Cochlear-Hear Your Way!


This is in continuation with my blog Importantance of hearing screening for newborns. As I have already introduce Cochlear implants to you, let me share some more details for Cochlear implants.

Before we start this in detail we need to understand

How hearing works?

Our Ears have three sections

  • Outer Ear that catches sound waves and send to middler ear.
  • Middle Ear  transfers the sound waves in the air to mechanical pressure waves that are transfer to fluid in the inner ear.
  • Inner ear ( Cochlea ) then converts the pressure waves into sound signals that our brain understands.


So basically what happens is

  • Sound waves enters the ear canal and strikes the eardrum.
  • With effects of these sound waves the ear drum and the three bones know as ossicles with the middle ear vibrate.
  • With the effect of vibration moving in the inner ear fluid, the tiny hait cells present in the cochlea detects the movement and change them into chemical signal that can be taken by hearing nerve.
  • Then these hearing nerves transfer the signals to brain with electrical impulses and their these signals are interpreted as sounds.
  • Sharing a quick video of this for better understanding.

Now the question is what is Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear implant is an electronical medical device that replace the function of damaged iner ear cochlea and send sound signals to the brain.

How Cochlear Implants works?

Their is two parts of Cochlear Implant.

  • Sound processor  worn outside the ear and it contains microphone, batteries and this can be attached with cloths for small babies.
  • Implant this is actual implant and is placed inside ear through small surgery.

Coming to how implant works..

  • Sound processor that is worn behind ear captures sound and turns it into digital codes.
  • Then the sound processor transfer the digital codes to the coil on the outside of the head to the implant.
  • Then the cochlear implant converts the digitally coded sounds into electrical impulses and send them along the electrode erray placed in the inner ear.
  • Here the implant electrodes stimulate the Cochlea hearing nerve, which send the impulses to the brain and then they are interpreted as sounds.
  • Here is a small video for easy understanding.

What age a child can get a Cochlear Implant?

How early you get to know about the baby hear loss ,you can cinscon your doctor and with proper test and cinfconfirmat of level of hearing loss, Cochlear implants can be done with 12 months of age.

How long is the Cochlear Implant surgery?

Surgery takes three to four hours. During the operation a small incision is made behind the ear and internal device know as receiver stimulator is places under the skin and is secured to the child’s skull.

Why one should have Cochlear Implant?

  • It is better then a normal hearing aid- Hearing aid amplify sounds and cochlear implant channel sound to bypass the damaged part of the cochlea and directly stimulate the auditory nerves. The implant generates signals and send to auditory nerve and then it is send to brain, where they are recognized as sounds .
  • Understanding of full sentences is better with cochlear implants the hearing aids.
  • They can hear better in table meetings, crowded places and restaurants.
  • Talk and hear on phones and can enjoy music.
  • They feel more safe with cochlear implants as now they can hear alarms, approaching vehicles and traffic.
  • Newborns start normal development and start connecting with their family members and other people as now they can hear them and respond back.

Points to take care

  • Cost- yes this is really important point as these implants are bit costly so one can choose from the different model and contact them for better price.
  • Taking care the device should not get hit by any hard object.
  • Protection from water- but now they are coming up with new device which can be worn for swimming too.
  • Maintenance – changing batteries and wires.
  • Takes times and proper training to get used to with sound through device, as sounds are translated through device first and may sound unnatural, but for newborns its good as they start hearing through this and learn this way.


Cochlear has come up with new Nucleus 7 which can be connected and control directly from your smartphones.

How Nucleus 7 is helpful for parents?

  • With new smart phone app now parents are able to monitor important aspects of child’s sound processor usage.
  • Parents can monitor the battery life of sound processor and current status of device,feeling confident about functioning of device.
  • Parents can now track the time in speech and coils off with the hearing tracker.
  • They can locate the missing processor with find my processor feature in app.
  • They can minimize any time child spend without sounds.

My words

I feel cochlear implant is such a nice way to bring your baby back to her normal development as without sound they are not able to connect with surroundings. Yes main concern is for surgery and costing as getting this implant is costlier and not everyone can afford. Hoping government comes up with better easy schemes that anyone can afford getting this implant. Do share your views on this.

Here are some words from happy family of Cochlear implants.

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KiddieHug- Cloth Diapering Made Easy

Cloth diapering is such an important part of my parenting journey, as it has provided me with great knowledge and sharing my bit towards environment. Most of all keeping my baby chemical free, and it keep inspiring me to share stories of all moms whom I admire as a part of my cloth diapering journey!!

