Why Cloth Diapers

Diapers are an essential part of a mom’s life, but we really need to think about the environment now.

Disposable diapers are bad for the environment as they contain ingredients that could harm animals, humans, and the environment. They contain polyethylene, petroleum, wood pulp, gelling material, perfume, and polypropylene, as well as non-renewable, petroleum-based ingredients and most of all, they are costly and full of chemicals.

And on the other hand, it’s not good for babies too. Then, why are we using it when we have such good eco-friendly options for our babies?

We have seen our mothers and grandmothers using cloth for little ones and we know the goodness of using cloth for baby skin than a diaper full of chemicals. But, I can understand the struggle of changing cloth nappies, and so, we want a solution that gives us the goodness of cloth and the absorbency of diapers too.

It is the right time for mommies to switch to cloth diapers. It will save our environment and the best choice for our little ones too. So, let’s take a step towards saving our environment.

Let me tell you some important benefits of cloth diapers.

1) Saves money as its reusable and you don’t need to dump the diapers in the dustbin after every use. And, when you calculate the cost of disposable diapers you used in a few months, you can easily get my point on saving money.

2) Best for baby’s skin and health as we all know cloth is best for baby skin and it helps to keep baby rash-free.

3) Long use as it comes with age-appropriate setting and it grows as your baby grows, you can move to different setting when you feel your baby has outgrown them.

4) Attractive, no one can say no to the beautiful look and prints of cloth diapers. Who need a fancy bottom when you have lovely cloth diapers?

5) Free from chemicals as it is made of organic cotton, which is best for baby’s skin.

6) No leaks as we get proper fit with cloth diapers. Cloth diapers come with a good fit, so no chances of leaks if you have put it on proper setting as per baby age.

7) Good resell value, once your baby has outgrown them, you can resell as they maintain the goodness.

8) Happy baby and mommy as no more guilt of keeping baby in diapers.

So, let’s go green with this one step from all moms.

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17 thoughts on “Why Cloth Diapers”

  1. They are ecofreindly, pocket freindly and reusable what else one need. Thanks for sharing such great reasons to buy a cloth diapers.

  2. I also prefer cloth diapers instead of disposable ones… It looks great and comfortable to kids.

  3. Diapers are somehow clog the flow of air , so i was just thinking of something made up of cloth , they are great for skin to breath and skin will be healthy

  4. So normal or cloth diapers are super debatable, but I made sure that my son was on cloth diapers and it helped him stay safe and rash free always!

  5. We used cloth diapers for our niece when she was little. They are definitely much better than the plastic diapers. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. I have never used cloth diapers for my baby, but after reading this post, I felt that I should use it.

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