This was much needed break for both of us as we didn’t go anywhere outside Bangalore is last 6 months.

Came to know about Kalasa through one of my husband’s friend as he posted some amazing pics of this place. Kalasa is located near to Chikmagalur around 85 Km.

Distance from Bangalore – 315 KM

Route took

Outer Ring road till Yeswanthpur signal then turn left on Tumkur road took flyover - took left on Nelmangla road NH 75 till Hassan - then on SH 57 Belur Road - in Belur take left on NH 73 from Nehru circle – continue on NH 73 via Halekote – Banakal – Kottigehara, from here you have to turn left on SH 66 – after traveling around 6.5 km turn left on SH 106 till Kalasa.
Bangalore Kalasa
Route we took

Till Hassan the road is 4 lanes, not that much traffic if you leave early. After Hassan mostly, it’s 2 lanes but the condition of the road is quite good even the ghat section which is around 34 Km is also in good shape.

Hassan Highway
Highway looks like this

There are tolls on the Hassan highway. Total one side toll is Rs 165. Trip was completed under one full tank (diesel). ¼ fuel was left after parking our car back home.

We stopped 3 times and it took us 6.5 – 7 hours to reach our stay. First stop was at Kamat upachar, kunigal which is around 87 Km from our home which took 1-1.5 hour.

Kamat Upchar
Kamat Upchar

Kamat upachar has clean restrooms and good food which is what we require while traveling. There is big parking and kids play area beside parking.

Kamat Upchar
Kids play area

There are other options as well little ahead of this place like – Swathi Delicacy which is on the right side of the road and Halli Mana on the left. These two are in front of each other. Then there is Dhruvathare which is relatively new and modern wrt all these places.

Food is good at all these places as we have tried all in our other journey i.e. to Sharavanbelgola.

Our second stop was 5 min which was restroom stop. We stopped at a small restaurant named ‘Pushpagiri’ or something like that. Please don’t stop at this point as the toilets are very dirty, as we were not sure if we would find any good place ahead, so we managed somehow.

After going ahead, we could see much better places where one can stop, and one such place was Ibbani cafe. Again, it’s a small café which sells raw spices and other stuff with nice view. Clean toilet and good freshly prepared tea.

After all the stops we finally reached out homestay at around 1 PM. We stayed in Mudra Homestay, Kalasa. It’s a town homestay i.e. not like other places which are out of town inside some estate with narrow roads. This place is located on the main road left side easily visible once you enter Kalasa.

Mudra Homestay Kalasa
Mudra Homestay

It’s a commercial building on ground floor, residence of owner on first and homestay on second. Restaurant is on the roof. They do have lift which is quite slow but helpful with luggage.

Mudra Homestay Kalasa
Second floor which is Homestay

Mudra is not that old will complete 5 year in sometime, and it’s maintained very well by Vikram our host and his staff.

This place has around 6 – 7 rooms and each room are designed differently. There is a small theatre present on one side of second floor. Vikram is a kind of antique collector as he has decorated Mudra with old musical instruments, paintings, artifacts, car, bike, scooter parts etc.

Mudra Homestay Kalasa
Common sitting area

Over all it was looking nice and room amenities were good. We had a bigger room which was kind of 1 BHK flat as it has one big living space, big bedroom and huge bathroom a small dining area, kitchen with gas, induction, microwave and fridge and finally a wash area with automatic washing machine and drying hangers.

Mudra Homestay Kalasa
Bed room
Mudra Homestay Kalasa
Living area

We were really surprised with this kind of setup. This room was joined with the adjacent room with a door for big families.

We have opted for food also, so we had all the 3 meals at this place and it was quite good. Every meal menu was different and was a mix of local dish + one north Indian dish.

Mudra Homestay Kalasa
One of the our meal

Taste was superb. The staff was very friendly polite and well behaved, and they took care of our daughter so well that after a long time we have enjoyed our food w/o running after her or worrying about her activities.

Even though this homestay was in town but still the view was magnificent i.e. lush green mountains covered in clouds.

Mudra Homestay Kalasa
Morning view from roof

Price per night – Rs 2900 which include b/f. Lunch & dinner costs Rs 250 per meal, as mentioned above it’s a buffet.

Places we have covered in our trip are –

  • Kyatanamakki Hills
  • Shri Kalaseshwara temple
  • Vasistha Theertha
  • Amba Theertha
  • Samse Tea estate
  • Soormane falls
  1. Kyatanamakki Hills

This place is simply amazing, it was such an amazing panoramic view which will leave you awestruck. It’s a off road drive and only 4×4 vehicles can reach to the top.

Vikram has already informed us about all the spots and how to reach there and arranged a vehicle both days. Charges are separate.

Kyatanamakki Hills
Beautiful sunset view

Best time to visit this place is sun rise or sun set.

Kyatanamakki Hills
Final stretch before we reach the top
  1. Shri Kalaseshwara temple

This is the main temple in the town and it was located just a walking distance from our homestay.

Kalaseshwara temple
Kalaseshwara temple

It’s the first thing that will come once you enter the town. It’s small, old and important temple here. Men can enter the temple only after removing the top wear.

Kalaseshwara temple
Main entrance
Kalaseshwara temple
Pillar inside the temple premises

There are 2 entrances one is from the main road, there is small parking on the front side of the temple and the second one is from behind.

Kalaseshwara temple
Second enterance

Main benefit of second entrance is that you can take your vehicle and then don’t need to climb any stairs.

But there is limited parking as it’s a narrow road.