Let me introduce you to one more mom Dhivya Sidharth, who has grown as a mother and an entrepreneur with great knowledge of cloth diapering.

Let’s have some words from her , how she started her cloth diapering journey and became an entrepreneur.

“December 14, 2016 is the day I’ll cherish for lifetime! It was the day I brought into this world a little life, our bundle of joy Aadheerkh.

And diapering topped the list among all other postpartum challenges!
I was so worried with the chemicals touching the baby’s skin!
Five months went through and then I landed in Cloth diapers through a friend. It was a whole new concept and wondered even if they existed!
This brought much of interest in me and I started researching about the different types and started recommending the diapers to my friends and relatives. I had to leave my job (Assistant professor) to take care of my boy and eventually a business idea struck!
I started a small multi-branded online store for cloth diapers in December 2017.
Having delt with many brands and like minded moms, I understood their actual need and designed my own diapers.

Thus KiddieHug was born!
I successfully launched my brand website on 24 June 2018.”

Know as you all know about our new brand KiddieHug , so we have two types of diapers in kiddie hug.

  • ALL IN ONE ( ready to wear ) – comes in two types of outer fabric PUL and Minky soft.
  • POCKET DIAPERS also comes in two types of outer fabric PUL and Minky soft.
  • INSERTS – with pocket diapers you need to use different type of inserts, bamboo, charcoal insert and hemp.
  • All inserts have different absorbance capacity.

Some more details of KiddieHug diapers

Features of KiddieHug diapers :

    • They are easy-to-use diapers – take a clean diaper and snap it on the baby (very close to disposable diapers) and you are free for hours.
    • KiddieHug diapers are very comfortable to babies of all sizes and shapes. They fit babies with weight 4-17kgs.
    • They keep the baby stay-dry and comfortable with premium quality fabrics. Narrow crotch, 4-level sizing make the diapers very trim.
    • They have super cute prints.
    • Most importantly, they are father/daycare friendly diapers. Anyone can learn easily as they are very simple and hassle free.
    • Easy to use similar to disposable diapers just this is fabric that’s good for your baby skin, just take a clean and washed diaper and snap on the baby and you are free for few hours .
    • Quality of fabric used is really good and keep baby dry and happy .
    • Real cost saver –  A set of 15 diapers (Rs. 900*15 = 13,500) can replace the disposable diapers that a baby uses for 2.5 years. Roughly if a baby uses 6 disposable diapers per day, (6 diapers per day *365 days per year*2.5 until potty training* Rs10 = Rs. 54,750)
    • Best of all it’s eco-friendly and saves earth from all disposable diapers .

Enjoying Cloth Diapering made easy by KiddieHug 😊

Luminous Power Technologies- New Launch

Luminous PowerTechnologies launched augmented reality view of interiors with their first kind mobile application, for this they have organised a blogger’s meet on 12th July 2018 at The Oberoi Bangalore.

They have come up with new innovative ideas keeping in mind the comfort of customers and focusing on Indian home electrical industry. Their application uses augmented reality to help customers select the best fan and modular switches for their home without leaving the comfort of their home. Luminous home is available on Google play and Apple store for download.


The picture overlay is displayed one the smartphone’s or tablet screen showing how the new signature fan/modular switches would fit in their homes with the added benefit of background and colour options on the application. With the help of these options, customers can visualize and select the best match with their home decor.  With this application you can also locate dealers of your areas, if you wish to purchase.

About Luminous Power Technology

Luminous Power Technologies is the leading electrical specialist in India having a vast portfolio comprising of power back up solutions such as home  UPS, batteries, stabilizers and solar solutions to home electrical offerings such as fans, LED lighting, wires and switches. Luminous has been in business for 30 years now. It has 7 manufacturing units, more than 28 sales offices in India and presence over 36 countries.

Company’s motto has always been  customer delight through innovation and passion with focus on execution and team work.

Luminous PowerTechnologies


My view

As a mom I am really happy and looking forward to try their new products with home application comfort. It would be really helpful for all moms to choose right intensity and colour as per baby and mom needs and with additional features as to on/off with set alarm blinking lights . I am looking forward to try more innovative products from Luminous Power Technologies. Stay tuned for their  products reviews as per a mom views.








Party ready with Hairspray

This is a sponsored post all opinion are mine.

We all love going to parties, and getting ready with unique and different hairstyle for every party is so important .

