • Always carry some snacks while traveling and keep having something every few hours. It gives you energy to enjoy more on your trip.
There is nothing wrong in a lazy beach vacation but physical activity helps oneself unwind more effectively then lounging does. Hope these tips helps you plan some more gateways and revive yourself having family bonding time. I am taking my Alexa rank to next level with Blogchatter #MyFriendAlexa
All Pic are from our trips.

29 thoughts on “How weekend breaks helps!!”

  1. Sometimes weekends end up being a lot more busier than weekdays as we are cramming so many things to do. A weekend break is must needed for all of us. Loved your post on taking that break.

  2. Well a Long weekend is always welcomed. But they come rarely in a year. We plan our long weekends well in advance and club with few more offs to relax and visit some place with memorable journey. I loved your post and pictures are superb

  3. This is so true! I recently went on a family vacay and we had a technology free week. This not only recharged me to rejoin my daily routine but helped me give quality time to my family too.

  4. Sometimes I feel, if there were no weekends we would just not take a break or spend time together as a family. I love to plan weekend breaks too with my family.

  5. One thing that I have realized over time is that taking a break is very very important or else our productivity is bound to decrease! Loved this post and all your tips and suggestions!

  6. Weekend trips are always rejuvenating and relaxing. Its easy on pockets, time management and best for taking a plunge in lazing out. Love the features of this tirp.

  7. Oh yes, weekend getaways are a must. Of course, long breaks are desirable but one can’t always go for long holidays. And as you mentioned, traveling is excellent to open kids’ horizons

  8. I am sharing this article with my husband.. 🙂 He needs to understand the importance of weekend getaways.. The traveller in me is yearning to travel from long now. Totally loved this post and totally resonate the tips and benefits like you have written.

  9. Good post and lovely images. I agree with you that the mood sees a sudden change even before the weekend break takes place. It’s the thought and the idea of going somewhere out that gets your stress and anxiety level down. I haven’t tried Airbnb yet, though I have been meaning to. I am a little skeptical, may be will try the next time we plan a trip.

  10. This is a great thought but gets quite neglected and we undermine its true potential, and just by being bit more discipline our breaks and this small weekend breaks can make such a huge difference to our working, thinking and ultimately the outcomes that matters. It is all in the way we look at life, and this short breaks are as important as we keep planning and taking those long ones. You have a lovely family and it is evident in every picture of yours, and it is vivid and vibrant, so much of joy and that’s how a good family make it count.
    Thanks for such lovely tips and nice post.

  11. Weekends are always for family. Even if we aren’t doing anything exciting we like to stay home and enjoy each other’s tales and company. Weekend getaways are fun!

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