Feeding Dress by Threads&Shuttles

A new life comes with lot of new changes in a new mom’s life, mentally and physically.
When you are recovering from your delivery stitches, pain and feeding new born, you want full comfort and ease, for this choosing a comfortable wear is so important.
A new mom need comfortable clothes with ease to feed her baby too, and so feeding dress/gown/kurta/top is most important. I got a chance to wear this beautiful feeding dress and thought of sharing this to all new moms or would be moms💖
Received this beauty from Threads&Shuttles

About the Dress

1. Fabric is 100% super soft cotton.

2. Long dress

3. Well I read it was a maternity dress but where are the zippers .🤔eagerly started searching and believe me its not easy to see them..hidden secret I can say😂 stitched and designed so well. 4. It is a free size dress so you can wear it from delivery or before too, as I mentioned free size. 😉

5. It is a pretty gown you would not feel as you are wearing a nursing dress.

6. Beautiful pleated pattern. 7. Dress is in beautiful floral prints with a string below bust line, you can get tight or loose according to your comfort. 8. A hook is given on front neckline, so it is not revealing as normal feeding gowns. 9. Stand collar neck design. 10. A must buy for a feeding mom.

Want to add more..after my delivery bought two feeding gowns..and I really hate wearing them..it looks joga baba 😟 like a sadhu,I kept them back in my cupboard..total money waste,but this dress by @threadsshuttles is so amazing you love wearing it indoor and outdoor too. Special thanks to @threadsshuttles for their prompt reply on my size query.

Details about dress Vendor

Sapna Krishnan

Threads and shuttle

Facebook Circle for Threads& Shuttles

email: threadsshuttles@gmail.com

15 thoughts on “Feeding Dress by Threads&Shuttles”

  1. I really loved the way you have summarized the dress.As you have pointed about the hook thing ,I too liked their concept.It looks like a decent dress.

  2. This us quite useful got new mom’s and zipper hidden with free size makes it reuseable even after …will share this with a friend who just delivered

  3. I so love it when brands come up with solutions to real life problems. Feeding dresses used to be the ugliest things available and now i am glad there are such stylish options with hidden zippers making them so practical.

  4. I wish this had been around when I was feeding. All the feeding tops available were so tacky and not stylish at all. This one looks stylish yet comfortable and convenient.

  5. Have heard so much about threads and shuttles and their feeding dresses. Absolutely loved yours. The print is so pretty! So handy for feeding moms to wear out be it brunch or a day at the mall or to someones place. 🙂

  6. Feeding dresses actually make the entire breastfeeding experience so smooth. This one looks great in terms of fabric and style.

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