Traditionally homemade and organic

Organic and handmade food is our first choice for babies, but making it is time-consuming long process. Still as a mom we always try to give best and put all efforts to make the best for our little ones.
I used to make sprouted multigrain heath mix from Ragi powder too..for my girl have shared the process on my blog as many of you asked from where we can we buy this as most of the moms are working and don’t get time to make this here is your answer…Nutrii Bowl they are providing you organic and homemade food from moms hand to you ❤
They have sent some to me as well will let you know about them.


pearl millet, little millet , sprouted ragi,sorghum, peanuts, barnyard millet, foxtail millet, kado millet, Sago , sprouted horsegram, almonds, pista, cashew, cardamom , dry ginger,roasted gram, sprouted green gram, sprouted wheat, red rice.

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.

Sprouted Ragi powder.

✔Ragi powder

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.
✔Can be added to flour ,prepare dough with veggies and make yummy paradha.

Dry fruits powder

Cashew, Almond, pista, roasted gram ,turmeric and cardamom.

How to prepare

✔2 or 3 spoons of the powder can be mix in hot or cold milk.

Multi Millet Cookies

Multi millet flour, whole wheat flour, butter, organic jaggery, cashew and nutmeg powder.
✔cookies are so soft, easy for toddlers to eat.
From where you can get them.
Nutrii Bowl Instagram

Lotus seed / Makhana for your little one 🤗

One more healthy snack from our Indian kitchen, lotus seeds also know as makhana in Hindi, is really good for our little ones.
As mommy was really worried for protein intake for her , and doctor suggested eggs but we are vegetarian, so my search started again and I remember I used to take lotus seed in my pregnancy time also for protein so why not for baby and what best she loves it and enjoy munching on it , problem solved mommy😉

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Firstly let’s know its benefits:

✔ Very good source of protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
✔ 100gms yields 350 calories of energy.
✔ Full of antioxidants.
✔ High in fiber, helps to avoid constipation.

How to add them in their food?

✔ In form of snacks-

( Most important step as mostly skip this but I must say it is really important, break the seeds and check inside as mostly small worms are found so it’s better check and use ).
Break seeds and roast with some ghee( clarified butter ) until it becomes crispy now add pinch of salt.
Lotus seed snacks are ready to eat and your little one would love munching on them, I used to take for travel purpose too.

✔ Porridge or kheer

Blend roasted seeds and add warm milk or you can boil it too.
Add jaggery and dry fruits powder for sweet version. You can add salt and veggies for savoury.
✔ Coat the roasted seeds with a thin layer of chocolate for sweet snacks.
✔You can add lotus seed powder in flour too to make chapati.
✔ Well all mommies know how to add in some or the other way in their meal.
For all vegetarian, this is really good for adding protein in their diet.🙂
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Healthy hair with mamaearth baby hair oil.

As already shared my girl was born with full head hair and maintaining them was a big task and oiling and washing was again more tough, So I was normally doing oiling once or twice in a two-week as it was too sticky to leave without washing.
Then mamaearth send me this amazing hair oil with goodness of sesame seeds and avocado, I am already using a lot of stuff from them and totally trust the quality so without hesitation used for my girl.
For my surprise it’s so more sticky and it wash of in one go..problem sorted 😀
Now we used to do oiling every week and can go without washing too.
Let’s know more about our new mamaearth baby hair oil.

Ingredients and how they work for you

🍀 Sesame oil nourishes baby hair and improves blood circulation .

🍀 Coconut oil works as anti bacterial moisturizer .
🍀 Almond oil nourishes the skin.
🍀 Jojoba oil nourishes the skin .
🍀 Avocado oil protect baby skin .
🍀 Vitamin E conditions skin and works as antioxidant .
🍀 Lavender oil is a skin soother.
🍀 Caprylic Capric Triglycerides from coconut works as emollient.


🍀 Comes in 100ml plastic bottle with lovely colour and she loves to play with it.

🍀 Double cap provided prevent leakage and easy while travelling.

🍀 Easy push and take oil cap avoid spilling when your toddler is jumping monkey. It’s not too soft so don’t worry kids won’t be able to spill oil.