  1. Vasistha Theertha

The narrow road behind the Kalaseshwara temple leads to this spot. Some part of the road is good some is not good, but you can take your car. Need to park the car little ahead of the main spot.

Vasistha Theertha
River Bhadra with beautiful background

This is located on the bed of Bhadra river and there is a long hanging bridge which connects the 2 shores of the Bhadra river.

Vasistha Theertha
Suspension bridge

There is one Linga and Nandi present on the banks of the river which people workship and there are few submerged in the river.

Vasistha Theertha
Pose time

It’s a beautiful spot to take pictures.

  1. Amba Theertha

This is another river spot, this is rocky terrain and in and after rains when there is good flow in river this place looks amazing.

Amba Theertha
Beautiful Bhadra River

At Amba Teerth when the water level is little less you can find a spot and put your feet in the cold fresh and clean water, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Amba Theertha
Baby enjoying her sleep and mommy enjoying the nature
Amba Theertha
Bhadra flowing through mountains
  1. Samse Tea estate

As per the name it’s a beautiful tea estate with Ganesha temple inside it. If weather is good, you can climb up the hill to have beautiful panoramic view of the full estate.

Samse Tea estate
Beautiful tea estate

There is small shop in front of it where you buy local spices and nice tea. They also sell freshly made tea, there is sitting space behind the shop with river view which is nice.

Samse Tea estate
Mommy enjoying her time
  1. Soormane falls

It’s a small but beautiful fall located in a private property. Once again, the roads are not in good shape, so you need car with big wheels and high ground clearance.

Soormane falls
Beautiful water fall

As it’s in private property they charge some royalty which is Rs 100 per vehicle (also depends if it’s mini bus then it will be more)

Soormane falls
She really enjoyed the water fall

The main area of the fall i.e. just below the fall is around 6 ft deep, rest of the area has water below knee so no need to worry. Water is very clean, and it looks beautiful when there is good flow.

Soormane falls
Random click
Baby and mommy enjoying.

As most of the road leading to the places mentioned above are not in good shape our host suggested us to take 4×4 instead of our car. After visiting the places and seeing the roads we were happy that went with his suggestion.

Price paid Rs 3500

Mudra has their own 4×4 and the driver is nice guy, they have fixed rated to cover all the places.

We came back via same route and for lunch stopped at Hoysala Village resort. we have seen it while coming and decided to visit it while coming back. It’s located in Hassan. While going to Kalasa it will come few Km after Hassan town and before while coming back.

Hoysala Village Resort

We left Kalasa around 10.30 AM and reached Hoysala around lunch time i.e. 1.15 PM. It’s a big resort with man made lake inside it.

Hoysala Village Resort

Hoysala Village is very beautiful, calm and clean place. One can go here on weekend just to relax. restaurant was decent means not very good but not that bad as well.

Hoysala Village Resort
Buffet section

We have opted for buffet which has decent options with live counter as well. After this we didn’t stop anywhere and reached home around 6.20 PM

Final verdict – Kalasa is beautiful place one must visit after monsoon and till Feb as river and waterfall will have good water, there will be greenery everywhere and the climate will be better then what we have in cities.

Note - All the pictures are from our trip taken by us.

Coorg – Scotland Of India

Coorg is also known as Scotland of India due to its vast natural beauty, hills and cold climate.

Coorg was on our travel list from long time the time, the time when we came to know about Orange County Coorg, I remember it was in 2013.

After we move to Bangalore it was our top most priority to visit Coorg but again delayed as I was pregnant 😊. So, after delivery and baby is big enough to travel long distances & buying our first car it was time to visit Coorg.

Done some research online, trying to find some nice home stays and luckily, we found one in our budget on MMT(MakeMyTrip). It was Silver Brooks Estate; this home stay is run by a couple Revathi & Yogesh. Yogesh was in hospitality business for long, so these guys knows what all things are required and how to manage and maintain a property effectively.

Route we took was – via Mysore highway till a round about from where we need to take exit on KSR Road then Belagola – Yelwala – Mallinathpura – Hunsur – then on Mysure – Medikeri Road till Kushalnagar. Continue on same road via Suntikoppa – Kedakal – Boikeri.

Bangalore Coorg

It was around 250 Km from our home and took us 5.30 – 6 hours with 2 stops. Our first stop was at Kamat Lokaruchi – Ramanagara, it’s around 50-55 Km 1 hour drive, nice clean toilets and very good food.

Kamat Lokaruchi
Kamat Lokaruchi
Kamat Lokaruchi
Food, first time saw idly made inside leaf

Parking is on the road side. Second stop was Café County which is around 125 km from Kamat Lokaruchi and 70-75 Km from out stay. It’s café cum restaurant here you have snacks coffee or full lunch/dinner as per the time.

Service and cleanliness is not good, less staff and until you call them they won’t bother to come to your table, so better find some other place if you want a second stop.

We had one of the cakes with coffee (don’t remember the name) but it was delicious. Small but clean toilets 2 type of sitting options i.e. inside and outside.Other than these 2 stops we stopped at 2 attractions before Coorg.

    1. Namdroling Monastery:

Namdroling Monastery is center of Tibetan Buddhism, it’s very calm and peace full place. There is a parking facility outside the monastery behind the shopping complex. Entry is free, there is large beautiful Buddha temple in the center of the complex. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. 

Namdroling Monastery
Main temple top
Namdroling Monastery
Inside the temple

2. Nisargadhama:

Nisargadhama is an island formed by river Kaveri. This place is situated near Kushalnagar. There is ticket to enter the island, you have to cross an hanging bridge built over Kaveri.

