Healthy Kids Food Ideas

Being mom a thought which is always in your mind is providing healthy food and proper nutrition to your kid.

We all have this little picky eater who don’t want to eat healthy food. A mother needs to learn some easy ways to add healthy and nutritious food for her little one(s).

So here I am sharing my personal tips with you. I am a vegetarian, so main source of protein come from pulses, soya, fruits and vegetables.

Now the question is how to give food rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals to your kids.

Tips to add nutritious food to your kid’s meal.

MILK – most of the kids run away from milk and same with my daughter. She is really choosy when it comes to milk . So when she throws tantrums having milk, I make oats porridge with that milk adding some fruits to it.

  • Change look of the food – when the kids says no to milk, you can always try experimenting with dishes made with milk. I used to make health mix, porridge, oats, sweet dalia and kheer. She just enjoy all these items and yes milk too😉.
  • Replace Milk with Milk products – When your kids say no to milk, try different milk products. Giving paneer, cheese, butter, curd. All have same benefits of milk, so you can try offering milk in different forms.


  • Health mix chapatis – Adding some health mix powder to wheat flour and kneading with milk. Add more nutrition to kids meal.
  • Health mix


  • Vegetables chapatis You can knead chapatis dough with vegetables puree. Adding beetroot, carrot, spinach or any vegetables of your choice. It not only gives colour to food, also enhance the taste of it.
Ragi carrots Beetroot paradha


  • Fruits with play time – I have made a routine to have any fruit before going for playing outdoor. So in this way my daughter knows she have to eat fruit, before going out.
  • Juice/shakes – Kids enjoy having homemade juice and shakes is also at times.
  • Soya – You can add soya flour to the normal wheat flour and use daily. Soya milk is also good.


  • Flavoured Milk – You can add dry fruits powder to milk, it gives flavour.
  • Snack –  Roasted nuts are a great way of munching with healthy benefits . Roast nuts of choice with ghee and give for munching anytime.
  • Sweets – Homemade sweets is best way for adding dry fruits. Kids love these sweets .
Wholewheat Oasts Raison and almonds cookies


As a mom, you have these plenty of new ideas, do share your ideas with me in comments.


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Baking with Academy of Pastry Arts

It was a great pleasure meeting Chef Kimberly Rozario  at Academy of Baking  Arts and learning some really important tips and tricks that are must for baking a good cake.

Chef Kimberly RozarioWe had nice time learning Berry Vanilla Gateaux with a special culinary class conducted by Chef for all the bloggers.

This full pastry is made in 4 step. Sharing the full receipe.

☑️ Chocolate almond sponge

Ingredients – Quantity (gram)

  • Almond paste/marzipan – 150
  • Whole egg – 62.5
  • Egg yolk – 37.5
  • Egg whites – 137.5
  • Sugar – 50
  • Cake flour – 40
  • Callebaut cocoa powder – 20
  • Dark chocolate Callebaut madagaMada 67percent – 75


  • Mix almond paste with paddle. Add in egg and egg yolk slowly until smooth paste.
  • Change to whisk attachment and whip mixture above until fluffy.
  • Make a medium peak meringue with egg whites and sugar.
  • Fold in meringue into 2nd mixture.
  • Fold the sifted cocoa powder and flour and then continue with melted chocolate.
  • Bake in 6″ ring for approximately 25 minutes at 165 degree C.

☑️Berry Jelly

Ingredients – Quantity (gram)

  • Ravifruit blackberry puree – 200
  • Ravifruit raspberry puree – 100
  • Ravifruit strawberry puree – 130
  • Sugar – 15
  • Cold water – 40
  • Gelatin – 8


  • Dissolve gelatin with cold water.
  • Warm all purees with sugar until the sugar is just enough to dissolve.
  • Melt gelatin and mix with the puree mixture.
  • Pour into mould and freeze it.

☑️Red Glaze

Ingredients  -Quantity (gram)

  • Water – 75
  • Sugar – 150
  • Glucose -150
  • Condensed milk – 100
  • Gelatin – 12
  • Milk chocolate Callebaut 823NV 33.6percent – 150
  • Red colorant


  • Bring sugar, water and glucose to boil.
  • Add in bloomed gelatin and condensed milk.
  • Pour the mixture over the milk chocolate and add in colouring to emulsify.
  • Finishing- Glaze with raspberry glaze and garnish with chocolate decor and chopped raisins with gold dust.

