Healthy Kids Food Ideas

Being mom a thought which is always in your mind is providing healthy food and proper nutrition to your kid.

We all have this little picky eater who don’t want to eat healthy food. A mother needs to learn some easy ways to add healthy and nutritious food for her little one(s).

So here I am sharing my personal tips with you. I am a vegetarian, so main source of protein come from pulses, soya, fruits and vegetables.

Now the question is how to give food rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals to your kids.

Tips to add nutritious food to your kid’s meal.

MILK – most of the kids run away from milk and same with my daughter. She is really choosy when it comes to milk . So when she throws tantrums having milk, I make oats porridge with that milk adding some fruits to it.

  • Change look of the food – when the kids says no to milk, you can always try experimenting with dishes made with milk. I used to make health mix, porridge, oats, sweet dalia and kheer. She just enjoy all these items and yes milk too😉.
  • Replace Milk with Milk products – When your kids say no to milk, try different milk products. Giving paneer, cheese, butter, curd. All have same benefits of milk, so you can try offering milk in different forms.


  • Health mix chapatis – Adding some health mix powder to wheat flour and kneading with milk. Add more nutrition to kids meal.
  • Health mix


  • Vegetables chapatis You can knead chapatis dough with vegetables puree. Adding beetroot, carrot, spinach or any vegetables of your choice. It not only gives colour to food, also enhance the taste of it.
Ragi carrots Beetroot paradha


  • Fruits with play time – I have made a routine to have any fruit before going for playing outdoor. So in this way my daughter knows she have to eat fruit, before going out.
  • Juice/shakes – Kids enjoy having homemade juice and shakes is also at times.
  • Soya – You can add soya flour to the normal wheat flour and use daily. Soya milk is also good.


  • Flavoured Milk – You can add dry fruits powder to milk, it gives flavour.
  • Snack –  Roasted nuts are a great way of munching with healthy benefits . Roast nuts of choice with ghee and give for munching anytime.
  • Sweets – Homemade sweets is best way for adding dry fruits. Kids love these sweets .
Wholewheat Oasts Raison and almonds cookies


As a mom, you have these plenty of new ideas, do share your ideas with me in comments.


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32 thoughts on “Healthy Kids Food Ideas”

  1. I love the idea of changing the look of something. I have been doing this for some time now and it works! If my kid has a half eaten bar, then I cut it up into bite sized pieces and there is a new snack! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow. Thank you. I’ve never heard of die of these but ism definitely going to experiment. My girls eat pretty healthy but like to stick with their routine so a little venturing out will be fun.

  3. I am a vegetarian too and always on the lookout of good protein-rich recipes. I loved the paratha and cookie recipes and I am going to try them. Thanks for sharing. Also, my daughter’s paediatrician told me that 250 ml of milk is sufficient for the kids. When we start giving more quantity of milk, kids resist eating food because their daily requirement of food intake is over so I like your idea of giving dairy products. It is also equally essential and moms should not force kids to drink only milk.

  4. Neha, that’s some genius ideas you have given us. Thanks a lot. And that plate with the health mix looks so tempting…!! I will take the idea of vegetable chappatis and try it with my daughter. Let’s see if she likes red, green and orange. 🙂

  5. Great tips… Loved all the recipes you shared… Especially the health mix. I too prepare parathas and theplas of different shapes and colour for my daughter. They enjoy seeing their plate filled with colourful food.

  6. These are some great ideas for picky eaters. Hiding the ingredients is a smart thing to do. I used to make oats porridge and kheer for my son too as he hated milk. That cookie looks yummy!

  7. I am salivating at your Ragi Carrot Paratha. Fruits before time is such a fun routine.
    Would you believe it if I told you that I use your tips for my husband, who is a picky eater?:))

  8. I love the idea of connecting eating fruit to being able to have playtime! What a great idea for getting our kids to get their nutritional value in. I want to try the vegetables chapatti too!!

  9. I like most of your ideas. Though my son is a picky eater, but he likes milk. So that definitely makes my job a bit easier. The challenge is with veggies and pulses. I am working on that front and hope that things will turn around in a couple of years 😉

  10. I make multigrain chapati fo my son and stuff vegetables inside whenever he says no to vegetables. These are pretty good ideas for healthy foods for the little ones.

  11. Great tips! I like the idea of adding health mix powder to chapattis and adding vegetable purees. It’s so simple and can easily be added to our daily meal.

  12. Neha, I concur in your facts about kids’ nutrition.

    And the way you’ve enlisted innovative ideas to get kids consume their share of daily protein is fantastic.

    In fact, I too ‘veg-ify’ my rotis as much as possible (even if the husband doesn’t like it), making my own cookies/cakes & homemade shakes with rich dry fruits.

    I so loved your post full of doable ideas.

  13. Very good tips! I Often make dal ki roti at home. Stuff it with some boiled dal / or knead atta in leftover yellow dal.
    Milk is definitely the best 🙂

  14. All the points you have mentioned are very apt. My daughter hates milk but loves Paneer. Similarly she hates Chappathis and Rotis but loves paranthas. So we manage to add enough nutrition to he r food by using alternatives. Excellent post.

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