Kaveri and view of old bridge from new one
Sitting place inside bamboo forest

The island has lots of bamboo trees and some activities like zip line, place to sit, small tree house kind of. The place is not maintained very well. There is boating facility as well but when we went the current in Kaveri was strong due to which boating was suspended for some time.

Art on wood log

There are lots of shops here, all kind of shops like Gov. Silk shop, food shops, toys etc. The main entrance is little hard to find as it’s a small way b/w the shops which leads to the place to buy ticket.

After all the stops and soaking all the natural beauty on the way we reach out home stay Silver Brooks. Believe me it was amazing, exactly what was shown in the pics and the hospitality was just great. Revathi guided us very well and was available all the time for help.

Silver Brooks

The house is created from scratch inside their estate, look and feel was of old housed. Revathi informed us that they have used reused the old materials like the pillars, doors, swing, chairs. Means they bought the things from some old home and restored it to give more traditional and old age feeling.

Silver Brooks

This home stay has 5 rooms I think 2 in the main building 1 on the right side which has its own private entrance and site out area, room is also little big and 2 at the start near the parking which are smaller than the other 3.

Silver Brooks
Bonfire area and main building

Cost of room includes B/F and dinner which is home made by 2 talented cooks. Food was delicious, it was a buffet with authentic flavors. There is an open kitchen which means guests have access and can cook their food or snack.

Silver Brooks
Dinning area with small library

It’s kids friendly place even for infants, the cooks cooked special food for our daughter, the staff is very friendly and help full.

For more detailed review please check my TripAdvisor.

Silver Brooks
Enjoying on swing

We stayed for 2N/3D and felt that we could have stayed one more day. Most of the time we have spent in home stay relaxing, interacting with other guests. But we also went for some sightseeing to the places like Abbey falls, Raja’s seat & Madikeri Fort.

On the way to some place

Abbey Falls:

Is around 14 km from the home stay and you have to pass the Madikeri city, but don’t worry there is not much of traffic like what we have in Bangalore 😉. Route is beautiful as it’s a ghat/mountain road 2 lane.

Abbey Falls
Abbey Falls

There is a parking little ahead of the main entrance to the falls. There is toilet facility as well in the parking area. To reach to the main falls you have to decent some steps and slope.

Abbey falls
Way to area close to falls

The area in front of falls is quite small and in tourist season when the falls are at there peak it will be difficult to find a spot to click some good pics. Spent less time there as it was over crowded, took few pics and came back.

One main issue there is due to some stupid people which park their cars on the road side which leads to traffic jam, so be prepare for that.

Madikeri Fort:

It is around 8 Km from home stay and it is near to Raja’s seat. So, you can cover both the place in one go. You can either park your car in the parking area in front of Raja’s seat or inside fort and walk to one of the places. Distance b/w these places is around 1 Km.

Madikeri Fort
Way to fort

Fort is old and now kind of Gov. office, there is one small museum inside the fort on the right side just after entering the fort. One can stroll on the fort walls, but there is nothing much to do here.

Madikeri Fort
Inside Fort near Museum

This place lacks proper sign boar, or any kind of guide like some printed material or some guided tour. Due to these reasons it’s very less time consuming.

Raja’s Seat:

Is a kind of valley view point or sunset point.

Raja's Seat
Fun time at Raja’s Seat
Raja's Seat
Garden in Raja’s Seat

Kings of Kodagu use to sit here to relax and watch the mesmerizing sunset with beautiful valley view that’s why it is called as Raja’s seat. It has beautiful garden at the start with fountains. Safety measures are good with railing on stairs and on the edges.

Raja's Seat
Valley view from Raja’s Seat

There is bon fire facility available in the home stay but went there in after rainy season, but it still rained so couldn’t do it.

To shop from Coorg is special Coorg wine, which comes in different flavors like ginger, chilly, mixed fruit, dates and many more, price range from Rs 500-1000 also spices. There is one government shop on the road which leads to Raja’s seat.

On the way back to Bangalore

We really enjoyed our stay in Silver Brooks and Coorg tourist spots and the long drive from Bangalore.

Visit Month – August

Note - All pics are from our trip and clicked by us.

Drive-in Beach Kannur

Kannur has one of the most beautiful beaches we have visited till date. It’s also known as ‘Crown of Kerala’ due to various reason and its geographic location.

After we bought our first car it was my husbands wish to drive the car on a beach and splash the sea water while driving through the waves (just like what we use to see in movies). So, while planning our holiday he came across Kannur and immediately it was his first preference to visit this place.

Drive in beach Kannur
Drive in Beach

After doing some research for route & stay, we finalized one home stay through Airbnb. Our home stay was located right on the beach, well not exactly right on the beach but stone throw distance.

It was around 310 Km from our home, we started early but not that early around 5.30 AM. With kid it’s hard to leave very early, you keep thinking if you have kept all the required things for your kid or not till you sit in the car and leave.

What we have started doing is we pack all the luggage a night before and arrange it in the car, only thing we leave for the morning is the food item and ourselves 😉.

This leads to less hassle in the morning to arrange the stuff, less sweating which leads to fresh mind and body to start the long drive. We took 2 stops one for B/F and another a loo/tea break, also it helps in relaxing the legs which is required if only one person is there to drive.

Coorg Gate Karnataka
Coorg Gate, stop just before entering Kerala

The route was quite straight forward till we reach Kerala, then some ghat section comes through the beautiful jungle. Our second stop was just before the ghat/jungle section at Coorg gate, that’s the only restaurant on the right side. It has ample of parking, nice clean toilets (w/o health faucet).

