Traditionally homemade and organic

Organic and handmade food is our first choice for babies, but making it is time-consuming long process. Still as a mom we always try to give best and put all efforts to make the best for our little ones.
I used to make sprouted multigrain heath mix from Ragi powder too..for my girl have shared the process on my blog as many of you asked from where we can we buy this as most of the moms are working and don’t get time to make this here is your answer…Nutrii Bowl they are providing you organic and homemade food from moms hand to you ❤
They have sent some to me as well will let you know about them.


pearl millet, little millet , sprouted ragi,sorghum, peanuts, barnyard millet, foxtail millet, kado millet, Sago , sprouted horsegram, almonds, pista, cashew, cardamom , dry ginger,roasted gram, sprouted green gram, sprouted wheat, red rice.

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.

Sprouted Ragi powder.

✔Ragi powder

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.
✔Can be added to flour ,prepare dough with veggies and make yummy paradha.

Dry fruits powder

Cashew, Almond, pista, roasted gram ,turmeric and cardamom.

How to prepare

✔2 or 3 spoons of the powder can be mix in hot or cold milk.

Multi Millet Cookies

Multi millet flour, whole wheat flour, butter, organic jaggery, cashew and nutmeg powder.
✔cookies are so soft, easy for toddlers to eat.
From where you can get them.
Nutrii Bowl Instagram

Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.

As already shared my girl was born with full head hair and maintaining them was a big task and oiling and washing was again more tough, So I was normally doing oiling once or twice in a two-week as it was too sticky to leave without washing.
Then mamaearth send me this amazing hair oil with goodness of sesame seeds and avocado, I am already using a lot of stuff from them and totally trust the quality so without hesitation used for my girl.
For my surprise it’s so more sticky and it wash of in one go..problem sorted 😀
Now we used to do oiling every week and can go without washing too.
Let’s know more about our new mamaearth baby hair oil.

Ingredients and how they work for you

🍀 Sesame oil nourishes baby hair and improves blood circulation .

🍀 Coconut oil works as anti bacterial moisturizer .
🍀 Almond oil nourishes the skin.
🍀 Jojoba oil nourishes the skin .
🍀 Avocado oil protect baby skin .
🍀 Vitamin E conditions skin and works as antioxidant .
🍀 Lavender oil is a skin soother.
🍀 Caprylic Capric Triglycerides from coconut works as emollient.


🍀 Comes in 100ml plastic bottle with lovely colour and she loves to play with it.

🍀 Double cap provided prevent leakage and easy while travelling.

🍀 Easy push and take oil cap avoid spilling when your toddler is jumping monkey. It’s not too soft so don’t worry kids won’t be able to spill oil.

🍀 Price- 100ml for INR 299.

How it helps

🍀 Makes baby hair soft and healthy.
🍀 Avacado and Jojoba deeply moisturises the scalp and strengthen baby hair.
🍀 Vitamin E , coconut and Lavender oil moisturise and treat irritation from dry scalp and Cradle cap.
🍀 All natural ingredients make this safe for baby.

My points

🍀 Best non greasy and light oil can be used almost everyday and no need to wash if you dont want to wash babys hair as it’s not sticky.
🍀 Mild fragrance.
🍀 Absorbs easily and nourishing.
🍀Asia’s first Certified toxin free brand you can trust them for your babies as it’s take special care by a mom for her baby.
🍀 Would like to give my special thanks to Ghazal Alagh from for giving us the best for our babies ❤.

Where you can get this product.

Facebook- Mamaearth


Instagram – Mamaearth
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites.



Liltush cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are the best gift given to my baby from me, through the Cloth diapering journey I met this sweet lady Mamta Sainath, she is a momprenuer and is sharing her knowledge for cloth diapers.
Let’s have some words from Liltush Mom as how she started and what she is doing now to help all.
I’m a hard core Bangalorean and a Techie for a living and crazily passionate about cloth diapers. I have a daughter who is 14 months old who was the reason why I choose to lean towards greener and sustainable living practices. It took quite a lot of browsing for me to understand that cloth diapers can indeed be waterproof without having plastic in them. There were umpteen rash episodes that my DD had to go through and it was painful to keep her in sposies just to grab a few hours of sleep. I explored quite a bit and though the initial days were daunting with all the never heard before jargons. Once I got a hang of how things work, it was a joy ride. Ruhi is the first baby to have used modern cloth diapers in my family. Liltush was at the back of my mind but I wasn’t too sure if I had the time and energy for it. With a couple of fellow mommies, we got started and today, here we are, selling what we loved the most that were tested on our babies. What we do differently at Liltush is to provide unbiased suggestions for new mums seeking advice to the extent of suggesting another store or brand that could work best for their needs.
We stock a decent variety of modern cloth diapers and predominant brands being Babyland and Pororo.
Pororo according to us is the best when trimness at the crotch is a factor and babyland is the kind that suits all kind of babies and the closest to a regular advice. Pororo has colorful flaps and soft inner.
We stock their pocket diapers exclusively. Pocket diapers would not have any absorbency on their own. It will depend on the insert they’re paired with. Hemp with bamboo blended insert are most parents’ favorite for the night. Alva bamboo insert we stock are 4 layered with 2 microfiber in the middle and 2 bamboo terry on the outer. They can last about 3-4 hours during the day.
Babyland training pants are sized pants that are made of 100% cotton. They need to be washed a couple of times before they can be used. Pick the right size based on the size chart. This makes all the difference. It is non waterproof and can hold poop well within and pee from dripping.