🍀 Price- 100ml for INR 299.

How it helps

🍀 Makes baby hair soft and healthy.
🍀 Avacado and Jojoba deeply moisturises the scalp and strengthen baby hair.
🍀 Vitamin E , coconut and Lavender oil moisturise and treat irritation from dry scalp and Cradle cap.
🍀 All natural ingredients make this safe for baby.

My points

🍀 Best non greasy and light oil can be used almost everyday and no need to wash if you dont want to wash babys hair as it’s not sticky.
🍀 Mild fragrance.
🍀 Absorbs easily and nourishing.
🍀Asia’s first Certified toxin free brand you can trust them for your babies as it’s take special care by a mom for her baby.
🍀 Would like to give my special thanks to Ghazal Alagh from for giving us the best for our babies ❤.

Where you can get this product.

Facebook- Mamaearth


Instagram – Mamaearth
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites.



Baby massage & bonding with❤mamaearth massage oil❤

Usually we start massage for baby from the first month and continue for at least two years or more if baby loves it .
I started massage for her from first month and keep learning ways how this massage session would be happy one for both mommy and baby, for initial days we kept one massage lady for her but I was really unhappy the way she use to massage, all time my little girl was crying with her and I decided to do massage for her.
I keep on learning through YouTube videos, as I mentioned I was not happy the way massage lady was giving her Massage, so I decide to learn more on this and know how to give massage that is soothing for baby.

So let us first see what are the benefits of massage

🍀Helps to soothe baby and relax for good sleep.
🍀Improve weight gain.
🍀Aids digestion- common problems like constipation and gas, circular motion tummy massage and some simple exercise helps in releasing gas.
🍀Helps in improving blood circulation.
🍀A happy massage session improves mommy baby bonding.
🍀Toddlers are full time in active mode so giving some leg massage before sleep helps in good sleep too.

How to make this session a happy one

🍀 Singing or talking to baby helps a lot as they love to hear you and this will be a great bonding way for you too.
🍀A mother touch is the best when it comes to sooth a baby, so they would love to get massage with you.
🍀Keep some small toys or teether so that baby can play with them and enjoy this session.
🍀Choosing right time for massage is really important, giving massage in morning and before sleep time really works for soothing baby and proper sleep.
Let me share with you one nice soothing massage oil for babies with goodness of sesame , almonds and jojoba from


Cold pressed sesame oil – had healing and immunity building power, strengthen muscles with weight gain.
Virgin coconut oil- moisturise baby skin.
Virgin olive oil- nourish baby skin.
Sweet almond oil- absorbs easily moisturize and repair dry skin with improving skin completion.
Jojoba oil – helps in less damage from Sun rays.
Lavender oil- mild fragrance soothe baby.
Chamomile oil- mild fragrance soothe baby.


Comes with 100 ml plastic bottle with lovely colour too, my baby likes it and play with cap during massage.

Double cap provided prevent leakage and easy while travelling.

Easy use push cap so no more taking oil in bowl and no more spilling .

Price- 100 ml for INR 299.


Mild sweet fragrance that sooths baby
Mild fragrance so it is easy to apply after bath.
Absorbs easily so not stickiness after massage and you can apply this oil after bath and before sleep too.

From where you can get this product
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites:)

Want your baby to gain weight? Here is how.. Health mix powder

My little one was always lean and so mommy in me was worried when everyone says she is thin…search begin and we found this heath mix also known as sathumaavu.
It is mix of all pulsed, dryfruits and finger millet.
So let me share with you it’s health benefits and process to make it at home.


Protein rich best food for weight gain in babies.
Due to sprouted pulses nutrients are easily absorbed by body.
Sprouted pulses have high proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Combination of healthy dietary such as cereals, dry fruits and pulses give instant energy.
Strengthens growing bones.
Boost stamina.