The route we took was –

Mysore highway till Krishnarajasagara road, then from there Bilikere – Hunsur – Gonikoppal – Vayathur – Iritty – Mattanur – Kannur
Bangalore Kannur
Route we followed

Most of the road is in good shape till we reach kannur but just before kannur there is road and new airport construction going on so there are some diversions, mud road etc. otherwise no issue at all.

Beautiful scenery on the way

With all the stops and road condition it took us 7-7.30 hours to reach our home stay, by lunch we were at our home stay.

We booked Ivorycoast’e home stay through Airbnb and believe me it was simply awesome experience with our host. Our host is simple, humble, polite and friendly guy who will help you in every manner.

Ivorycoast'e Kannur
Balcony of our room

They serve fresh, homemade Kerala style food at very reasonable rates. We didn’t go anywhere else for any of our meal. If we are out somewhere then we finish that site and came back to have the lunch and then after some rest head back to another place.

Ivorycoast'e Kannur
Backyard of Home stay

Another benefit of our home stay is distances from the places to visit, it was like in the middle of Muzhappilangad Beach and Kannur Light house & St. Angelo’s fort. Ivorycoast’e has 6 rooms, 3 on ground and 3 on first with porch, balcony, garden area with table chairs kept.

(For more detailed review of the property visit my TripAdvisor)

Here you have your B/F, Lunch/Dinner served which you can enjoy with cold breeze coming from the sea and magical sound of sea waves.

Ivorycoast'e Kannur
Relaxing under palm tree

Thottada Beach is just 50 mtr away from the Ivorycoast’e, it’s beautiful, clean, calm beach. It’s located behind the residential area so not many people come here. In the morning we saw only 4-5 people doing there morning walk or exercise. You can easily enjoy your time with family and loved one’s w/o worrying about any kind of disturbance.

Ivorycoast'e Kannur
Thottada Beach near Home stay

Ivorycoast’e is mostly popular with foreigners which come here to relax for 10-15 days and explore the local culture. When we were there Theyyam festival was being celebrated in a near by temple. Our host was kind enough to take us to witness the festival.

Theyyam celebration

Believe me it was amazing experience.

Theyyam celebration at near by temple

Other than relaxing at our home stay we have visited Kannur light house, and St. Angelo’s fort and the most important place for which my husband had planned the holiday i.e. Muzhappilangad Drive in beach.

Muzhappilangad Drive in beach is one of the largest in Asia. There is entry fee of I think Rs 30, it’s around 5 Km in length so you have enough space to drive your car or find some place away from crowd. The beach is very clean, its awesome experience driving your car on the beach (as per my husband 😊).

Muzhappilangad Kannur
Beautiful sunset

We have visited in the evening to witness sun set and it was amazing experience. It was special as it was my daughters first beach holiday. She was initially afraid of water as it was too much of water coming and going also it was her first time on beach. After some time, she was enjoying her time playing with sand.

Muzhappilangad Kannur
She enjoyed her first sea & sand experience

There is one thing one must be cautious about i.e. washing the under body after driving the car in sea water.

Second day of our visit we went to see Kannur light house and St. Angelo’s fort. There is also a museum below the light house which has a collection of different types of lights used in different types of light house etc. there is ticket to enter the light house and museum which is reasonably priced.

Kannur Light house
View from top of the light house

The view from the top is quite magnificent you can see sea at one end and greenery at other. Even in sunny day it was very pleasant on the top due to cold breeze. There is separate ticket to go to the front of the compound sort of walking space with garden at one end, it’s good for morning/evening walk beside the sea. Parking is available on the premises which is free.

Kannur Light house
Enjoying with some photo session 🙂

Timings are – 10 to 6

Kannur light house
Spiral staircase to the top

There is documentary played inside the museum, in local language and English which gives more information about the history of light house and types of light houses.

Kannur light house
Huge retired Light used in one of the light house Kept inside museum

For St. Angelo’s we have to first pay the entry fee as it is located in cantonment area, then there is parking that one has to pay. Entry is free. It’s a Portuguese fort built in 1505.

St. Angelo's Fort Kannur
View of Arabian sea from fort

There is ample space inside the fort and has a cliff like end of the fort. There are watch towers on the walls and a chapel in the premises.

St. Angelo's Fort Kannur
Inside the fort

From one the walls of the fort we can see the port where the fisherman park their boats. Fort has some beautiful trees inside it’s an ideal place to relax, watch sunset and enjoy the breeze. School children comes here for picnic or visit to learn more about history.

St. Angelo's Fort Kannur
Inside Fort

We have really enjoyed out stay here, it was amazing experience in the home stay with amazing homemade Kerala style food and in the town with amazing long drive from Bangalore.

Visit Month – January

Note - All pics are from our trip and clicked by us.

Wonderla Bangalore

Staycation with Wonderla Resort

After being in Bangalore for almost 3 year we finally visited the most talked about attraction i.e. Wonderla Amusement park.

Now Wonder-La has resort facility well, after entering the main gate first right is the resort. It is located around 200 mt before the Amusement park.
We had one day stay there which includes tickets for the park, B/F, one other meal either lunch or dinner with high tea.

The ticket provided is a normal entry ticket which means one must wait in line to take ride, they do have fast entry which will directly take you to the entry and you will get preference before the normal entry which is worth if you are planning to go on a week-end.

Welcome with smile at Resort

Resort do have valet parking, very welcoming staff at the entrance. Check-in was a breeze, if it’s a weekend then might take little more time than usual.

Reception Sitting Area

After all the formalities we were quickly allotted a room on 5th floor which was swimming pool facing with beautiful landscape behind it.

