Some more details about Superbottoms Plus AIO

After sharing my experience about cloth diapering with superbottoms.

I think need to add more about it as many people want me to share more details. From my Indian cloth diaper stash one of the favorite is AIO as we mostly use this, best night-time solution.
We have at present All in one diaper only so will be sharing full details about it.

Details of All-in-one Diaper

✔ Comes with two inserts one is attached and another you can snap in with the provided snap button. These inserts are made up of super absorbent high quality organic bamboo cotton. All over 9 layers of organic bamboo cotton in one diaper that last 7-8 hours.

Diaper comes with one pocket at the back also,so if you need more absorbency you can always add a booster in the pocket.

✔This top attached soaker is stitched properly , no issue after multiple wash, and it comes with suede dry feel so, when diaper is full also baby cannot feel the wetness.

✔The second soaker can be placed below the attached soaker and snap it with button so it remains in place and gives a proper snug fit. ( always use both soaker, as using one affects fit and top soaker tends to crumble).
✔AIO Diaper comes with size adjustment from 5 kg to 17 kg , diaper comes with 12 snaps in front meant for reducing size and get perfect fit according to baby just make sure there is not gap around the thighs.
✔Double lock snaps in front for proper fit and it make sure diaper stays in place wih active babies and toddlers.
✔Diaper comes with good elastic on both sides and back that gives proper fit without any leaks. Special care is taken with soft fabric on top that touches baby skin so no harsh mark from elastic.
✔The best part is these are trim version, does not look bulky on babies.
✔This covers almost all details need to know about aio diapers. Do share if you still have any doubts about it.
I am providing a direct link for AIO diapers from superbottoms so you can check on site for buying and offers. AIOdiapers comes in so many lovely prints, you can choose any.

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19 thoughts on “Some more details about Superbottoms Plus AIO”

  1. You have described each and every thing so well. I have never tried cloth diapers for my baby but recommend this one to my friends.

  2. they were not there when My kids were young. Thankfully your post will help many present generation Parents. Its comfortable, Looks great and ecofreindly

  3. Cloth diapers are safe on skin and you have explained all the features so well. I love the print and it looks comfortable too…

  4. Nicely written review. I will definitely want to get hold of this for my daughter. Hoping that this will work out better instead of buying the diapers 🙂 Keep up the great job with blogging 🙂

  5. one of the best ways to keep your baby and husband comfortable with diapers
    also every effective on eco-friendly mind set mother’s
    thank you for this extra ordinary post on
    cloth diapering for baby is very useful

  6. my friends have been looking for cloth diapers, I am going to share this information with her. I wish I knew about these when my kids were of diaper age.

  7. Superbottoms seems like a good way to start with clothes diapering. I like that they are ecofriendly

  8. I recently bought their Christmas special diaper and I’m super happy with it’s quality. Love the brand as such as well.

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