☑️ Vanilla mouse

Ingredients – Quantity (gram)

  • Milk – 150
  • Whipping cream – 120
  • Vanilla pod – 1/2 stick
  • Egg yolk – 120
  • Sugar – 90
  • Gelatin – 8
  • Italian meringue – 120
  • Cold water – 40
  • Whipping cream – 135


  • Dissolve gelatin with cold water.
  • Bring cream,milk and vanilla pod to boil.
  • Mix egg yolk and sugar and gradually add into hot mixture.
  • Continue to bain-marie until 83 degree centigrade with spatula. Add in gelatin, wait until slightly cool down ,strain and fold in Italian meringue.
  • Lastly fold in whipped cream.

It was a long process and we learned so many nice tips from chef as.
☑️ Importance of right heating temperature.
☑️ Moisture control while you microwave food item ( This one really good tips as I often get my food items dry while microwaving ). So you need to use cling wrap while you microwave.
☑️ To avoid air bubbles in glaze or any medium you need to use whisker at the bottom only and still if you get some bubbles you can use cling wraps to remove from top.
☑️ If you are planning for long term baking you should invest in a good quality silicone moulds that’s maintain shape in regular use and good quality food colour and cocoa powder really make a difference in the final product in terms of taste and colour.
☑️ For getting a good glaze and shine to your cake you need to keep insure the right temperature and time of glaze and cake.

All Bloggers with Chef

Chef is full of knowledge so the full session was a good learning one and just wished I can get some basic cakes class to get more of this pro version 😁.

Would like to tell you more about Academy of Pastry Arts

Academy of Pastry Arts is an esteemed group of Professional Culinary & Pastry Schools with Pan Asia presence like Malaysia, Philippines, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. There journey started in 2010 with the flagship school in Malaysia and now, the company is growing exponentially with plans to be in Dubai and Indonesia soon.

Their infrastructure speaks volumes with a cumulative area of about 80,000 Sq ft consisting of 46 kitchens and other facilities like amphitheatre, cafeteria etc. With such amenities, it can be safely said that they are the biggest brand in Asia.

The academy uses cutting edge technology, mixed with ingenious techniques, specifically designed to teach the art, science and techniques of creating good food and methods needed to excel in the food industry.

Their are many course available at the Academy and you can choose the one you want, few listed below –

Duration: 6 Months

Duration: 9 Months

Duration: 12 Week session

Duration: 6 Months

Duration: 9 Months

Duration: 12 Week session

Upcoming intakes:

Multigrain coconut Jaggery cookies

Now my girl is grown up from baby to toddler and she loves munching on cookies and I am happy , she enjoys them and just make sure she had some healthy munching when mom and Adya both are happy 😀.

So we made one more healthy cookies for her and mommy daddy too. We all love eating these healthy cookies anytime .

Sharing my easy recipe for these cookies


120gms Multigrain flour ( Mix of whole-wheat flour, Ragi flour and Jwar flour)

70gms jaggery (grated or fine jaggery)

75gms Ghee ( clarified butter )

1 tsp cardamom powder

70gms designated coconut

1-2 tbsp milk ( if needed)

(You get all the organic products used here )


✔ Add ghee and jaggery in a bowl and whisk well until creamy. 

✔ Now add all the dry ingredients in this creamy mix.

✔ Combine all with a spatula.

✔ If you feel it’s little dry and not combining then you can add one or two table-spoon milk so that a dough can be formed for making small balls.

✔ Make small balls and slightly flatten it with fingers.

✔ Now coat these balls with little more Coconut and place them on baking tray.

✔ Now preheat the oven at 160-170 and bake these cookies for 12-15 mins, keep an eye and bake till it’s golden brown. ( I have baked in Microwave convection mode, please see temperature as per your oven. )

✔ Take out the cookies tray and let them cool in tray or wire rack as they are soft and can break.


