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Cloth diaper is such an important part of my parenting journey, as it has provided me with great knowledge and sharing my bit towards environment. Most of all keeping my baby chemical free, and it keep inspiring me to share stories of all moms whom I admire as a part of my cloth diapering journey!!

Let me introduce you to one more mom Dhivya Sidharth from kiddie hug , who has grown as a mother and an entrepreneur with great knowledge of cloth diapering.

Let’s have some words from her , how she started her cloth diapering journey and became an entrepreneur.

“December 14, 2016 is the day I’ll cherish for lifetime! It was the day I brought into this world a little life, our bundle of joy Aadheerkh.

And diapering topped the list among all other postpartum challenges!
I was so worried with the chemicals touching the baby’s skin!
Five months went through and then I landed in Cloth diapers through a friend. It was a whole new concept and wondered even if they existed!
This brought much of interest in me and I started researching about the different types and started recommending the diapers to my friends and relatives. I had to leave my job (Assistant professor) to take care of my boy and eventually a business idea struck!
I started a small multi-branded online store for cloth diapers in December 2017.
Having dealt with many brands and like-minded moms, I understood their actual need and designed my own diapers.

Thus KiddieHug was born!
I successfully launched my brand website on 24 June 2018.”

Know as you all know about our new brand KiddieHug , so we have two types of diapers in kiddie hug.

  • ALL IN ONE ( ready to wear ) – comes in two types of outer fabric PUL and Minky soft.
  • POCKET DIAPERS also comes in two types of outer fabric PUL and Minky soft.
  • INSERTS – with pocket diapers you need to use different type of inserts, bamboo, charcoal insert and hemp.
  • All inserts have different absorbance capacity.

Some more details of KiddieHug diapers

Features of KiddieHug diapers :

    • They are easy-to-use diapers – take a clean diaper and snap it on the baby (very close to disposable diapers) and you are free for hours.
    • KiddieHug diapers are very comfortable to babies of all sizes and shapes. They fit babies with weight 4-17kgs.
    • They keep the baby stay-dry and comfortable with premium quality fabrics. Narrow crotch, 4-level sizing make the diapers very trim.
    • They have super cute prints.
    • Most importantly, they are father/daycare friendly diapers. Anyone can learn easily as they are very simple and hassle free.
    • Easy to use similar to disposable diapers just this is fabric that’s good for your baby skin, just take a clean and washed diaper and snap on the baby and you are free for few hours .
    • Quality of fabric used is really good and keep baby dry and happy .
    • Real cost saver –  A set of 15 diapers (Rs. 900*15 = 13,500) can replace the disposable diapers that a baby uses for 2.5 years. Roughly if a baby uses 6 disposable diapers per day, (6 diapers per day *365 days per year*2.5 until potty training* Rs = Rs. 54,750)
    • Best of all its eco-friendly and saves earth from all disposable diapers .

Enjoying Cloth Diapering made easy by KiddieHug 😊

23 thoughts on “KiddieHug- Cloth Diapering Made Easy”

  1. Cloth diaper are light weighted and soft. It is easy to use and can and are chemical free . Now a day many option are there to buy cloth diaper .

  2. Cloth diapers are really good for baby skin and eco-friendly too , looks like nice brand with such cute prints ,would like to buy

  3. Hey thanks for putting out the math. I came across these diapers before but thought they were too expensive, not realizing the math! I am going to buy these right away 🙂

  4. H e y thanks for putting out the math. I came across these diapers before but thought they were too expensive.. not realizing the math. Going to buy them right away!

  5. I always preferred cloth diapers for my kids and had to get them stitched. These prints are so good. Glad ecofriendly diapers are now being made to make mom’s job easier.

  6. Cloth diapering is the best choice and has been recommended since ages by elders. These diapers look so trendy and colorful. Like the way they can be used for longer hours and are cost effective too.

  7. We have used cloth diapers on and off till my son was 2.5 years old. And I can any day vouch for using cloth diapers over disposable diapers. Nice post!

  8. I have used cloth diapers for my little one and it is indeed one of the best decisions we made so far. It is good for the environment and for our little ones too.

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