You can use organic products or normal good quality depends on availability and choice.
1 Cup Ragi ( finger millet).
1 Cup Rice ( Brown/ white you can use according to your preference ).
1 Cup mix daal ( pulses ) moong, masoor, chana, udad.
( you can choose according to your preference)
1 Cup mix dryfruits ( almond, cashew, walnut, elaichi ).
1 Cup lotus seed ( makhana ).
1/2 cup Sago ( sabudana ).
1/2 cup peanuts.
1 Cup green gram ( moong ).
1 Cup Chikpea ( Chana ).
1 Cup horse gram.
1 Cup black gram.
1 Cup maut brown gram.
Items mentioned in the above image all can be sprouted, so for sprouting we can do following
✔ Wash and soak all items separately for 8_10 hours
✔ Now wash again with clean water and drain all water.
✔ Keep it in bowl with little opening for next 10_ 12 hours until sprouted well.20170923_1622031221864255.jpg
✔ Keep on stiring in few hours to avoid fungus.
✔ Wash and soak the mix pulses and brown rice for few hours.
✔ Sundry all the sprouted and soaked items.
✔ Then dry roast separately all items including dry fruits.
✔ Blend all items to powder form.
✔ Now mix all and your heath mix is ready.
How to prepare heath mix porridge
✔ Add on 2 tsp ghee ( clarified butter ) to a pan and add 2 spoon health mix to it.

✔ Roast few second and add one cup milk/ water as per choice.

✔ Keep stiring until thickens to right consistency for baby.
✔ Switch off the flame and add jaggery and any fruit of your choice.
✔ Healthy porridge ready.
Point to add
✔ This heath mix can be added in chapati dough too.
✔ Grams and pulses can be add more or less as per preference.
✔ If you want you can add broken wheat and other healthy items also.

Amazon has great organic products range can be delivered to your door step.

Superbottoms baby cloth diapers

We started our cloth diapering journey with Superbottoms when Adya was six months old. From day one she was on diapers, yes normal disposable diapers. Well as new mom I was not aware of cloth diapers and changing nappy every now and then was not easy as from first month handling alone was a tough task for me and I prefer diapers over nappy.
When she was around four months, came to know about cloth diapers, but was not sure as so many brands, price difference and my main concern was absorbance and fit, after lot of search selected Super bottoms for my baby and started with cover diapers (old Fit).

First question that comes in mind is what is cloth diaper?

Cloth diaper is a diapering system that uses fabric ( organic cotton, bamboo cotton and micro fiber ) can be washed and reused. Unlike disposable, cloth diaper don’t have harmful chemicals and are gentler on environment, economical as we don’ throw after every use and reuse it after washing and comes in variety of color and prints.

Is it made of cloth , then what about wetness?

Cloth diapers come with a waterproof polyester outer layer and proper elastic that gives proper fit and prevents leaks and explosions.

What is cover Diaper? How many types of diapers?

  • There are a few different types of diapers depending upon the pattern / functionality of the diaper.
    • Pocket Diapers have a pocket of the dry-feel fabric in which one places the soaker (absorbent pad). This diaper needs to be washed completely once soaked. One soaker lasts 3-4 hours and hence it is a good day time diapering option.
    • Cover Diapers do not have this pocket; instead the dry-feel layer is attached ON the soaker. This soaker is placed inside the cover. This is a pad-and-pant system. In this, you can change soaker and reuse the outer. This makes it an economical diapering choice. One pad lasts 3-4 hours. This is good for day-time diapering. This is more economical compared to pocket diapers.
    • All in One Diaper (Superbottoms Plus) – These are diapers wherein one soaker is stitched inside the outer itself making it easy to wear. This diaper comes with 2 super thirsty organic bamboo cotton soakers. One soaker is attached while the other is detachable. Both the soakers together can last 7-8+ hours. This is therefore excellent for heavy wetting babies or for night-time cloth diapering.