Let me share what I received

Pororo pocket diaper with Bamboo Terry 4 layered alva baby insert
✔ Pocket diaper in which you can put any insert according to the absorbancy you need.

✔ Colour print are good, bright colors with lovely prints.

✔ Come with double snap for proper fit.

✔ Size adjustment as baby grows you can adjust the fit.

✔ Not so bulky on babies and nice fit. It’s soft and crotch area is trimmed which gives good fit and does not feel bulky.

✔ Insert last for 2-3 hours or more depending upon the pre count. We can use more than one insert for heavy absorbancy.

✔ Price for Pororo pocket – INR 399
✔ Price for insert- INR 225

BabylandTraining pant

✔ It’s best to use when you are starting to potty train your baby.
✔ Not a waterproof option as cloth diapers
✔ Comes with a sewed layer insert that can hold one pee and poop from coming out.

✔ Attractive prints.
✔ Side option available.
✔ Price – INR 240 running introductory offer with INR 199.
Where you can get this products

Baby massage & bonding with❤mamaearth massage oil❤

Usually we start massage for baby from the first month and continue for at least two years or more if baby loves it .
I started massage for her from first month and keep learning ways how this massage session would be happy one for both mommy and baby, for initial days we kept one massage lady for her but I was really unhappy the way she use to massage, all time my little girl was crying with her and I decided to do massage for her.
I keep on learning through YouTube videos, as I mentioned I was not happy the way massage lady was giving her Massage, so I decide to learn more on this and know how to give massage that is soothing for baby.

So let us first see what are the benefits of massage

🍀Helps to soothe baby and relax for good sleep.
🍀Improve weight gain.
🍀Aids digestion- common problems like constipation and gas, circular motion tummy massage and some simple exercise helps in releasing gas.
🍀Helps in improving blood circulation.
🍀A happy massage session improves mommy baby bonding.
🍀Toddlers are full time in active mode so giving some leg massage before sleep helps in good sleep too.

How to make this session a happy one

🍀 Singing or talking to baby helps a lot as they love to hear you and this will be a great bonding way for you too.
🍀A mother touch is the best when it comes to sooth a baby, so they would love to get massage with you.
🍀Keep some small toys or teether so that baby can play with them and enjoy this session.
🍀Choosing right time for massage is really important, giving massage in morning and before sleep time really works for soothing baby and proper sleep.
Let me share with you one nice soothing massage oil for babies with goodness of sesame , almonds and jojoba from


Cold pressed sesame oil – had healing and immunity building power, strengthen muscles with weight gain.
Virgin coconut oil- moisturise baby skin.
Virgin olive oil- nourish baby skin.
Sweet almond oil- absorbs easily moisturize and repair dry skin with improving skin completion.
Jojoba oil – helps in less damage from Sun rays.
Lavender oil- mild fragrance soothe baby.
Chamomile oil- mild fragrance soothe baby.


Comes with 100 ml plastic bottle with lovely colour too, my baby likes it and play with cap during massage.

Double cap provided prevent leakage and easy while travelling.

Easy use push cap so no more taking oil in bowl and no more spilling .

Price- 100 ml for INR 299.


Mild sweet fragrance that sooths baby
Mild fragrance so it is easy to apply after bath.
Absorbs easily so not stickiness after massage and you can apply this oil after bath and before sleep too.

From where you can get this product
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites:)

Superbottoms baby cloth diapers

We started our cloth diapering journey with Superbottoms when Adya was six months old. From day one she was on diapers, yes normal disposable diapers. Well as new mom I was not aware of cloth diapers and changing nappy every now and then was not easy as from first month handling alone was a tough task for me and I prefer diapers over nappy.
When she was around four months, came to know about cloth diapers, but was not sure as so many brands, price difference and my main concern was absorbance and fit, after lot of search selected Super bottoms for my baby and started with cover diapers (old Fit).

