Neev Literature Festival

Reading books is the best habit for all kids from any age. It’s an activity that gives you immense pleasure with great knowledge, if you have read a book you can remember it for life as it stays in your memory.

Reading not only gives you knowledge, but it has many benefits attached to it. Nowadays technology has a really bad effect and now book reading is replaced by phones and tabs.

I would like to share some benefits of reading books and how Neev Literature Festival is celebrating the love of reading and introducing it to children.

Children enjoying book reading at Neev literature Festival


Benefits of reading

  • Gives you knowledge

The most important benefit of reading is it gives you knowledge, the more you read different books of different subjects, the more you gain knowledge of the particular subject with all details.

  • Improves memory.

Improves memory, when you read a book it stays in your memory and you can recall all the pictures and incidents of the story.


  • Exercise for brain-

It’s an exercise for your brain and hence it keeps you brain healthy and active.


  • Stress Booster-

Is a mental stress booster, it helps in releasing stress, you can read your favorite books when you are stressed and it helps you relax.

  • Improves Vocabulary-

Helps in improving vocabulary, the more you read you come to know new words and phrases.

  • Improves Writing Skills-

It improves writing skills, when you read different books from different authors you are learning new ways of writing. It helps you write in a better way.

  • Helps in Sharing-

Reading helps in sharing your thoughts. When you read more you can explain more and in a better way, what you feel about any particular subject.

  • Better Sleep-

It’s a nice sleep activity, it helps you sleep better.

  • Cost Effective-

Low cost and easy to carry, books are not so costly and easy to carry with you. You don’t need active internet connection or costly devices for reading books.

The most important benefit is reading has a lot more benefits, from gaining knowledge to health.

I am glad to attend this Literature Festival organized by Neev Academy. Would like to share more about the event with you all, so that you can pin it for next year and make sure to attend this Festival.

Neev Academy Bangalore

Finally when I entered the campus, it was such a delightful experience and most noteworthy is to see the enthusiasm of all the kids attending the fest. The campus was full of colours and books, with the beautiful art exhibition.

Beautiful Art exhibition at Neev Literature Festival

The most interesting of all activities, that I enjoyed with my daughter was Book talk – reading session by Paro Anand. She was the keynote speaker at the Fest, her fearless and honest writings are inspired by her close association with kids and adults. Her stories have empowering effects on kids.

Book Reading by Mrs Paro Anand.

Her unique way of storytelling with songs and actions was making it a fun-filled learning. All the kids and parents enjoyed the reading and interactive session.

Book Reading by Shabnam Minwalla

Another interesting book reading session by Shabnam Minwalla reminded me the days of my childhood, when our Mom and Granny read us stories and we all sit around her hours lost in them.

Conversation between Children, Authors and adults .

This year they launched “Neev Children Book Awards” at Neev Literature Festival to recognize the outstanding writing in children’s literature. A wonderful series of conversation between children, authors and adults. The goal behind it was to recognize great children’s literature of all ages, growing readers for life and making reading part of every home.

These awards aim to promote and encourage high quality children’s literature from all over India.

The awards have three categories,

  • Picture book.
  • Young reader’s book.
  • Young adults book.

Awards nomination were open to all children’s titles, published in India or written by authors of Indian origin.

Big library at Neev Literature Festival

Beside that we had a chance to visit the big library from Neev Academy for all kids and parents. Where they can choose and read the books of their choice and interest.

Children and parents selecting books from library.


Neev literature Festival happens every year, if you have missed this year don’t forget to mark your dates for next year and celebrate your love for reading with them.




37 thoughts on “Neev Literature Festival”

  1. Wow! Neha.. this is really a beautiful experience for the kids. My little ones would have loved this. Next time, take me also with you.

    Nothing can enrich a child more than reading, love the way you have written this. Sharing this article on twitter as well

  2. Reading is the best activity any one can do for that matter and at this age , kids gonna learn a lot. I agree with each point of reading benefits you have mentioned here.

  3. This was really nice event, visited with my kid and she really enjoyed the different activities. Thanks for sharing and introducing to Neev Academy

  4. Reading is something I have always loved and I started to read to my child when he was just 5months. This lit festival is a great initiative for some creative and interesting reads.

  5. I am an voracious reader and I am ardent advocate as books being the highest form of education. This initiative is just commendable.

  6. When I was small, my mom used to buy me a lot of books and I loved reading them… Didn’t know there are so many benefits of reading… This festival looks worth visiting! The art exhibition, the events… Everything is amazing!

  7. This actually sounds pretty cool. There is no denying the benefits books have on a child’s development. I especially liked the benefit that you don’t need an Internet connection 🙂 Books do have the power to pull kids away from screens.

  8. A book festival for kids is a wonderful idea to foster reading habits in children. Looking at the pictures, it seems to have been a fun filled day.

  9. Books are a window to the imagination. Looks like Neev literature fest was a great experience for everyone who enjoys reading or would like to start reading at an early age. Beginning to read books since childhood can really help one in many ways.

  10. Book festivals for kids is a great initiative. I would love to take my son sometime in book fests. We love reading. And the benefits of reading are tremendous, just as you stated.

  11. Wow, what a great opportunity to introduce reading to kids. Kudos to Neev Academy to come up with this literature festival. I am marking the dates and would love to attend this book festival next year.

  12. Reading help us build a better vocabulary. It has been proven that book readers have a richer vocabulary, so for them easier to find the best expression for all that they want to tell others. In general, the more you read, the richer your vocabulary gets. Furthermore, books are definitely a treasure trove of knowledge!

  13. This is such a commendable job the Neev Academy is doing to promote reading in young children. I myself advocate the inculcation of reading habits in kids as early as possible for the numerous benefits it has on their development.

    The festival must have been really enriching.

  14. Books & excitement towards books is one of the best gifts one can give or receive. I am glad my daughters are also turning out to be book lovers & literature festivals & exposures like these ones help them a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  15. What an amazing fest to encourage reading and love for books in kids. If this was in Mumbai, I would have loved to take my child, he is into books and has a huge collection already. It would have been a huge excitement for him.

  16. WHat an amazing initiative and perfectly done event! You know I totally heart literary festivals, but this one just takes the cake because it is for kids! I especially love the storytelling anf the awards! i am sure my kids would have loved it <3 I am glad you got to attend it! Shared on Facebook

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