We started with cover diaper and all in one diaper, for me both worked well as we started semi solids with her from six months and she used to poop after every meal so changing only insert with same cover worked for me during day time as we have 10 inserts and in night we go with all in one diapers.
WHAT I like about superbottoms?
✔ absorbance is really good single soaker stays 3-4 hours and AIO (all in one) stays full night or 7-8 hours.
✔ Fit is so neat and trim , as we have used both regular and trim fit so can make out the difference in both.
✔ Snap buttons quality is good .
✔ Comes with really good prints, you can,t miss any of them.
✔ I bought Velcro strap too, but prefer snaps for good fit.
✔ A visible difference in trimness from regular diapers.
✔ Quality of diaper is really good, colour and prints doesn’t fade away with multiple washing.
✔ Elastic on sides and back are proper so no chance of spill and leak.
Come in various features such as double leak-guards, square tabs, tummy strips for tummy sleeping babies, pocket flaps etc.
✔ India’s first and only safe certified brand Superbottoms products are tested and certified in accordance with one of the best-known testing standards in baby product safety.

Points to remember

✔ Washing with proper care is important for good long life of diapers.
✔ Use regular detergents as Surf/tide/rustic art.
✔ Make sure detergents is washed out properly, if you are washing by hand as detergent build up affects absorbance.
✔ Big No to liquid detergents containing conditioners / fabric softeners/ fragrances.
✔ Sun drying works best for poop stains, but too much of it is bad so sun dry for 2 hours and then in shade.
✔ Can bleach in one month.
From where you can get them

Amazon Store

Ragi,carrot, Beetroot paradha

Yes you are a mommy now!!
Your mind keep on exploring new idea to give yummy tasty food to baby, but your baby don’t want to eat veggies, ragi…not a problem 😉.
Mommy knows how to hide all nutrition in their meal😁
Sharing one of my tips for healthy daily meals for your toddlers😊.


  • 2 tablespoon whole wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon Ragi flour (home made ragi flour if you want the process please leave a comment)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon carrot and beetroot puree
  • 4 tsp ghee ( clarified butter) you can use more if you want
  • Pinch of salt (can skip this if you are following no salt no sugar rule)


✔ Flash cook carrot and beetroot (add pieces of carrot and beetroot with some water and little ghee, Cook for 5 whistles on high)

✔ Take out flash cooked carrot and beetroot, let them cool and blend to puree.

✔ In a bowl add wholewheat flour, ragi flour, 1tsp ghee, salt and 1 tbsp carrot and beetroot puree.

✔ Combine all and make a dough, if you feel mix is dry add more puree.

✔ If you have time wait for 10 min, dough resting time.
✔ Now roll the dough into a round shape and apply some ghee.

✔ Fold again and roll again in round shape.

✔ Now heat Tawa/frying pan, put your paradha on it and when some bubbles appear on top side, flip it on another side.
✔ Apply ghee and cook from both sides pressing with spatula.

✔ Paradha is ready to eat, you can apply some butter on top or give it with some veggies.

✔ You can add or reduce veggies according to your preference.
✔ Homemade ragi flour is better then market one(if you want the process leave a comment).

Baby ear piercing

Ear pins look so pretty on babies, but we all know it comes with lot if pain😑
For baby Adya I wanted to do ear piercing, but was confused as when to do it, what is the right time for doing ear piercing for baby?
I got my ears pierced when I was big enough to understand what’s happening to me, and took around a week to get back to normal. So for Adya I was tensed when to do her ear piercing.

So when should we do ear piercing for baby?

Suggested by Doctor – within a year is good and same is my personal experience with Adya. I got her ear pierced when she was around 8 months old.

✔ Baby skin is soft and easy for piercing.
✔ Heals faster and less chances of infection.
✔ Baby is unaware of what is going on and forgets fast, so she will not touch her ears again and again, risk of pulling ear pin is less.
✔ Baby have small hairs so no risk of getting stuck in hair.
After her ear piercing I was prepared for lot of comments like why have you done it so early!! You should have wait for at least a year or more, believe me it was the best decision I took as the pain she had last only few minutes and she was normal after that.
✔ HOLD baby tight as she many try to push hard and pin position may effect.
✔ Be strong as, to see baby in pain is really hard, I almost cried as I was holding her.
✔ We have two options serialized steel pin or gold pin we opted gold one as we don’t want to change again so early.
✔ Cost for gold pin was INR 1600 with piercing at gold shop.
✔ Sterilized steel pin cost INR 400.
✔ Gold pin can be done only with manual option, steel pin can be done with piercing Gun.
✔ Doctor was charging INR 2000 for the same.
✔ Apply coconut oil or ghee (clarified butter) with turmeric powder for a week for healing fast.
✔ Keep checking the ear pin cover as it tends to loose and might fall if not tighten properly, we have already lost one😑.
Happy Ear piercing 😊Flaunt your baby pics with lovely ear pins.💚

