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With advancement in technology and technology-friendly environment at our homes nowadays, it’s hard to keep our children away from gadgets. When we ourselves are spending a lot of time on gadgets; how can we expect our kids to stay away from it!

The best way to use technology for parents and kids is to learn through it. My daughter is fond of watching rhymes and playing interactive games on phone, so I want to get something that helps her in learning and is safe for her at the same time.

Then I came to know about this new learning app called Lipa Land. I was happy to find something good for my daughter and now I am happy to give her some screen time without any guilt.

About Lipa Land

Lipa Land is an interesting learning app with lots of fun activities, storytelling and different games. All the games and stories are based on three levels – easy, medium and hard. Best of all is you can keep an eye on your child’s screen time with their set time feature.

time set option

Let’s discuss the main points of focus of application


  • Lipa Land has different categories of stories with three levels of reading – easy, medium and hard.
  • After you finish reading one chapter, it gives you option to do a questionnaire or play a game related to your story.
  • Audiobooks are also available.
  • One interesting part in every story is you can hear the sound related to the words that are highlighted.
  • Each chapter shows you how it will help your child’s skill development
  • You can mark your favourite stories with ease


  • Games come with three levels easy, medium and hard.
  • There is a passcode for parents’ supervision
  • Games also show an option for similar kind of activities as per game.


  • Activities have different categories to select from like create, play, group, outdoor, explore, let’s talk and article.
  • You can choose your category and it will show you the kids and parents’ role.
  • Each activity shows the skills your kids developed through that activity.
  • Step by step instructions for How to do the activities and things required.


Lipa Land has this special feature of playing soothing lullabies for your kids and babies.

I am just enjoying this app as it’s good for kids and it shows you your child’s learning progress and how long they played individual games.

Skill development through the whole progress.

I think this is the best way to let them enjoy screen time and learn more.

I have great news for all of you –

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36 thoughts on “Lipa Land learning App”

  1. The app definitely sounds fun and it will not keep kids glued to a tab but encourage them to move around and interact with people and things around them.

  2. I agree. A certain amount of screen time is unavoidable with kids nowadays. I am going to try lipa land out, looked interesting and lots of options for. My 4 year old

  3. Recently I have heard a lot about this application, It surely sounds damn helpful for kids, thank you for sharing this amazing review. I am actually thinking to download this app now!

  4. As a parent, I am so happy to know about safe and child-centric technology like this Lipa Land Learning app. I have downloaded it too.

  5. It’s hard to keep kids away from apps so why not give them something constructive! Lipa land sounds like the perfect app for kids!

  6. I don’t allow screens for my kids much but with this app they sure can learn and have some fun too. Different levels for each activity is a good thought.

  7. This app undoubtedly is sounding like a boon for parents to use the phones in a better way for kids. I am definitely downloading the app to know more about the same, thank you for sharing this amazing review!

  8. This app looks very edutaining and am going to get it for my boy…It looks suitable for his age. I consider this as a good screen time too.

  9. Wow that’s quite a comprehensive app!has so much packed in. Shall recommend it to all my friends with kids!

  10. It sure sounds like fun and interesting app for kids as well as adults. I am sure my toddler would love this.

  11. You have elaborated the entire app features so well, I would love to have this for my daughter too. Such technology is always welcome at our home.

  12. Wow! I am hearing about this app a lot everywhere, This is just great! I am installing it right away!

  13. Lipa Land kids learning app is a wonderful way to bring education and learning easily to kids. I am checking the same for my daughter.

  14. I am hearing a lot about this app and feel like I must get it for my little wonder as he will surely love to get involve fun and learn activities!!

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