Want your baby to gain weight? Here is how.. Health mix powder

My little one was always lean and so mommy in me was worried when everyone says she is thin…search begin and we found this heath mix also known as sathumaavu.
It is mix of all pulsed, dryfruits and finger millet.
So let me share with you it’s health benefits and process to make it at home.


Protein rich best food for weight gain in babies.
Due to sprouted pulses nutrients are easily absorbed by body.
Sprouted pulses have high proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Combination of healthy dietary such as cereals, dry fruits and pulses give instant energy.
Strengthens growing bones.
Boost stamina.


You can use organic products or normal good quality depends on availability and choice.
1 Cup Ragi ( finger millet).
1 Cup Rice ( Brown/ white you can use according to your preference ).
1 Cup mix daal ( pulses ) moong, masoor, chana, udad.
( you can choose according to your preference)
1 Cup mix dryfruits ( almond, cashew, walnut, elaichi ).
1 Cup lotus seed ( makhana ).
1/2 cup Sago ( sabudana ).
1/2 cup peanuts.
1 Cup green gram ( moong ).
1 Cup Chikpea ( Chana ).
1 Cup horse gram.
1 Cup black gram.
1 Cup maut brown gram.
Items mentioned in the above image all can be sprouted, so for sprouting we can do following
✔ Wash and soak all items separately for 8_10 hours
✔ Now wash again with clean water and drain all water.
✔ Keep it in bowl with little opening for next 10_ 12 hours until sprouted well.20170923_1622031221864255.jpg
✔ Keep on stiring in few hours to avoid fungus.
✔ Wash and soak the mix pulses and brown rice for few hours.
✔ Sundry all the sprouted and soaked items.
✔ Then dry roast separately all items including dry fruits.
✔ Blend all items to powder form.
✔ Now mix all and your heath mix is ready.
How to prepare heath mix porridge
✔ Add on 2 tsp ghee ( clarified butter ) to a pan and add 2 spoon health mix to it.

✔ Roast few second and add one cup milk/ water as per choice.

✔ Keep stiring until thickens to right consistency for baby.
✔ Switch off the flame and add jaggery and any fruit of your choice.
✔ Healthy porridge ready.
Point to add
✔ This heath mix can be added in chapati dough too.
✔ Grams and pulses can be add more or less as per preference.
✔ If you want you can add broken wheat and other healthy items also.

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51 thoughts on “Want your baby to gain weight? Here is how.. Health mix powder”

  1. I don’t believe in numbers because it is all about the baby being healthy and active. But this looks interesting as it contains all the healthy stuff. Should try it out. Thank you for sharing Neha. 🙂

  2. This is the superfood, I think baby’s first food can be this mix porridge around 7 months. I skipped the market bought cerelac and introduced homemade cerelac which was something like this only. I can’t say about the weight gain, but this is definitely healthy and nutritious for babies.

  3. This recipe is more healthy and nutritious then the other materials available in market I think not for kids it’s healthy for elder also I will tell this to my mom thanks for sharing

  4. Tonight also my daughter did not take her food. I am going to make this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

  5. Hey! That’s a great idea to give healthy mix to babies, I am sure using it in dough will have a healthy snack for older kids too

  6. This recipe looks really healthy and nourishing. I would try it for my son who used to be chubby 🤓

  7. I appreciate your efforts in putting up this post. The images make the picture even more clear. I do think this is far better a superfood than the commercial ones..!

  8. This is very healthy for kids and will definitely help in weight gain. I loved the pics and the recipe…

  9. It’s really amazing recipe for all the moms who are worried for their kids health, I didn’t know whether it’s helpful in weight gain or not but it’s 100% healthy food as it contains all pulses and dry fruits… Thanx for sharing this amazing recipe.

  10. Hi Neha, thanks for the wonderful recipe. My aunt used to prepared a lot of something similar to this when we were younger. Reminds me of it! 🙂

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