Managing baby hair

My baby was born with full head hair and I was so happy to see her hair, all the family members wanted to do mundan (shave) in first month but I wanted to adore her hair more and we need to see her awesome curls too😄
Initially it was easy to manage as hair was short and easy to comb no pony, but slowly hair became longer and curlier and tough time started as now she knows to say no, cry when she see comb in my hands, say no and do whatever makes it like a battle for mommy😐

So here are my routine and tips hopefully will help you😊

1. From day one washing her hair daily as she sweats a lot and not washing irritate both mom and baby.
2 Initial few months I use to do oiling everyday with body massage and she loves head massage too.
3. As hair grow longer with curls, need to change my routine, washing everyday but at time I skip a day or 2 when she is not feeling well or mommy is lazy😉
4. Now we do hair oiling once or twice a week.
5. We don’t use shampoo daily, shampoo only when we put oil.
6 . No shampoo then?? I Co-wash my baby curls as shampoo make them more frizzy and hard to handle.
7. Co-wash (washing with conditioner) not normal conditioners we need to buy conditioner suitable for baby which is natural and chemical free.
8. Avoid combing hair as much as possible, try finger combing (comb with fingers run slowly your fingers in baby hair and open all knots).
9. Every morning routine is spray little water on hair and apply little aloe Vera gel or if you can get baby leave in conditioner then mix with water and spray little on hair and half of your job is done, then finger comb and you are sorted, if you want you can use wide tooth wooden comb for easy hairstyling.
This works on no hair wash day too or when you want to go for outing and quick ready to go.
10. Use to try home made conditioner and leave in too at times.
Sabudana (sago) gel wash and flex seed gel leave in.
If you want more details drop a message will share how to make at home.

Cake smash tips

This looks interesting

As every mom, I was also excited for my baby’s first birthday and had many plans for cake smash and her first birthday’s photo session.

My Plans v/s Reality

Happy B’day My Love
Decoration and chalk board designed by us

🍭I wished to bake her first birthday cake matching her dress and yes I baked her cake and first time tried my hands on baking, it took me two days to bake 2 tier cake with icing and I was super happy.
🍭Planned a cake smash with all decoration by mommy and daddy so we started all decoration a day before so that we can get time on her birthday.
🍭Planned a photo shoot by photographer daddy and lot of smiling laughing cake bath pictures.
No no guys that was all what I expected and let me tell you what happened.


2 days of hard work
My Princess all confused

🍭Started our day with visiting temple all good baby was enjoying but was struck in traffic and returned back tierd.
🍭Thought baby will take her day nap and we can do cake smash in evening when she woke up, but she was full day active and mommy finished remaining touches to her cake.
🍭Baked her cake and was super tierd but really happy.
🍭Time for cake smash, we dressed her and all set for cake smash and now baby is tierd and not interested in anything 😑 tried each and every thing to make her happy so that she touch her cake or even smile for pictures.
🍭After so many unsuccessful attempts finally we accepted she will not do this at least today😐
🍭so all that happened we never planned but we managed to take some pictures.

Now let me share my tips from my experience

🍭Plan your cake smash in morning when she is in full active mode.
🍭 If you are planning to bake cake get all things done before birthday day so that you are all set no touch ups also.
🍭Choose the most comfortable and easy to go dress, so that baby is free as party wears irritate babies, so let it be simple.
🍭Get ready with camera for all fun moments to capture.
🍭Biggest mistake I did was I never gave her cake with icing so she was not at all interested to touch her cake, so try giving her cake with icing before cake smash so that she know what we can do with this cake.
🍭If still your cake smash get flops.. don’t give up, we have many more birthdays to do all fun🤣