A step towards new India

In today’s world when we open our eyes every day we thank god for choosing us for this life and for a happy day ahead, but as we open our morning newspaper our heart is filled with grief and sadness reading all the news of crimes, rapes and illness.
Something similar happen with this Bangalore based the entrepreneurial couple. Only few people like this couple take an initiative and do something and decide to help people that are going through critical illness like cancer. They have witnessed the pain and torture (financial and mental) that cancer patient and his/her family member go through as one of their family member had cancer. The poor people that can’t afford the treatment can’t survive through such situation, so they decided to make cash less cancer hospital for all needed ones that can’t afford the high cost of treatment.
Fight against cancer
A single sitting of chemotherapy costs about INR 90,000 , a full-fledged cancer treatment for the poor is a challenge. They either face shortage of quality care, or shortage of money or often are deprived from timely care. New India solemnly commits itself to the fight against cancer by ensuring to take strong steps in making sure that cancer treatment and care is available to all the needy and poor for free. Because with cancer what kills faster is the cost associated to it.

On 21st February 2018 this Bangalore based entrepreneurial couple Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata celebrated their daughter’s birthday in a memorable way for many by announcing the launch of their dream project, ‘‘THE NEW INDIA’‘ – a self funded NGO and gifted Rs 200 crores towards building of cashless cancer care hospital for underprivileged. Actor Emraan Hashmi graced the occasion with his presence. The unique attribute about NEW INDIA is that it is self funded and it won’t accept funds from anyone. This couple has been sheltering 40 kids for 6 years and the dream got bigger to give back to society , which gave birth to NEW INDIA.


A nonprofit organisation will be completely self funded by Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata and will focus on creating a new hope for the betterment of unprivileged. It aims to cater women, children, critical illness and stop rape initiative to bring justice to rape victims and help them resurrect their lives. As the first initiative by NEW INDIA , it has already pledged 50 acres of land worth 100 crores in Attibele-Anekal Road, Bangalore the trust. Additional 100 crores will be used towards construction of the super specialty cancer care hospital. All underprivileged cancer patients from across India will be treated completely free of charge . This will be the first cashless hospital across India.

The entire hospital will be of 150 beds and will be completed in different phases. The initial phase will be ready by December 2018. It will be state of the art infrastructure with renowned oncologist and consultants on board. Entire hospital will be designed by UK based architect and Engineer firm, BDP ,formerly known as Building design partnership . It’s a firm of architects and engineers employing over 900 staff in UK and internationally, entire project from planning to execution will be executed by BDP.
This project is founded by Vijay Tata and Amrita Tata, leading entrepreneurs from Bangalore who areon a mission to make a difference and touch lives through “NEW INDIA” and its underlying movements. The NGO aims to be working together with partners and local communities in various parts of India at grass root level to understand the key issues and work in the best possible way to eradicate or minimize the cause. The NGO is open for Collaboration with local NGO’s and volunteers across India to make a mass movement. Though the organisation is self-funded but it seeks the support of our Indians to spread the message, support our cause and volunteers in the New India Movement.
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  1. I feel so proud to be part is this wonderful country where such beautiful souls are doing so good for evryone wish I could be part of this wonderful initiative 🙏☺️

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