Ten thing I learned being Mommy!!

Ten things I learned being mommy..
🐣We always underestimate ourselves, I always use to feel how I will handle her alone..but babies teach us all..slowly you start learning everyday.
🐣Mom’s mind works with double speed when we have to think for baby..finding new ways to make her learn new things ….feeding.🤣
🐣Breastfeeding is best medicine ..for babies..so feed as long as you can..no matter what world says it’s your baby and you can decide what’s best..and trust yourself 🐣understanding sign language..it works best if you want to potty training for your baby🤣
🐣Sleepless nights are complementary with baby..so accept it 🤤 as baby grows sleep time increases and you too get some sleep time..when baby starts taking solids they sleep with full tummy and for long time.
🐣Cloth diapering was unknown world for me .thanks to baby, learned a lot and now a happy Cding mom thanks @superbottoms
🐣Baby wearing….was one of the best too..learned…as I always had bad dream of dropping baby 😑…baby wearing take away this fear…is the beautiful feeling …when you feel your baby is safe and secure..and endless cuddles❤ thanks to our @anmol_baby_carriers
🐣Learned to accept …your own body…when you are mom …you know all things take time..and you are doing best ..enjoy the moments…they will never be back again
🐣Give yourself time..all things can wait..your health is most important as your baby depends on you..so take care momma
🐣I learned how baby changes your whole world,way of thinking,your relations,now we think twice before doing something, more family time..avoiding cell phones..outings are important..celebrating all festivals as we want baby to..get all the happiness.. List is lot more..learning is still on …and I think it will be for life..❤

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  1. Until motherhood happened I never knew that I could survive with bare 2 hours sleep, eat bland food for months and cook for my kid. Absolutely baby wearing keeps me sane and clothdiapering keeps guilt of pollution away. Lovely post.

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