Your yummy healthy cookies are ready to eat, you can store them in air tight container and enjoy munching any time.

Hope you and your little one enjoys these cookies, do leave your comments and tag me with #forbabynmommy or @forbabynmommy on Instagram, when you try them .

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Traditionally homemade and organic

Organic and handmade food is our first choice for babies, but making it is time-consuming long process. Still as a mom we always try to give best and put all efforts to make the best for our little ones.
I used to make sprouted multigrain heath mix from Ragi powder too..for my girl have shared the process on my blog as many of you asked from where we can we buy this as most of the moms are working and don’t get time to make this here is your answer…Nutrii Bowl they are providing you organic and homemade food from moms hand to you ❤
They have sent some to me as well will let you know about them.


pearl millet, little millet , sprouted ragi,sorghum, peanuts, barnyard millet, foxtail millet, kado millet, Sago , sprouted horsegram, almonds, pista, cashew, cardamom , dry ginger,roasted gram, sprouted green gram, sprouted wheat, red rice.

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.

Sprouted Ragi powder.

✔Ragi powder

How to prepare

✔Add 2 tbsp of mix to water/milk and mix without lumps.
✔cook mixture for 10-15minutes on medium flame.
✔Add any fruit puree or jaggery for sweetness.
✔Can add ghee also.
✔Can be added to flour ,prepare dough with veggies and make yummy paradha.

Dry fruits powder

Cashew, Almond, pista, roasted gram ,turmeric and cardamom.

How to prepare

✔2 or 3 spoons of the powder can be mix in hot or cold milk.

Multi Millet Cookies

Multi millet flour, whole wheat flour, butter, organic jaggery, cashew and nutmeg powder.
✔cookies are so soft, easy for toddlers to eat.
From where you can get them.
Nutrii Bowl Instagram

Lotus seed / Makhana for your little one 🤗

One more healthy snack from our Indian kitchen, lotus seeds also know as makhana in Hindi, is really good for our little ones.
As mommy was really worried for protein intake for her , and doctor suggested eggs but we are vegetarian, so my search started again and I remember I used to take lotus seed in my pregnancy time also for protein so why not for baby and what best she loves it and enjoy munching on it , problem solved mommy😉

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Firstly let’s know its benefits:

✔ Very good source of protein, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
✔ 100gms yields 350 calories of energy.
✔ Full of antioxidants.
✔ High in fiber, helps to avoid constipation.

How to add them in their food?

✔ In form of snacks-

( Most important step as mostly skip this but I must say it is really important, break the seeds and check inside as mostly small worms are found so it’s better check and use ).
Break seeds and roast with some ghee( clarified butter ) until it becomes crispy now add pinch of salt.
Lotus seed snacks are ready to eat and your little one would love munching on them, I used to take for travel purpose too.

✔ Porridge or kheer

Blend roasted seeds and add warm milk or you can boil it too.
Add jaggery and dry fruits powder for sweet version. You can add salt and veggies for savoury.
✔ Coat the roasted seeds with a thin layer of chocolate for sweet snacks.
✔You can add lotus seed powder in flour too to make chapati.
✔ Well all mommies know how to add in some or the other way in their meal.
For all vegetarian, this is really good for adding protein in their diet.🙂
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Want your baby to gain weight? Here is how.. Health mix powder

My little one was always lean and so mommy in me was worried when everyone says she is thin…search begin and we found this heath mix also known as sathumaavu.
It is mix of all pulsed, dryfruits and finger millet.
So let me share with you it’s health benefits and process to make it at home.


Protein rich best food for weight gain in babies.
Due to sprouted pulses nutrients are easily absorbed by body.
Sprouted pulses have high proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Combination of healthy dietary such as cereals, dry fruits and pulses give instant energy.
Strengthens growing bones.
Boost stamina.


