Wholewheat base healthy Pizza!

We all love pizzaaa..don’t we?😉
But every time we eat with a guilt!
Read on how to make WholeWheat Base Pizza Recipe – Making Junk Food Healthy!
So let’s enjoy every bit of the pizza along with the healthy veggies!
I am a big foodie and so always try something healthy so that I can eat as much as I want 🙂
Sharing wholewheat base pizza with lots of veggies. Enjoy eating as much as you want 😋 Both Mommy & Child happy!

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Pizza sause:
4big tomatoes
1 onion
4_5 garlic cloves
Chilli flakes
Sugar if tomatoes are not sweet
1 tbsp olive oil
2tsp tomato sauce and salt as per taste
✔ Boil and peel tomatoes – take 2 whistles in cooker.
✔Let it cool n blend it.
✔Then add garlic n onion puree to olive oil in a pan and fry , add tomato puree now and add oregano chilli flakes let the sause thicken add tomato saus and salt n sugar.
Sause ready…
Pizza base:
1 1/2 cups wholewheat flour
1/2 cup chiroti rava
1 cup water plus milk 50 50 or use according to dough
1 1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1 1/2 tbsp oil
1 tsp Sugar
Salt as per taste
✔In half cup luke warm water add sugar and mix well now add yeast and mix and keep aside for 15min until frothy.
✔Take both flour and rawa in bowl add salt and mix well.
✔Make a hole in centre add oil and now add frothy yeast mix well with spatula combining to form dough add water as needed until a sticky dough is formed leaving sides of the bowl.
✔Transfer the sticky dough to work surface and knead well using strech and fold method until smooth dough is formed it will take around 15 minutes or less.
✔Now keep this dough in well oiled bowl and cover with cling and keep for raise until doubles it will take around 60 mins.
✔Meanwhile you can prepare pizza sause and cut veggies.
✔Take out raise dough and punch out air and
knead a little make balls of it and rolled out as pizza base thin crust or normal depends on you.
✔Take pizza pan and line it with parchment paper and spread rolled base use fork to put marks on base and now spread pizza sause and one layer of mozzarella..add veggies of your choice…add more mozzarella add generously 😉 sprinkle oregano chilli flakes too if you want.
I added cheddar chesse and basil leaves too, keep it aside for another 30 minutes.
✔Preheat oven 180 now bake pizza for 25 min until brown …..serve hot and enjoye the delicious healthy pizza…🤗🤗