Cake smash tips

As every mom, I was also excited for my baby’s first birthday and had many plans for cake smash and her first birthday’s photo session.

My Plans v/s Reality

🍭I wished to bake her first birthday cake matching her dress and yes I baked her cake and first time tried my hands on baking, it took me two days to bake 2 tier cake with icing and I was super happy.
🍭Planned a cake smash with all decoration by mommy and daddy so we started all decoration a day before so that we can get time on her birthday.
🍭Planned a photo shoot by photographer daddy and lot of smiling laughing cake bath pictures.
No no guys that was all what I expected and let me tell you what happened.


🍭Started our day with visiting temple all good baby was enjoying but was struck in traffic and returned back tierd.
🍭Thought baby will take her day nap and we can do cake smash in evening when she woke up, but she was full day active and mommy finished remaining touches to her cake.
🍭Baked her cake and was super tierd but really happy.
🍭Time for cake smash, we dressed her and all set for cake smash and now baby is tierd and not interested in anything 😑 tried each and every thing to make her happy so that she touch her cake or even smile for pictures.
🍭After so many unsuccessful attempts finally we accepted she will not do this at least today😐
🍭so all that happened we never planned but we managed to take some pictures.

Now let me share my tips from my experience

🍭Plan your cake smash in morning when she is in full active mode.
🍭 If you are planning to bake cake get all things done before birthday day so that you are all set no touch ups also.
🍭Choose the most comfortable and easy to go dress, so that baby is free as party wears irritate babies, so let it be simple.
🍭Get ready with camera for all fun moments to capture.
🍭Biggest mistake I did was I never gave her cake with icing so she was not at all interested to touch her cake, so try giving her cake with icing before cake smash so that she know what we can do with this cake.
🍭If still your cake smash get flops.. don’t give up, we have many more birthdays to do all fun🤣

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  1. I love the way you described Expectations vs. Reality. I like your thought about making a birthday dress simple enough so your kid is comfortable enough to have fun.

  2. Liked the idea of your write up… your daughter is a sweetheart… It seems every kid is the same on their birthday… 🙂 😛

  3. Can so relate to this! We plan so much for their first birthdays but the little darlings are almost always overwhelmed and moody that day. Loved how you described it.

  4. Wow mommy, you did a super work. The cake looked so delicious, next time shall give a cake order, kidding:). And yes, you should have given her a slice with icing, I gave my son when he touched 8months:)

  5. I think we always plan so many things, but hardly few of them turn well. Thanks for the wonderful tips you gave.

  6. Plans really don’t work when it comes to kids.Great points share from your personal observations and allmof them really make sense. Keeping things in morning is the best suggestion.

  7. A nostalgic post for me for sure, we had her first’s some years back and that was full of overwhelming emotions. Love the way you detailed out on every aspect of planning… I wish I had this much of sese then 😉

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