Well tell me one women who don’t want a new look with new hairstyles for every party and it’s super fun getting dresses and trying different hairstyles . Well all this was a part of my life before baby Adya was born, now a mommy here who is full time busy running behind her toddler and when someone says, we have a party tonight this mommy is so lost what to wear and hairstyles is the last thing to consider and the only hairstyle she know is messy bun or leaving her hair open😬.

But now this mommy is more then happy for getting ready for every party as she have her magic online button wigs online with lots of options for new hairstyles and haircuts care and beauty products on one click.

A leading beauty company that provides variety of wigs and hair care products that are useful for all from mothers to students and professionals . I am really happy I got to know about this leading beauty company.

Sharing with you some of my  favourites from their site with some quick points.

✅Their site is user friendly.

✅Get natural look with human hair quality wigs.

✅Nice Variety with hair care products.

✅Good Quality.

✅Easy payment through PayPal.

They have so many good variety of products on your one click , you can directly visit their site and order all the products you wish to have for your party look.

CLICK HERE to shop.

Quick  tip – They have clearance sale on their website, grab it before it’s gone.



New looks everyday with Black Hairspray.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Tell me one woman who don’t want to look good and for this they need to give proper time and care for themselves and most of all you need a good hairstyle that compliments your look and outfit for the day. But after being a mom most of the time you are busy with baby and rarely get time for yourself and doing a good hairstyle.
So here comes the Black Hairspray a beauty e-commerce site with a variety of options for us, they have a wide range of wigs and hair care products for all students to mothers and professional stylists.

I personally like the variety in wigs , you can choose as per your style, occasion and outfit.
✔Full head lace wigs.
✔ Half wigs .
✔ Remy hair.
✔ Weaves.
✔ Braids.
✔ Ponytail.
✔ Buns.
✔ With different colour and material options.
goddess locs

Reasons to choose Black Hairspray wigs and Site.

✔ User friendly Site.
✔ Get new looks at Reasonable price .
✔ Human hair quality wigs that looks natural.
✔ At ease shopping from home.
✔ Home dilevery option.
✔ Variety in all beauty products and hair care.
✔ Top quality products.
✔ Payment through PayPal is accepted.

With so many advantages why would anyone search another option.
You can directly visit their site and order all the products you wish to have giving you everyday new looks with their natural hair wigs.
Click here to shop.
Quick tip – They have clearance sale on their site, grab it before it’s gone.

Some more details about Superbottoms Plus AIO

After sharing my experience about cloth diapering with superbottoms, I think need to add more about it as many people want me to share more details. From my cloth diapers stash one of the favorite is AIO as we mostly use this, best night time solution.
We have at present All in one diaper only so will be sharing full details about it.

Details of All-in-one Diaper

✔ Comes with two inserts one is attached and another you can snap in with the provided snap button.These inserts are made up of super absorbent high quality organic bamboo cotton all over 9 layers of organic bamboo cotton in one diaper that last 7-8 hours.
Diaper comes with one pocket at the back also so if you need more absorbancy you can always add a booster in the pocket.

✔This top attached soaker is stitched properly , no issue after multiple wash, and it comes with suede dry feel so, when diaper is full also baby cannot feel the wetness.

✔The second soaker can be placed below the attached soaker and snap it with button so it remains in place and gives a proper snug fit. ( always use both soaker, as using one affects fit and top soaker tends to crumble).
✔AIO Diaper comes with size adjustment from 5 kg to 17 kg , diaper comes with 12 snaps in front meant for reducing size and get perfect fit according to baby just make sure there is not gap around the thighs.
✔Double lock snaps in front for proper fit and it make sure diaper stays in place wih active babies and toddlers.
✔Diaper comes with good elastic on both sides and back that gives proper fit without any leaks and special care is taken with soft fabric on top that touches baby skin so no harsh mark from elastic.
✔The best part is these are trim version, does not look bulky on babies.
✔This covers almost all details need to know about aio diapers, do share if you still have any doubts about it.
I am providing a direct link for AIO diapers from superbottoms so you can check on site for buying and offers. AIOdiapers comes in so many lovely prints, you can choose any.

Amazon Store

A step towards new India

In today’s world when we open our eyes every day we thank god for choosing us for this life and for a happy day ahead, but as we open our morning newspaper our heart is filled with grief and sadness reading all the news of crimes, rapes and illness.
Something similar happen with this Bangalore based the entrepreneurial couple. Only few people like this couple take an initiative and do something and decide to help people that are going through critical illness like cancer. They have witnessed the pain and torture (financial and mental) that cancer patient and his/her family member go through as one of their family member had cancer. The poor people that can’t afford the treatment can’t survive through such situation, so they decided to make cash less cancer hospital for all needed ones that can’t afford the high cost of treatment.
Fight against cancer
A single sitting of chemotherapy costs about INR 90,000 , a full-fledged cancer treatment for the poor is a challenge. They either face shortage of quality care, or shortage of money or often are deprived from timely care. New India solemnly commits itself to the fight against cancer by ensuring to take strong steps in making sure that cancer treatment and care is available to all the needy and poor for free. Because with cancer what kills faster is the cost associated to it.

