When to start reading to your baby?

When you become a mom, you have so many questions for your baby and one of the big questions is when should we start reading for your baby?

Reading books to your little one is a good habit and it should be started as early as possible, if you remember everyone saying us during pregnancy we should start reading good books and listening nice music and shlokas. This was because your baby starts listening you from the womb.

Sharing few tips for reading to your child as per her age:

0-3 months your baby is small, not able to sit. You can hold your baby and read and talk to her, sing her rhymes.

3-6 months babies start looking at objects and can see & understand different shapes as well as pictures. They tend to touch different surfaces in order to explore and so you can use nice picture books with varying textures.

6-12 months babies start sitting alone and love to explore more. They will try to hold the book and most probably try to eat it too. Try getting colorful hardbound books with small words and pictures during this time.

1-2 year baby is now big enough to hold books and choose his/her favorite book from their mini library. They can now flip papers of her book and ask you to read. They would love to ask questions to you from the book and start recognizing the books’ pictures with objects and living beings around them and often would let you know what they saw in the book.

You can always try doing small activities with them, asking to bring the items shown in picture from objects around them. Match fruits and vegetables, animals and toys & so on.

3+ babies can ask you to tell a story that is there in the books and ask you many questions related to the story. You can start with numbers and letters recognizing and counting objects in the books. You can start with good habits books and books related to the school and family/ friends, as they would love to hear about the activities happening around them and enjoy creating their own stories.

How reading helps your baby

Reading books helps your baby recognize sounds and rhythm.

Reading is a fun activity that creates a bond with the baby and comforts him/her..

You can make a schedule for reading books at night or during the day.

Reading regularly to babies helps in improving language skills and they show interest in reading when they start preschool.

Reading with actions and singing attract them and they learn to show and let you know, how they feel, what they see and so on. It helps babies communicate better.

What kind of books to choose?

For babies you can choose cloth books and touch & feel books.

For toddler’s you can try books with different sounds and fold-outs, when they can see different surprises as they open the folds or press the object.

Toddlers start learning from their surrounding and show interest in the objects around them, so you can get them body parts books, fruits-vegetables books, animal story books.

Preschool kids love listening to rhymes and doing small activities while reading books. So you can get books of small stories with pictures.

Kids later start showing their interest in long stories and learning numbers and the alphabet so you can get story books and learning books.

I have a toddler and she loves reading books, and while I was searching for new books, I found about Neev academy and their Literature festival.

Neev academy is organizing a literature festival, which is happening in Bangalore on 28th and 29th of September. It is a children’s literature festival with the intention to celebrate books and the love of reading. The second day is open to all parents, students or anyone who loves to read.

Distinguished authors and speakers are coming in for various reading, writing, storytelling workshops and panel discussions. It would be great to be part of this festival and learn more from the authors and speakers.

I have one more good news for all of you, they are organizing Neev Book Awards 2018 for distinguished children’s literature.

They aim to recognize outstanding writing that leads to a fuller understanding of India, Indian lives and Indian stories. The nominated entries can be viewed at http://neevliteraturefestival.org/awards.

The best part is that it’s completely free. One can view the program  schedule on their website: http://neevliteraturefestival.org/

So, what are you waiting for? It’s a great way to introduce your child to the world of books and enjoy learning with fun.

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73 thoughts on “When to start reading to your baby?”

  1. I was planning to gift a baby book to my nephew who is just a month old! I was wondering what is the best age to gift a book! Your post cleared all my doubts!

  2. Reading is the best hobby a child can have and Neev literature festival is a great initiative by Neev academy.

  3. A very well written blog that every parent should read. Let’s one know when we should start reading to our kids. The event by Neev looks interesting, I will definitely plan on attending.

  4. This literature fest is something all parents and kids must attend. Reading is a great habit and earlier they start it’s better.

  5. This is the best way to give them some work and busy them… Reading habit is very necessary for this development minds.. love the article

  6. These is such a refreshing post. I would love to be a part of literature festival. Reading should be habitual for all the kids. It keeps them gadget free and makes them super smart

  7. Quite an informative post, people usually think what is the use of reading till a baby is not even one . But I remember reading to my baby from 5th month and it has always supported in various developmental aspects.

  8. Reading to kids is really a fun time with them ..My little one wants me to read but ends up reading himself something or other to me…

  9. My son loves books as I like to read for him before sleeping. We already have a nice collection and would love to check out this festival too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hearing good things about this festival. Wish I could attend too. Encouraging reading in kids through picture books and then more advanced ones as they grow is important.

  11. Reading can be be put into routine as early as any parent want. Now a days, there are so many books that if parents start this habit, then they can’t even imagine how many books the child would have read by the time she(he) is ready to read them on their own.

    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  12. I was looking forward to develop reading habit in my kid, and you actually helped me in someways 🙂

  13. It’s never too early to read to your kids. I remember reading to my newborn baby, But I read whatever I wanted to, not the nursery rhymes because he, of course, couldn’t understand. 😉
    And when he turned 3 months, I started reading nursery rhymes. And now he is 9 years old and has written his first ever story (soon to be published in a kids’ newspaper). we have come a long way. It’s has been an amazing journey- from a reader to a writer for both of us.
    Nice post. Keep reading, keep writing

  14. I had started reading books at a very early age because my parents encouraged it. And I plan to do the same for my child. Never too late to begin reading. 🙂

  15. Reading is a daily activity for us. Snuggling up in bed and living in different parts of the world through stories…this is life

  16. My cousin just had a baby and the first thing I told her is I’m going to read him so many books! And then she told me her apartment complex has a library. I told her now you know where to find us in case we go missing.

  17. A lovely post on reading to babies! I think the concept of babies listening in the womb came from Abhimanyu and the Mahabharata. Sometimes, we don’t realise how receptive babies are.
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  18. Hey Neha , Reading is the most favorite habit of my family as we have 1000s of books in our home. We have subscribed to 8 newspapers. All this is possible cause we have donated both our TV sets to an orphanage, 15 years ago. My nephew grew up in such surroundings and was selected at a junior journalist by DNA newspaper when he was just 10 years old. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  19. I’m waiting for the day when my son starts reading books on his own. Right now he loves his story time. Books is and will forever be the best friend.

  20. When I saw this post I was super curious because I wanted to know what was the right age to start reading to kids. But after reading it I realised that you can read even when your child is in your womb. It gives a sense of closeness and warmth and the child get habituated too

  21. Reading daily to a child builds up a rapport and a strong bond between a parent and a child. The sooner one begins, the better it is. Great post! Extremely informative!

  22. Reading is definitely going to take you places with your child.
    My two daughters and I, we do not sleep until we read for half an hour daily at night.
    loved reading your article.

  23. Wish such literature festival happen sometimes in Pune. Back to your post, I totally agree with you. Introducing books to kids early is one of the best gifts for them. Even my 2 years old loves reading.

  24. It’s always good to start early and inculcate good reading habit in children. This not only improves communication skills, but also develops intellect. Instead of watching substandard soaps on TV we should encourage children to read nice literature.

  25. I love to read. I am trying to read once in a while to my 16 month old. I must make it a habit going forward. I used to tell her about all that happened from the morning. Thanks for this information. I would find books for her now

  26. Your post took me down the memory lane when my kids were in their early days of reading. From rhymes to bath books, from cloth books to hardbound books… I have done it all. At the end when your child starts reading her first storybook by herself… that feeling is something to hold onto 🙂

  27. I started reading to my baby quite early He was some 5 or six month old i guess. That time he only loked at pictures. And he loves books now- I have to read 3-4 stories to him daily.

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