Happy cute surprise bag

Happy cute surprise bag  is a monthly subscription bag . This is the bag full of cute surprise items from Kawaii items. The bag comes with 15 different cute surprise items for you.  This bag is loved by the one who loves collecting all cute items. Every subscription box retail value is approximately $45.

This subscription bag is priced at 18$ per month.

Let me show you what we received in this month subscription bag.
  • Comes in a cute bag with strings, all the items are packed inside of the bag.
Bag full of cute surprise
  • Kawaii bear jump rope It is a jumping rope with neon colour. It comes with plastic handles and transparent rope. It is light in weight and easy to carry and hold.
Kawaii bear jumping rope
  • Popcorn Okitoki notepad and pen set It is a very handy notepad with pen holder. You can carry this anywhere in your bag as it is small in size. It come with stencil ruler and string so that you can hand it also.
Porpcorn Okitoki notepad and pen set
  • Fresh summer juice fan This is a cute hand fan with fresh fruits print. You can keep it in your hand bag. Best to best summer heat anytime.
Fresh summer juice fan
Cute Animals socks
Kawaii stickers
  • Harajuku bow hair pin  is cute bow bin filled with rainbow colour balls. It can matched with any dress.
Harajuku hair clip
  • Baby elephant Mini plush these are cute  hangs for bags, you can hand these cute plushies to your bag. Come with many colours.
Baby elephant Mini plush
  • Emoji plushie charm small These are cute emoji plushies. I got the smiling one, their are many as per mood. Each plushie comes with a ball chain. You can hang it with any thing as per your mood.
Emoji plushie charm small
  • Kawaii girl coin purse  This is a small cute purse for keeping all little items. You can keep  candies , coins , hair clips or small toys in it. Purse come with a small loop attcatta to it. You can hold it easily with loop around your wrist. It is easy to wash also.
Kawaii girl coin purse
  • Pastel ice cream cone charm  this is cute charm looks of ice cream. You can attached it to your bag, key chain, phone, wallet or camera. It come with a detachable string.
Cheerful Animal pocket mirror
  • Pink bear bag charm This is a cute bear made of hard plastic with plastic clip. You can hand it with anything like bag, key chain or anywhere you want.
Pink bear bag charm
BK glow in the dark nail polish
Kawaii tofu squishy charm

We just loved this super cute surprise bag from Happy cute shop.

Now a surprise for you all too.. here is the chance for getting a free monthly bag from Happy cute shop.


Just click the link below and win a free happy cute bag for your little one.

Forbabynmommy Happy Cute Surprise Bag Giveaway


33 thoughts on “Happy cute surprise bag”

  1. Look at all those cute little stuff! I am so tempted to get this subscription for my daughter. She would be super excited seeing such cute little things.

  2. All the items are so incredibly cute. And it is nice to see for $18 you get products that are overall worth almost twice the price and you get the try out so many cute thing.

  3. Oh my goodness.. That’s such an adorable bag with so many cute goodies. I’m definitely getting this for my girls. I really like how do much effort has been out to curate this bag.

  4. I love collecting cute stuffs! This subscription looks perfect for me! The tofu squishy is so cute.. and that icecream cone is love! Will subscribe for this!

  5. This is such a cute subscription box for kids from Kawaii. I love all the cute stuff especially the bow. I am.sure kids will like this bag.

  6. Wow!! Now this bag is loaded with cute little things. I would love to subscribe this for my girl and I am sure she will love it too

  7. wow i love this happy cute bag. My son will love it the stickers in the bag and the pink girl coin bag is so awesome. Even the blue notepad is so cute!

  8. I have entered the giveaway and this is such a amazing bag my nephew will surely like it and 18$ for month is such a nice value.

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