You can use organic products or normal good quality depends on availability and choice.
1 Cup Ragi ( finger millet).
1 Cup Rice ( Brown/ white you can use according to your preference ).
1 Cup mix daal ( pulses ) moong, masoor, chana, udad.
( you can choose according to your preference)
1 Cup mix dryfruits ( almond, cashew, walnut, elaichi ).
1 Cup lotus seed ( makhana ).
1/2 cup Sago ( sabudana ).
1/2 cup peanuts.
1 Cup green gram ( moong ).
1 Cup Chikpea ( Chana ).
1 Cup horse gram.
1 Cup black gram.
1 Cup maut brown gram.
Items mentioned in the above image all can be sprouted, so for sprouting we can do following
✔ Wash and soak all items separately for 8_10 hours
✔ Now wash again with clean water and drain all water.
✔ Keep it in bowl with little opening for next 10_ 12 hours until sprouted well.20170923_1622031221864255.jpg
✔ Keep on stiring in few hours to avoid fungus.
✔ Wash and soak the mix pulses and brown rice for few hours.
✔ Sundry all the sprouted and soaked items.
✔ Then dry roast separately all items including dry fruits.
✔ Blend all items to powder form.
✔ Now mix all and your heath mix is ready.
How to prepare heath mix porridge
✔ Add on 2 tsp ghee ( clarified butter ) to a pan and add 2 spoon health mix to it.

✔ Roast few second and add one cup milk/ water as per choice.

✔ Keep stiring until thickens to right consistency for baby.
✔ Switch off the flame and add jaggery and any fruit of your choice.
✔ Healthy porridge ready.
Point to add
✔ This heath mix can be added in chapati dough too.
✔ Grams and pulses can be add more or less as per preference.
✔ If you want you can add broken wheat and other healthy items also.

Amazon has great organic products range can be delivered to your door step.

Ragi,carrot, Beetroot paradha

Yes you are a mommy now!!
Your mind keep on exploring new idea to give yummy tasty food to baby, but your baby don’t want to eat veggies, ragi…not a problem 😉.
Mommy knows how to hide all nutrition in their meal😁
Sharing one of my tips for healthy daily meals for your toddlers😊.


  • 2 tablespoon whole wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon Ragi flour (home made ragi flour if you want the process please leave a comment)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon carrot and beetroot puree
  • 4 tsp ghee ( clarified butter) you can use more if you want
  • Pinch of salt (can skip this if you are following no salt no sugar rule)


✔ Flash cook carrot and beetroot (add pieces of carrot and beetroot with some water and little ghee, Cook for 5 whistles on high)

✔ Take out flash cooked carrot and beetroot, let them cool and blend to puree.

✔ In a bowl add wholewheat flour, ragi flour, 1tsp ghee, salt and 1 tbsp carrot and beetroot puree.

✔ Combine all and make a dough, if you feel mix is dry add more puree.

✔ If you have time wait for 10 min, dough resting time.
✔ Now roll the dough into a round shape and apply some ghee.

✔ Fold again and roll again in round shape.

✔ Now heat Tawa/frying pan, put your paradha on it and when some bubbles appear on top side, flip it on another side.
✔ Apply ghee and cook from both sides pressing with spatula.

✔ Paradha is ready to eat, you can apply some butter on top or give it with some veggies.

✔ You can add or reduce veggies according to your preference.
✔ Homemade ragi flour is better then market one(if you want the process leave a comment).

Whole Wheat, Oats, Raisin and Almond Cookies

When comes to health at times we are careless and eat whatever available with ease, but when we want to give it to our little ones we think twice before giving them.
After becoming mommy, my search was on, for what best I can include in her diet that gives taste and health benefits too.
Sharing my first baked healthy cookies recipe.

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1 cup quick cooking rolled oats
3/4 Th cup whole-wheat flour
3/4 Th cup powdered sugar ( if you prefer more sweet can add 1 cup, and if you want to go more healthy replace sugar by honey )
1/2 cup butter at room temperature
1/2 cup roughly chopped raisin and almonds
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
Pinch of salt if you are taking unsalted butter.


Shift whole wheat flour, oats, and salt.
Add sugar and butter in another bowl whisk well till light and fluffy.
Add vanilla essence and mix well.
Add dry ingredients raisins and almonds to whisked butter and sugar and mix.
Bind together to form a dough.
If the mix is dry add 1 or 2 tbsp milk and make dough( if you are replacing sugar with honey skip milk part ).
Make small balls from dough depending on size of cookie you want to make and press slightly.
Preheat microwave/oven at 180°C.
Arrange the balls on parchment paper in a greased tray.
Bake for 12-15 minutes until edges turn slight brown.
Be careful cookies would be soft at this time, carefully take out and let them cool on wire rack.
Once cooled they will turn crispy, store in airtight container and enjoy munching 😄

Amazon has great organic products range can be delivered to your door step.