Pool View from our Room

It’s a good size room with enough free space on all the sides of the bed, they do have one chair and small table on one side with desk and chair at the corner. All the basic facilities are there in the room like – tea/coffee maker with sachet, locker & water bottles.

Lighting in the room was little less and all yellow light (personal preference). Beds were quite comfy, not too soft not too hard (again personal preference)

Wonder-La Room

Bathroom is of small size but enough for 1-person 😊. There were toiletries provided in the bathroom like shampoo, body lotion, comb and other utility stuff like ear buds, tooth pick & Band-Aid.


Resort Facilities

As it’s a resort so they do have different facilities to entertain the guest. Most important one is swimming pool and they do have separate kids pool with railing around it. There is one attendant present all the time, who keeps an eye on the kids, provides towels. Swim wear is also available if someone forgets to bring one.

Swimming pool

Other facilities include kids play area, small gym with all the basic equipment’s, recreating room with some indoor sports like – carom, chess, air hockey, pool table on the first floor.

Kids play area
Indoor activities room

There is conference room and banquet halls present on the first floor, so organization outings can be planned here or some conference.

Conference room

There is one restaurant and one pool side lounge present on the ground floor. Restaurant is having decent seating capacity and nice ambience, one side of it face the front of the resort i.e. garden & parking area. They serve buffet as well as a-la-carte here.

Buffet spread

The buffet spread is quite small, one starter 3 veg and 3 non-veg main course, 2 type of rice, noodles with veg gravy and 3 desert option. Taste wise it was decent, not bad but not excellent. Service is slow as it took around 15 min to get rotis even though it was not that crowded.


Here is a happy note for you all…you can get a discount for you stay at WonderLa resort by this coupan code😊
So the coupon code is WONDERLARESORTAMAZING15
Call on +91 99455 00011 to redeem it😊


WonderLa Amusement Park

Park is located around 200 meters from resort, with their day stay you get park ticket that you need to collect from the reception. You’ll only get the ticket after 1 PM, this is some sort of condition they have included in this package and it’s a normal ticket not a fast track.

There is drop to park from resort and vice versa or else you can walk down if you want to burn some calories 😊 or take your own vehicle. There is a huge parking space, most of the space b/w resort and the park is parking area.

At the resort there is option to take bike’s, I think it is something new they are planning to introduce or already introduced not sure as it was closed when we were there. Sadly, forgot to check the details as well.

The park is not that big area wise, but it has lots of rides for adults and kids around 70 as per our driver. There is a lot of foot fall on weekends so be ready to wait in queue if you have normal ticket, as per the information boards on the rides you might have to wait up to 45 min for some rides.

Wonderla carousel

There is quite a good collection for kids as well, our daughter enjoyed her outing thoroughly. You can imagine here joy with this that we have to ask the ride attendant to let her sit one more time on most of the rides 😊

Wonderla Mini Venice ride
Mini Venice Ride
Wonderla Mini Express
Mini Express

Some of the kid’s rides are – Magic Mushroom, Mini Pirate Ship, Mini Venice, Jumping Frog and Mini Express to name few.

Magic Mushroom

There is no or bare minimum queue on kids rides, and maximum queue on adult rides.
There is mix of both water and land rides. Some of the thrilling land rides include – Recoil (roller coaster), Flash tower (free fall), Equinox (traveling at 70 kmph upside down 16 mtr above ground), Insanity and Hurricane to name few.

Water rides such as – Harakiri, Fun racer, Wavy and vertical fall, Rain disco, wave pool and lazy river to name few.

Wonderla Wonder Splash
Wonder Splash

There is one giant wheel placed on the top of a tower from there one can have a bird’s eye view of the full facility and beautiful mountains and fields nearby. From here you can see a lot of solar water heating panels which are used to heat the water for their wave pools and other rides.

Wonder-La Giant Wheel
Giant Wheel 50 meter above ground with 30 meter diameter
Wonderla Park View
Park View with resort at the back

Wonder-La is one place near to Bangalore where one can have everything i.e. relaxing stay in resort and fun-filled thrilling experience in the park. We really enjoyed the time we spent there.

Note - All pics are from our trip and clicked by us.

Happy cute surprise bag

Happy cute surprise bag  is a monthly subscription bag . This is the bag full of cute surprise items from Kawaii items. The bag comes with 15 different cute surprise items for you.  This bag is loved by the one who loves collecting all cute items. Every subscription box retail value is approximately $45.

This subscription bag is priced at 18$ per month.

Let me show you what we received in this month subscription bag.
  • Comes in a cute bag with strings, all the items are packed inside of the bag.
Bag full of cute surprise
  • Kawaii bear jump rope It is a jumping rope with neon colour. It comes with plastic handles and transparent rope. It is light in weight and easy to carry and hold.
Kawaii bear jumping rope
  • Popcorn Okitoki notepad and pen set It is a very handy notepad with pen holder. You can carry this anywhere in your bag as it is small in size. It come with stencil ruler and string so that you can hand it also.
Porpcorn Okitoki notepad and pen set
  • Fresh summer juice fan This is a cute hand fan with fresh fruits print. You can keep it in your hand bag. Best to best summer heat anytime.
Fresh summer juice fan
Cute Animals socks
Kawaii stickers
  • Harajuku bow hair pin  is cute bow bin filled with rainbow colour balls. It can matched with any dress.
Harajuku hair clip
  • Baby elephant Mini plush these are cute  hangs for bags, you can hand these cute plushies to your bag. Come with many colours.
Baby elephant Mini plush
  • Emoji plushie charm small These are cute emoji plushies. I got the smiling one, their are many as per mood. Each plushie comes with a ball chain. You can hang it with any thing as per your mood.
Emoji plushie charm small
  • Kawaii girl coin purse  This is a small cute purse for keeping all little items. You can keep  candies , coins , hair clips or small toys in it. Purse come with a small loop attcatta to it. You can hold it easily with loop around your wrist. It is easy to wash also.
Kawaii girl coin purse
  • Pastel ice cream cone charm  this is cute charm looks of ice cream. You can attached it to your bag, key chain, phone, wallet or camera. It come with a detachable string.
Cheerful Animal pocket mirror
  • Pink bear bag charm This is a cute bear made of hard plastic with plastic clip. You can hand it with anything like bag, key chain or anywhere you want.
Pink bear bag charm
BK glow in the dark nail polish
Kawaii tofu squishy charm