On 21st February 2018 this Bangalore based entrepreneurial couple Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata celebrated their daughter’s birthday in a memorable way for many by announcing the launch of their dream project, ‘‘THE NEW INDIA’‘ – a self funded NGO and gifted Rs 200 crores towards building of cashless cancer care hospital for underprivileged. Actor Emraan Hashmi graced the occasion with his presence. The unique attribute about NEW INDIA is that it is self funded and it won’t accept funds from anyone. This couple has been sheltering 40 kids for 6 years and the dream got bigger to give back to society , which gave birth to NEW INDIA.


A nonprofit organisation will be completely self funded by Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs. Amrita Tata and will focus on creating a new hope for the betterment of unprivileged. It aims to cater women, children, critical illness and stop rape initiative to bring justice to rape victims and help them resurrect their lives. As the first initiative by NEW INDIA , it has already pledged 50 acres of land worth 100 crores in Attibele-Anekal Road, Bangalore the trust. Additional 100 crores will be used towards construction of the super specialty cancer care hospital. All underprivileged cancer patients from across India will be treated completely free of charge . This will be the first cashless hospital across India.
The entire hospital will be of 150 beds and will be completed in different phases. The initial phase will be ready by December 2018. It will be state of the art infrastructure with renowned oncologist and consultants on board. Entire hospital will be designed by UK based architect and Engineer firm, BDP ,formerly known as Building design partnership . It’s a firm of architects and engineers employing over 900 staff in UK and internationally, entire project from planning to execution will be executed by BDP.
This project is founded by Vijay Tata and Amrita Tata, leading entrepreneurs from Bangalore who areon a mission to make a difference and touch lives through “NEW INDIA” and its underlying movements. The NGO aims to be working together with partners and local communities in various parts of India at grass root level to understand the key issues and work in the best possible way to eradicate or minimize the cause. The NGO is open for Collaboration with local NGO’s and volunteers across India to make a mass movement. Though the organisation is self-funded but it seeks the support of our Indians to spread the message, support our cause and volunteers in the New India Movement.
To learn more,

Traditionally homemade and organic

Organic and handmade food is our first choice for babies, but making it is time consuming long process. Still as a mom we always try to give best and put all efforts to make the best for our little ones.
I used to make sprouted multigrain heath mix from Ragi powder too..for my girl have shared the process on my blog as many of you asked from where we can we buy this as most of the moms are working and don’t get time to make this here is your answer…@yaazhfoods they are providing you organic and homemade food from moms hand to you ❤
They have send some to me as well will let you know about them.


pearl millet, little millet , sprouted ragi,sorghum, peanuts, barnyard millet, foxtail millet, kado millet, Sago , sprouted horsegram, almonds, pista, cashew, elaichi, dry ginger,roasted gram, sprouted green gram, sprouted wheat, red rice.

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.

Sprouted Ragi powder.

✔Ragi powder

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.
✔Can be added to flour ,prepare dough with veggies and make yummy paradha.

Dry fruits powder

Cashew, Almond, pista, roasted gram ,turmeric and cardamom.

How to prepare

✔2 or 3 spoons of the powder can be mix in hot or cold milk.

Multi Millet Cookies

Multi millet flour, whole wheat flour, butter, organic jaggery, cashew and nutmeg powder.
✔cookies are so soft, easy for toddlers to eat.
From where you can get them.

Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.

As already shared my girl was born with full head hair and maintaining them was a big task and oiling and washing was again more tough, So I was normally doing oiling once or twice in a two week as it was too sticky to leave without washing.
Then mamaearth send me this amazing hair oil with goodness of sesame seeds and avocado, I am already using a lot of stuff from them and totally trust the quality so without hesitation used for my girl.
For my surprise it’s so more sticky sticky and it wash of in one go..problem sorted 😀
Now we used to do oiling every week and can go without washing too.
Let’s know more about our new mamaearth baby hair oil.

Ingredients and how they work for you

🍀 Sesame oil nourishes baby hair and improves blood circulation .

