Benefits of sitting on floor and eating with hand


Nowadayswe have culture of sitting on dining table and eating with fork and spoon, same we are following with our children. But have we ever thought why our traditional way of eating was actually sitting on floor and eating with hands! Our elders also used to sit on floor and eat with hands.

So today I was listening to Dr. Rhutuja and can’t agree more, every word she said was true and just want to share the same with you all.

Nowadays we  have nice and costly high chairs for our kids, and from starting we let them sit on high chairs with food and most of the time they are on chairs or sofas. Slowly this becomes their habit and they will not sit down on floor. Let’s discuss how this changing lifestyle affects our kids heath in long-term.

Benefits of sitting down and eating:

1. Yoga posture (Sukhasana)

Our traditional way of sitting on floor while having food and if you have noticed while doing yoga also we sit on floor, so it’s a two-way benefits as you are doing yoga also while eating (sukhasana).

2. Easy Digestion

While sitting on floor and eating we tend to move forward and bend to eat and by this way we helps our abdomen muscles in secreting digestive juices which helps in easy digestion of food.

3. Strengthen Lumbar region

Sitting down and eating helps kids maintaining good body posture, opening their hip-joint and giving more flexibility to their pelvis and legs and strengthen their lumbar region of the body.

4. Family bonding

It’s not only kids will sit and eat, as a family you all have to sit down together and eat. This will help in some family bonding time also.

5. Improves Blood circulation

It helps in improving blood circulation by relaxing the nerves and calms your body, that helps in easy digestion too. As when you sit on chair your blood circulation is directed towards feet and while sitting in crossed legs position heart receive proper blood circulation.

6. Eating with hands

While sitting down we should also teach them eating with hands then with spoon/forks. Traditionally we eat with our all fingers as per ayurveda our five fingers are the extension of five natural elements ( will discuss it in my next blog ). While eating with five fingers it energies the food and helps to keep all pranas balanced.

7. Flexible

When your kids body is easy and flexible while sitting on floor, sitting on chair is not be hard. But if you let your kid only sit on chair every time it will be hard for them to get flexible and sit comfortably on floor.

For encouraging kids we need to step forward and set an example for them, they love to do what we do so why not share some good habits that we had from our elders.

25 thoughts on “Benefits of sitting on floor and eating with hand”

  1. Wonderful explanation of sitting on floor. And i think i
    After a very hactic and tiring day sitting on floor is the most relaxing thing.

  2. Wow Neha!! These are really eye opening facts. I didn’t know that there were so many benefits of doing this small act! Great post! 💡💡

  3. I’ve always preferred sitting on the floor and eating with my hands. I didn’t know it had so many benefits – more reasons to continue doing this 🙂

  4. I love eating with my hands instead of spoon and fork. And I am a fan of sitting on floor instead of on the furniture. Didn’t know the combined activity has so many benefits too 🙂

  5. Oh you spoke my mind so much by this post …I live sitting on floor and can’t feel full of stomach with eating with hands even I feed kids also from hands

  6. I was sure there must be some science behind eating while sitting on the floor but was not aware of the real reasons. Thank you for sharing with us. I would try to practice it too.

  7. This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing – I frankly didnt realise that it has so many simple and powerful benefits. Happy to try this out for ourselves.

  8. Totally agree with your points. Sitting on the floor and eating with hand improve digestion. And also prevent over eating.

  9. Although we have a dining table we prefer having atleast one meal while sitting on the floor. Like you said it has medical benefits and is a good family bonding time.

  10. I have been eating sitting on the floor all my life. The dining table was used more as a study table. But never thought, that sitting on the floor had so many benefits. thank you so much for this feel good post.

  11. I completely agree with you. Eating food with hands while sitting on the floor definitely has numerous benefits as you mentioned. And we should encourage our kids to try traditional method of eating food as well.

  12. I profess the same and practice though many find it weird and question me with stares.
    Our traditions were based on science and the western culture got so much embedded into the system that people forgot what our ancestors followed. Once again, we are trying to start with the basics and this is the scratch… a long journey to take back to the roots.
    #MyFriendAlexa #ilaenjoys #Blogchatter

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