We just loved this super cute surprise bag from Happy cute shop.

Now a surprise for you all too.. here is the chance for getting a free monthly bag from Happy cute shop.


Just click the link below and win a free happy cute bag for your little one.

Forbabynmommy Happy Cute Surprise Bag Giveaway


Healthy Kids Food Ideas

Being mom a thought which is always in your mind is providing healthy food and proper nutrition to your kid.

We all have this little picky eater who don’t want to eat healthy food. A mother needs to learn some easy ways to add healthy and nutritious food for her little one(s).

So here I am sharing my personal tips with you. I am a vegetarian, so main source of protein come from pulses, soya, fruits and vegetables.

Now the question is how to give food rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals to your kids.

Tips to add nutritious food to your kid’s meal.

MILK – most of the kids run away from milk and same with my daughter. She is really choosy when it comes to milk . So when she throws tantrums having milk, I make oats porridge with that milk adding some fruits to it.

  • Change look of the food – when the kids says no to milk, you can always try experimenting with dishes made with milk. I used to make health mix, porridge, oats, sweet dalia and kheer. She just enjoy all these items and yes milk too😉.
  • Replace Milk with Milk products – When your kids say no to milk, try different milk products. Giving paneer, cheese, butter, curd. All have same benefits of milk, so you can try offering milk in different forms.


  • Health mix chapatis – Adding some health mix powder to wheat flour and kneading with milk. Add more nutrition to kids meal.
  • Health mix


  • Vegetables chapatis You can knead chapatis dough with vegetables puree. Adding beetroot, carrot, spinach or any vegetables of your choice. It not only gives colour to food, also enhance the taste of it.
Ragi carrots Beetroot paradha


  • Fruits with play time – I have made a routine to have any fruit before going for playing outdoor. So in this way my daughter knows she have to eat fruit, before going out.
  • Juice/shakes – Kids enjoy having homemade juice and shakes is also at times.
  • Soya – You can add soya flour to the normal wheat flour and use daily. Soya milk is also good.


  • Flavoured Milk – You can add dry fruits powder to milk, it gives flavour.
  • Snack –  Roasted nuts are a great way of munching with healthy benefits . Roast nuts of choice with ghee and give for munching anytime.
  • Sweets – Homemade sweets is best way for adding dry fruits. Kids love these sweets .
Wholewheat Oasts Raison and almonds cookies


As a mom, you have these plenty of new ideas, do share your ideas with me in comments.


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Also, I take this opportunity to introduce Pragun who blogs at Praguntatwa. She blogs about the panchtatwa of life.

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Neev Literature Festival

Reading books is the best habit for all kids from any age. It’s an activity that gives you immense pleasure with great knowledge, if you have read a book you can remember it for life as it stays in your memory.

Reading not only gives you knowledge, but it has many benefits attached to it. Nowadays technology has a really bad effect and now book reading is replaced by phones and tabs.

I would like to share some benefits of reading books and how Neev Literature Festival is celebrating the love of reading and introducing it to children.

Children enjoying book reading at Neev literature Festival


Benefits of reading

  • Gives you knowledge

The most important benefit of reading is it gives you knowledge, the more you read different books of different subjects, the more you gain knowledge of the particular subject with all details.

  • Improves memory.

Improves memory, when you read a book it stays in your memory and you can recall all the pictures and incidents of the story.


  • Exercise for brain-

It’s an exercise for your brain and hence it keeps you brain healthy and active.


  • Stress Booster-

Is a mental stress booster, it helps in releasing stress, you can read your favorite books when you are stressed and it helps you relax.

  • Improves Vocabulary-

Helps in improving vocabulary, the more you read you come to know new words and phrases.

  • Improves Writing Skills-

It improves writing skills, when you read different books from different authors you are learning new ways of writing. It helps you write in a better way.

  • Helps in Sharing-

Reading helps in sharing your thoughts. When you read more you can explain more and in a better way, what you feel about any particular subject.

  • Better Sleep-

It’s a nice sleep activity, it helps you sleep better.

  • Cost Effective-

Low cost and easy to carry, books are not so costly and easy to carry with you. You don’t need active internet connection or costly devices for reading books.

The most important benefit is reading has a lot more benefits, from gaining knowledge to health.

I am glad to attend this Literature Festival organized by Neev Academy. Would like to share more about the event with you all, so that you can pin it for next year and make sure to attend this Festival.

Neev Academy Bangalore

Finally when I entered the campus, it was such a delightful experience and most noteworthy is to see the enthusiasm of all the kids attending the fest. The campus was full of colours and books, with the beautiful art exhibition.

Beautiful Art exhibition at Neev Literature Festival

The most interesting of all activities, that I enjoyed with my daughter was Book talk – reading session by Paro Anand. She was the keynote speaker at the Fest, her fearless and honest writings are inspired by her close association with kids and adults. Her stories have empowering effects on kids.