First question that comes in mind is what is cloth diaper?

Cloth diaper is a diapering system that uses fabric ( organic cotton, bamboo cotton and micro fiber ) can be washed and reused. Unlike disposable, cloth diaper don’t have harmful chemicals and are gentler on environment, economical as we don’ throw after every use and reuse it after washing and comes in variety of color and prints.

Is it made of cloth , then what about wetness?

Cloth diapers come with a waterproof polyester outer layer and proper elastic that gives proper fit and prevents leaks and explosions.

What is cover Diaper? How many types of diapers?

  • There are a few different types of diapers depending upon the pattern / functionality of the diaper.
    • Pocket Diapers have a pocket of the dry-feel fabric in which one places the soaker (absorbent pad). This diaper needs to be washed completely once soaked. One soaker lasts 3-4 hours and hence it is a good day time diapering option.
    • Cover Diapers do not have this pocket; instead the dry-feel layer is attached ON the soaker. This soaker is placed inside the cover. This is a pad-and-pant system. In this, you can change soaker and reuse the outer. This makes it an economical diapering choice. One pad lasts 3-4 hours. This is good for day-time diapering. This is more economical compared to pocket diapers.
    • All in One Diaper (Superbottoms Plus) – These are diapers wherein one soaker is stitched inside the outer itself making it easy to wear. This diaper comes with 2 super thirsty organic bamboo cotton soakers. One soaker is attached while the other is detachable. Both the soakers together can last 7-8+ hours. This is therefore excellent for heavy wetting babies or for night-time cloth diapering.

We started with cover diaper and all in one diaper, for me both worked well as we started semi solids with her from six months and she used to poop after every meal so changing only insert with same cover worked for me during day time as we have 10 inserts and in night we go with all in one diapers.
WHAT I like about superbottoms?
✔ absorbance is really good single soaker stays 3-4 hours and AIO (all in one) stays full night or 7-8 hours.
✔ Fit is so neat and trim , as we have used both regular and trim fit so can make out the difference in both.
✔ Snap buttons quality is good .
✔ Comes with really good prints, you can,t miss any of them.
✔ I bought Velcro strap too, but prefer snaps for good fit.
✔ A visible difference in trimness from regular diapers.
✔ Quality of diaper is really good, colour and prints doesn’t fade away with multiple washing.
✔ Elastic on sides and back are proper so no chance of spill and leak.
Come in various features such as double leak-guards, square tabs, tummy strips for tummy sleeping babies, pocket flaps etc.
✔ India’s first and only safe certified brand Superbottoms products are tested and certified in accordance with one of the best-known testing standards in baby product safety.

Points to remember

✔ Washing with proper care is important for good long life of diapers.
✔ Use regular detergents as Surf/tide/rustic art.
✔ Make sure detergents is washed out properly, if you are washing by hand as detergent build up affects absorbance.
✔ Big No to liquid detergents containing conditioners / fabric softeners/ fragrances.
✔ Sun drying works best for poop stains, but too much of it is bad so sun dry for 2 hours and then in shade.
✔ Can bleach in one month.
From where you can get them

Amazon Store

mamaearth under eye creme

Dark circles comes like a bad dream in your like and you feel so helpless, how to cure.
Same happened with me from pregnancy sleepless night started…and that was affecting my heath too, and after baby Adya born..sleep was just a dream. Full day handling baby and household and no sleep in night results in dark circles and I really wanted to have some magic that work for me.
Got this under eye cream from and try it on my dark circles, would not say 100% but yes to some extent it helped a lot, well fault is from my side too, was not getting time to apply 2 times and regular at times I missed too applying so, Would suggest you apply regularly and see the magic it really helps and with creme try having some rest with sound sleep.

Most important

After applying no after effects.
I have normal skin type little oily so always have fear of pimples.
So no pimples, no rashes , no irritation.

About the product

Product comes in a white tub with double lid to prevent leakage and easy to carry while travelling.
Price – 500 INR for 50ml


Purified water.
Cetostearyl Alcohol.
Isopropyl Myristate.
Shea Butter.
Almond oil
Calendula oil.
extra virgin olive oil
Caffeine Anhydrous.
Hydrolysed collagen
Rockweed extract
White Lily extract
Mulberry extract
Cucumber extract
Papaya extract
Green tea extract
Potassium sorbate
All the ingredients are natural and help in different ways to reduce dark circles.
Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides diminish unwanted eye area concerns like under eye bags, puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, making it the perfect morning and night eye cream.
Vitamin C nourishes eyes and white Lily extract hydrates and decongests, revealing smooth and radiant skin
Most important :

  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED –Clinically tested , Hypoallergenic and Fragrance free (Natural flower extracts for fragrance)
  • Certified TOXIN FREE: Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand, No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance
  • After applying no after effects.
    I have normal skin type little oily so always have fear of pimples.
    So no pimples, no rashes , no irritation.


