Layering of clothes for babies in winter🙂

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Today I want to share some winter tips..regarding baby clothes.
As winters are here all our sweaters and jackets are out, as a mom now I am worried about her to protect her from cold season as the changing weather is new for them and can get cold easily, so the question that always come to my mind was how many layers of clothes my baby should have for winters?

Sharing some winter tips for baby clothes.

✔Layering of clothes is important but make sure how many layers you are putting.

✔Babies normally require one extra layer of clothes of what we wear. You can add one inner with warmer inside to keep them warm inside house and while going out add a jacket or sweater according to temperature outside.

✔You can check your baby toes and belly too if it’s warm then your baby is overdressed and if it’s cold then you need to provide one more layer to give the warmth.

✔Extra layers not only affect baby movement but extra protection affects baby immunity too.
✔It happens as their body needs to learn adjusting according to changing weather to build strong immunity, sudden weather change might affect them easily.

✔A warm oil massage accompanied by warm water bath is good in winters helps to keep them warm and good sleep too.

✔As baby grows and start eating, we can add healthy foods that builds immunity and keep baby warm in cold season.

We are in Bangalore and weather changing not too hot and not too cold so need to take care of her, all these tips really helped me in winters hope it will help you too.
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17 thoughts on “Layering of clothes for babies in winter🙂”

  1. Arre waah! My little Gudiya, is looking so beautiful. God bless her beautiful smile 🤗🤗
    Very helpful article dear. I never knew that we should check their toes 😱 Abhi se, I will do this to check if I’ve overdressed my little one.

  2. Lovely topic..I used to overdress my kids when they were toddlers…Learnt some great tips in this post. Your kid is so adorable btw.

  3. Just loved reading ur post and how you described all the minute details of the childs clothing and immunity…it was very informative.thank you.

  4. Great tips have shared, I am in Delhi and I always layered my kiddo’s to protect them from cold… Today I learned very useful tips from u.

  5. I can’t thank you enough for writing this article because it’s so difficult to keep babies and toddlers to keep safe from cold. Must read for every parent.

  6. Winters really demand a good care of the young ones. These are very good tips. Got to share it with all my mommy friends

  7. Great tips and pointers to remember while dressing up our little ones in winters. Doctors also say that over heating in babies is far more dangerous than cold. Thanks for sharing!

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