Book Reading by Mrs Paro Anand.

Her unique way of storytelling with songs and actions was making it a fun-filled learning. All the kids and parents enjoyed the reading and interactive session.

Book Reading by Shabnam Minwalla

Another interesting book reading session by Shabnam Minwalla reminded me the days of my childhood, when our Mom and Granny read us stories and we all sit around her hours lost in them.

Conversation between Children, Authors and adults .

This year they launched “Neev Children Book Awards” at Neev Literature Festival to recognize the outstanding writing in children’s literature. A wonderful series of conversation between children, authors and adults. The goal behind it was to recognize great children’s literature of all ages, growing readers for life and making reading part of every home.

These awards aim to promote and encourage high quality children’s literature from all over India.

The awards have three categories,

  • Picture book.
  • Young reader’s book.
  • Young adults book.

Awards nomination were open to all children’s titles, published in India or written by authors of Indian origin.

Big library at Neev Literature Festival

Beside that we had a chance to visit the big library from Neev Academy for all kids and parents. Where they can choose and read the books of their choice and interest.

Children and parents selecting books from library.


Neev literature Festival happens every year, if you have missed this year don’t forget to mark your dates for next year and celebrate your love for reading with them.




Abdomen muscles separation after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of nine months where a life is growing inside your body, during this whole process of nine months your body goes through several changes. From food craving, mood swings, nausea, back pain, hair growth, skin color changes and one of the main changes of all is Abdomen separation. This is a natural process where your abdomen muscles expands and make space for giving space to the growing uterus and let your baby grow in the uterus. This abdomen separation is also known as DIASTASIS RECTI, normally abdomen muscles get it back to normal position after baby, but in some cases gap remains and can be seen as a bulge in front.

I really hope to know this information before my pregnancy, so that I might have taken proper measures to avoid chances of getting Diastasis Recti. But came to know about this when I started exercise and yoga after few months of delivery. So I felt like sharing this with all my friends who are planning/going to be new moms and one who have their little ones too.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Abdomen muscles separation during pregnancy is technically known as Diastasis Recti, during pregnancy as baby grows in uterus it puts pressure on abdomen muscles. Due to pregnancy hormones connective tissues are relax and soft, so the abdomen muscles separates without and damage or tearing and allow space for the growing uterus. Abdomen separation of muscles starts from third month of pregnancy and at times after delivery too, when the abdomen walls are weak and baby is also not there to support the abdomen muscles.

Symptoms of Diastasis Recti after pregnancy

  • You can experience lower back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Unable to control urine leakage during sneezing or coughing
  • Protruding pregnancy like belly after pregnancy

Factors that can cause abdomen separation more

  • Being overweight before or during pregnancy
  • Poor postures while siting, standing, walking, carrying weight and even while sleeping during and after pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy with multiple twins
  • Getting pregnant soon after first baby
  • Not doing proper exercise

How to know you have Diastasis Recti?

  • You can contact your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms
  • If you want to check at home then click here .
  • Lie down on the floor folding your knees at 45 degree  and back and feet relaxed on floor. Now you have to check from ribs to pubic bones. Now stuck your chin to your chest and try placing your finger from rib bones to pubic bones. Step by step, you can feel gap of one,two or three and more fingers. It would feel soft at that place, if you cannot feel the gap, relax and try again after some time.
  • If the gap is less it can be cured with some regular home exercise, if the gap is more you need to check doctor for proper way to cure.

Can it be cured?

  • Yes it can be taken care with proper exercise routine as suggested by doctor.
  • Maintaining good posture before and after pregnancy.
  • Trying to maintain normal weight and taking healthy diet.
  • If you have Diastasis Recti from first pregnancy, try to recover with doctor help before planning next baby.
  • Sharing some exercise, I am following Click here.

I hope this information would be really helpful for all moms and can help getting your body back in shape.

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When to start reading to your baby?

When you become a mom, you have so many questions for your baby and one of the big questions is when should we start reading for your baby?

Reading books to your little one is a good habit and it should be started as early as possible, if you remember everyone saying us during pregnancy we should start reading good books and listening nice music and shlokas. This was because your baby starts listening you from the womb.

Sharing few tips for reading to your child as per her age:

0-3 months your baby is small, not able to sit. You can hold your baby and read and talk to her, sing her rhymes.

3-6 months babies start looking at objects and can see & understand different shapes as well as pictures. They tend to touch different surfaces in order to explore and so you can use nice picture books with varying textures.

6-12 months babies start sitting alone and love to explore more. They will try to hold the book and most probably try to eat it too. Try getting colorful hardbound books with small words and pictures during this time.

1-2 year baby is now big enough to hold books and choose his/her favorite book from their mini library. They can now flip papers of her book and ask you to read. They would love to ask questions to you from the book and start recognizing the books’ pictures with objects and living beings around them and often would let you know what they saw in the book.

You can always try doing small activities with them, asking to bring the items shown in picture from objects around them. Match fruits and vegetables, animals and toys & so on.

3+ babies can ask you to tell a story that is there in the books and ask you many questions related to the story. You can start with numbers and letters recognizing and counting objects in the books. You can start with good habits books and books related to the school and family/ friends, as they would love to hear about the activities happening around them and enjoy creating their own stories.

How reading helps your baby

Reading books helps your baby recognize sounds and rhythm.

Reading is a fun activity that creates a bond with the baby and comforts him/her..

You can make a schedule for reading books at night or during the day.

Reading regularly to babies helps in improving language skills and they show interest in reading when they start preschool.