Should be applied around eyes , forhead and cheek area very little amount required as it spreads easily and absorbed in skin so you don’t feel sticky and oily.
At times used for full face too.
2 times a day and bye bye dark circles.

From where you can get this product
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites:)

mamaearth Argan hair mask

Received mamaearth kit and would love to review them.

About the product

I would like to share ingredients and their details as it is really important to know how a particular product is made and work for us, normally we just give a look on main ingredients and take products so it is important to know every single detail. My love for mamaearth products this is one of the first reason as after baby Adya was born I was suffering through postpartum hair fall and cant explain in word how bad it feels when daily you see a bunch of hairs in you hands and all over house, but I have no option as have to manage household work and baby alone so self care is sideways yet I tried many oils changed shampoo conditioner but no results , then I get mamaearth kit and give it a try for my surprise saw noticeable change , my hairfall was less and yes it was working for me 🙂
Used regular for a month and now i can say it really helps in reducing hairfall

Ingredients and how they work for you

natural ingredient-
Purified water that works as dilutent
Milk protein that give strength to hair.
Curd extracts gives strength to hair.
Argan oil from agran tree fruit that condition hair and helps in reducing spit ends.
Rosemary oil from leaves of rosemary plant it stimulates hair growth.
Cedar wood oil is antibacterial, fungicide.
Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial.
Brassica alcohol from Rapeseed it condition hair.
Brassicamidropropyl Dimethylamine from Rapeseed it condition hair.
Caprylic Capric Tri Glyceride from Coconut oil and Glycerin works as Emollient,solvent.
Hydrolysed Collagen from protein strengthen hair .
Sodium Hyaluronate from Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid strengthen hair .
Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate is synthetic works as preservative from Sorbic acid and Sour salt.

How it helps you

This hair mask is extremely hydrating .
Repair dull and damage hair.
Give Deep condition.
Revitalize dull hair
Give shine to hair.
Less time and little efforts gives you best results.
Price is reasonable 599 INR for 200ml
It comes in a white tub with two covers as to prevent leakage and easy to carry while travelling .


For best results apply two times a week.
Quantity used depends on your hair, I have medium length hair and I used for 2 months using 2 times a week.
Can be used as leave in too for dry hairs.
Apply from scalp to hair ends massaging with fingers and let it be for 10_15 minutes.
I tried as a mask too mixing with sabudana gel and kept for one hour, leaves hair so soft and conditioned,so no need to go for expensive hair spa when you can get at home .😃

From where you can get this awesome product

mamaearth hair mask
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites:)

Feeding Dress by Threads&Shuttles

A new life comes with lot of new changes in a new mom’s life, mentally and physically.
When you are recovering from your delivery stitches, pain and feeding new born, you want full comfort and ease, for this choosing a comfortable wear is so important.
A new mom need comfortable clothes with ease to feed her baby too, and so feeding dress/gown/kurta/top is most important. I got a chance to wear this beautiful feeding dress and thought of sharing this to all new moms or would be moms💖
Received this beauty from Threads&Shuttles

About the Dress

1. Fabric is 100% super soft cotton.

2. Long dress

3. Well I read it was a maternity dress but where are the zippers .🤔eagerly started searching and believe me its not easy to see them..hidden secret I can say😂 stitched and designed so well. 4. It is a free size dress so you can wear it from delivery or before too, as I mentioned free size. 😉

5. It is a pretty gown you would not feel as you are wearing a nursing dress.

6. Beautiful pleated pattern. 7. Dress is in beautiful floral prints with a string below bust line, you can get tight or loose according to your comfort. 8. A hook is given on front neckline, so it is not revealing as normal feeding gowns. 9. Stand collar neck design. 10. A must buy for a feeding mom.

Want to add more..after my delivery bought two feeding gowns..and I really hate wearing looks joga baba 😟 like a sadhu,I kept them back in my money waste,but this dress by @threadsshuttles is so amazing you love wearing it indoor and outdoor too. Special thanks to @threadsshuttles for their prompt reply on my size query.

Details about dress Vendor

Sapna Krishnan

Threads and shuttle

Facebook Circle for Threads& Shuttles