Multigrain coconut Jaggery cookies

Now my girl is grown up from baby to toddler and she loves munching on cookies and I am happy , she enjoys them and just make sure she had some healthy munching when mom and Adya both are happy 😀.

So we made one more healthy cookies for her and mommy daddy too. We all love eating these healthy cookies anytime .

Sharing my easy recipe for these cookies


120gms Multigrain flour ( Mix of whole-wheat flour, Ragi flour and Jwar flour)

70gms jaggery (grated or fine jaggery)

75gms Ghee ( clarified butter )

1 tsp cardamom powder

70gms designated coconut

1-2 tbsp milk ( if needed)

(You get all the organic products used here )


✔ Add ghee and jaggery in a bowl and whisk well until creamy. 

✔ Now add all the dry ingredients in this creamy mix.

✔ Combine all with a spatula.

✔ If you feel it’s little dry and not combining then you can add one or two table-spoon milk so that a dough can be formed for making small balls.

✔ Make small balls and slightly flatten it with fingers.

✔ Now coat these balls with little more Coconut and place them on baking tray.

✔ Now preheat the oven at 160-170 and bake these cookies for 12-15 mins, keep an eye and bake till it’s golden brown. ( I have baked in Microwave convection mode, please see temperature as per your oven. )

✔ Take out the cookies tray and let them cool in tray or wire rack as they are soft and can break.


Your yummy healthy cookies are ready to eat, you can store them in air tight container and enjoy munching any time.

Hope you and your little one enjoys these cookies, do leave your comments and tag me with #forbabynmommy or @forbabynmommy on Instagram, when you try them .

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12 thoughts on “Multigrain coconut Jaggery cookies”

  1. Wow.. Healthy cookies.. Love the recipe.. Will surely try them out.. Thank u so much for sharing!!!

  2. This is an easy and good recipe. If left without baking they can be used as laddoos too. Healthy and nutritious.

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