Reading with actions and singing attract them and they learn to show and let you know, how they feel, what they see and so on. It helps babies communicate better.

What kind of books to choose?

For babies you can choose cloth books and touch & feel books.

For toddler’s you can try books with different sounds and fold-outs, when they can see different surprises as they open the folds or press the object.

Toddlers start learning from their surrounding and show interest in the objects around them, so you can get them body parts books, fruits-vegetables books, animal story books.

Preschool kids love listening to rhymes and doing small activities while reading books. So you can get books of small stories with pictures.

Kids later start showing their interest in long stories and learning numbers and the alphabet so you can get story books and learning books.

I have a toddler and she loves reading books, and while I was searching for new books, I found about Neev academy and their Literature festival.

Neev academy is organizing a literature festival, which is happening in Bangalore on 28th and 29th of September. It is a children’s literature festival with the intention to celebrate books and the love of reading. The second day is open to all parents, students or anyone who loves to read.

Distinguished authors and speakers are coming in for various reading, writing, storytelling workshops and panel discussions. It would be great to be part of this festival and learn more from the authors and speakers.

I have one more good news for all of you, they are organizing Neev Book Awards 2018 for distinguished children’s literature.

They aim to recognize outstanding writing that leads to a fuller understanding of India, Indian lives and Indian stories. The nominated entries can be viewed at

The best part is that it’s completely free. One can view the program  schedule on their website:

So, what are you waiting for? It’s a great way to introduce your child to the world of books and enjoy learning with fun.

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How weekend breaks helps!!

There are a number of ways taking a quick weekend away can benefit your health. Taking leisure time can led to experiencing more positive frame of mind, stress-free attitude, less depression and more satisfaction.


Weekend is the best way to give a pause to your busy life and enjoy your special moments with family..

Mommy and baby enjoying beautiful morning

Sometimes you just want to relax and spend some time with family. Never let your work life affect your family life…so take a break every weekend or at least once in a month and have a long ride😍

Lovely tea gardens in Munnar

How weekend getaway helps you!

It helps you both physically and mentally improving your productivity at work and happy relationship…😊

Morning track in a national park and then relaxing in a stream of fresh water

Benefits of weekend gateways

  • Benefits start even before you visit any place or do anything i.e. even with a thought of getaway or holiday boosts your happiness. This is my personal experience as well as results of scientific study.
  • Screen free time as when you are out for holidays, we enjoy the place and company and most of the time no network really helps😉.
  • Daddy and baby enjoying the view
  • When you are free from your cellphone and laptop your brain and eyes are also stress free and they are also on relax mode.
  • Out of home means no kitchen, no cooking 😁 so you have more couple time, family time and you enjoy food together.
Baby’s first beach vacation
  • You can have more of outdoor activities with kids as most of the time we are busy with home and office work.
  • When you are on holidays you do more of physical activity and it’s more of your body exercise 😁.
Fun time with Kid & beautiful Colosseum at back
  • You get free from all tension and get solution to most of your problems as after holidays you are all positive and stress free and you can concentrate proper in your work life.

Tips to plans a nice weekend gateway

  • Selecting a place according to your mood, whether you want a relaxing holiday or full of adventure or if not outstation then as per your interest.
  • Depends on ones interest – they can plan to watch a play ( I am talking about live performance ) or visit an exhibition or a movie or if possible go and watch your favourite team’s match.
  • Or just to relax one can pamper themselves with some nice Spa session and beauty session.
Relaxed Morning on beach
  • If planning outstation then one of the most important part after deciding where to go is selecting the best accommodation.
  • Always keep in mind the location should be near to all  places you want to visit. Otherwise you would end up most of the time in traveling from hotel to places.
  • If you are traveling with kids/toddlers having a room with kitchen works best, as you can anytime access kitchen for kids.
Dadu dadi with granddaughter having good time at archaeological site
  • If you don’t want to spend too much money on lodging then definitely go for home stays through airbnb or any other website.
  • Recently we have a wonderful stay at Silver Brook Estate, Coorg and Ivorycoast’e, Kannur. These are both home stay’s and  have kitchen facilities with helpers, you’ll feel home away from home at such places ( Would share proper detail of places soon ).
Kids enjoying the sun and having some fun
  • Keeping the luggage light, yes I know with a baby you have lot and lot of stuff to carry but try keeping only the essentials for the trip. Less luggage means less stress before, on and after a holiday as less things to pack – unpack, less things to take care of this means more free time in hand and relaxed mind.
Family selfie
  • Always carry good sunscreen lotion and mosquito repellent for you and kids (for some really good & natural baby products click here). I have been using Mamaearth natural mosquito repellent and Mamaearth baby sunscreen.
  • Planning to visit all places before traveling, saves your time and helps you finding the best location as per the places you have planned to visit.
  • If you have infant or toddler then baby carriers are must have. kids are so relaxed and comfortable in carriers that they allow you to enjoy the place and you also have your hands free to do other stuff like taking some amazing pics.
Daddy enjoying beautiful sea and baby sleeping comfortably in her carrier

Check my other post on baby carriers – Strength and Bonding

  • If possible try visiting some new places and avoid going to crowded places, in our recent trip we explored some really nice places that was not listed as tourist attraction but was worth visiting.
  • Always carry some snacks while traveling and keep having something every few hours. It gives you energy to enjoy more on your trip.

There is nothing wrong in a lazy beach vacation but physical activity helps oneself unwind more effectively then lounging does.

Hope these tips helps you plan some more gateways and revive yourself having family bonding time.

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All Pic are from our trips.