Nan khatai

Nan khatai one of our childhood favourite, shortbread like cookies made with ghee (Indian clarified butter) and flavored with cardamom that just melts in mouth and start craving more 😄
I always want to bake them and finally when we got our microwave tried my hands on my favourite item.
sharing easy recipe.
1 + 3/4 cup Whole-wheat flour / all purpose flour / maida
1 cup Ghee ( Indian clarified butter )
3/4 cup powdered sugar (you can use more I prefer less sweet)
1/2 cup Chickpea flour/ besan
1 Tsp cardamom powder
1/8 Tsp Baking soda
Pinch of salt
Almonds for garnishing
Shift wheat flour , chickpea flour , salt and baking soda in a bowl .
Add powdered sugar to clarified butter (ghee) and whisk well until it becomes light and fluffy.
Add dry ingredients to whisked ghee and sugar and fold gently, the mixture would form a soft dough.
Now divide the dough into small parts and make rounds.
Press the balls gently and garnish with Almond pieces.
now place the balls in a tray and refrigerate for 25-30 minutes.
Meanwhile pre heat your microwave/ oven 170 degrees C
Place the balls on greased baking tray on a parchment paper.
Bake it for 15-20 minutes until it turns light brown, keep watching as it can burn fast, check base for burning.
Let them cool on wire rack and store in air tight container.

Wholewheat base healthy Pizza!

We all love pizzaaa..don’t we?😉
But every time we eat with a guilt!
Read on how to make WholeWheat Base Pizza Recipe – Making Junk Food Healthy!
So let’s enjoy every bit of the pizza along with the healthy veggies!
I am a big foodie and so always try something healthy so that I can eat as much as I want 🙂
Sharing wholewheat base pizza with lots of veggies. Enjoy eating as much as you want 😋 Both Mommy & Child happy!

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Pizza sause:
4big tomatoes
1 onion
4_5 garlic cloves
Chilli flakes
Sugar if tomatoes are not sweet
1 tbsp olive oil
2tsp tomato sauce and salt as per taste
✔ Boil and peel tomatoes – take 2 whistles in cooker.
✔Let it cool n blend it.
✔Then add garlic n onion puree to olive oil in a pan and fry , add tomato puree now and add oregano chilli flakes let the sause thicken add tomato saus and salt n sugar.
Sause ready…
Pizza base:
1 1/2 cups wholewheat flour
1/2 cup chiroti rava
1 cup water plus milk 50 50 or use according to dough
1 1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1 1/2 tbsp oil
1 tsp Sugar
Salt as per taste
✔In half cup luke warm water add sugar and mix well now add yeast and mix and keep aside for 15min until frothy.
✔Take both flour and rawa in bowl add salt and mix well.
✔Make a hole in centre add oil and now add frothy yeast mix well with spatula combining to form dough add water as needed until a sticky dough is formed leaving sides of the bowl.
✔Transfer the sticky dough to work surface and knead well using strech and fold method until smooth dough is formed it will take around 15 minutes or less.
✔Now keep this dough in well oiled bowl and cover with cling and keep for raise until doubles it will take around 60 mins.
✔Meanwhile you can prepare pizza sause and cut veggies.
✔Take out raise dough and punch out air and
knead a little make balls of it and rolled out as pizza base thin crust or normal depends on you.
✔Take pizza pan and line it with parchment paper and spread rolled base use fork to put marks on base and now spread pizza sause and one layer of mozzarella..add veggies of your choice…add more mozzarella add generously 😉 sprinkle oregano chilli flakes too if you want.
I added cheddar chesse and basil leaves too, keep it aside for another 30 minutes.
✔Preheat oven 180 now bake pizza for 25 min until brown …..serve hot and enjoye the delicious healthy pizza…🤗🤗