🍀 Coconut oil works as anti bacterial moisturiser .
🍀 Almond oil nourishes skin.
🍀 Jojoba oil nourishes skin .
🍀 Avocado oil protect baby skin .
🍀 Vitamin E conditions skin and works as antioxidant .
🍀 Lavender oil is a skin soother.
🍀 Caprylic Capric Triglycerides from coconut works as emollient.


🍀 Comes in 100ml plastic bottle with lovely colour and she loves to play with it.

🍀 Double cap provided prevent leakage and easy while travelling.

🍀 Easy push and take oil cap avoid spilling when your toddler is jumping monkey. It’s not too soft so don’t worry kids won’t be able to spill oil.

🍀 Price- 100ml for INR 299.

How it helps

🍀 Makes baby hair soft and healthy.
🍀 Avacado and Jojoba deeply moisturises the scalp and strengthen baby hair.
🍀 Vitamin E , coconut and Lavender oil moisturise and treat irritation from dry scalp and Cradle cap.
🍀 All natural ingredients make this safe for baby.

My points

🍀 Best non greasy and light oil can be used almost everyday and no need to wash if you dont want to wash babys hair as it’s not sticky.
🍀 Mild fragrance.
🍀 Absorbs easily and nourishing.
🍀Asia’s first Certified toxin free brand you can trust them for your babies as it’s take special care by a mom for her baby.
🍀 Would like to give my special thanks to Ghazal Alagh from for giving us the best for our babies ❤.

Where you can get this product.

Facebook- Mamaearth


Instagram – Mamaearth
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites.



Word from Liltush

Cloth diapers are the best gift given to my baby from me, through the Cloth diapering journey I met this sweet lady Mamta Sainath, she is a momprenuer and is sharing her knowledge for cloth diapers.
Let’s have some words from Liltush Mom as how she started and what she is doing now to help all.
I’m a hard core Bangalorean and a Techie for a living and crazily passionate about cloth diapers. I have a daughter who is 14 months old who was the reason why I choose to lean towards greener and sustainable living practices. It took quite a lot of browsing for me to understand that cloth diapers can indeed be waterproof without having plastic in them. There were umpteen rash episodes that my DD had to go through and it was painful to keep her in sposies just to grab a few hours of sleep. I explored quite a bit and though the initial days were daunting with all the never heard before jargons. Once I got a hang of how things work, it was a joy ride. Ruhi is the first baby to have used modern cloth diapers in my family. Liltush was at the back of my mind but I wasn’t too sure if I had the time and energy for it. With a couple of fellow mommies, we got started and today, here we are, selling what we loved the most that were tested on our babies. What we do differently at Liltush is to provide unbiased suggestions for new mums seeking advice to the extent of suggesting another store or brand that could work best for their needs.
We stock a decent variety of modern cloth diapers and predominant brands being Babyland and Pororo.
Pororo according to us is the best when trimness at the crotch is a factor and babyland is the kind that suits all kind of babies and the closest to a regular advice. Pororo has colorful flaps and soft inner.
We stock their pocket diapers exclusively. Pocket diapers would not have any absorbency on their own. It will depend on the insert they’re paired with. Hemp with bamboo blended insert are most parents’ favorite for the night. Alva bamboo insert we stock are 4 layered with 2 microfiber in the middle and 2 bamboo terry on the outer. They can last about 3-4 hours during the day.
Babyland training pants are sized pants that are made of 100% cotton. They need to be washed a couple of times before they can be used. Pick the right size based on the size chart. This makes all the difference. It is non waterproof and can hold poop well within and pee from dripping.

Let me share what I received

Pororo pocket diaper with Bamboo Terry 4 layered alva baby insert
✔ Pocket diaper in which you can put any insert according to the absorbancy you need.

✔ Colour print are good, bright colors with lovely prints.

✔ Come with double snap for proper fit.

✔ Size adjustment as baby grows you can adjust the fit.

✔ Not so bulky on babies and nice fit. It’s soft and crotch area is trimmed which gives good fit and does not feel bulky.

✔ Insert last for 2-3 hours or more depending upon the pre count. We can use more than one insert for heavy absorbancy.

✔ Price for Pororo pocket – INR 399
✔ Price for insert- INR 225

BabylandTraining pant

✔ It’s best to use when you are starting to potty train your baby.
✔ Not a waterproof option as cloth diapers
✔ Comes with a sewed layer insert that can hold one pee and poop from coming out.

✔ Attractive prints.
✔ Side option available.
✔ Price – INR 240 running introductory offer with INR 199.
Where you can get this products