Baking with Academy of Pastry Arts

It was a great pleasure meeting Chef Kimberly Rozario  at Academy of Baking  Arts and learning some really important tips and tricks that are must for baking a good cake.

Chef Kimberly RozarioWe had nice time learning Berry Vanilla Gateaux with a special culinary class conducted by Chef for all the bloggers.

This full pastry is made in 4 step. Sharing the full receipe.

☑️ Chocolate almond sponge

Ingredients – Quantity (gram)

  • Almond paste/marzipan – 150
  • Whole egg – 62.5
  • Egg yolk – 37.5
  • Egg whites – 137.5
  • Sugar – 50
  • Cake flour – 40
  • Callebaut cocoa powder – 20
  • Dark chocolate Callebaut madagaMada 67percent – 75


  • Mix almond paste with paddle. Add in egg and egg yolk slowly until smooth paste.
  • Change to whisk attachment and whip mixture above until fluffy.
  • Make a medium peak meringue with egg whites and sugar.
  • Fold in meringue into 2nd mixture.
  • Fold the sifted cocoa powder and flour and then continue with melted chocolate.
  • Bake in 6″ ring for approximately 25 minutes at 165 degree C.

☑️Berry Jelly

Ingredients – Quantity (gram)

  • Ravifruit blackberry puree – 200
  • Ravifruit raspberry puree – 100
  • Ravifruit strawberry puree – 130
  • Sugar – 15
  • Cold water – 40
  • Gelatin – 8


  • Dissolve gelatin with cold water.
  • Warm all purees with sugar until the sugar is just enough to dissolve.
  • Melt gelatin and mix with the puree mixture.
  • Pour into mould and freeze it.

☑️Red Glaze

Ingredients  -Quantity (gram)

  • Water – 75
  • Sugar – 150
  • Glucose -150
  • Condensed milk – 100
  • Gelatin – 12
  • Milk chocolate Callebaut 823NV 33.6percent – 150
  • Red colorant


  • Bring sugar, water and glucose to boil.
  • Add in bloomed gelatin and condensed milk.
  • Pour the mixture over the milk chocolate and add in colouring to emulsify.
  • Finishing- Glaze with raspberry glaze and garnish with chocolate decor and chopped raisins with gold dust.

☑️ Vanilla mouse

Ingredients – Quantity (gram)

  • Milk – 150
  • Whipping cream – 120
  • Vanilla pod – 1/2 stick
  • Egg yolk – 120
  • Sugar – 90
  • Gelatin – 8
  • Italian meringue – 120
  • Cold water – 40
  • Whipping cream – 135


  • Dissolve gelatin with cold water.
  • Bring cream,milk and vanilla pod to boil.
  • Mix egg yolk and sugar and gradually add into hot mixture.
  • Continue to bain-marie until 83 degree centigrade with spatula. Add in gelatin, wait until slightly cool down ,strain and fold in Italian meringue.
  • Lastly fold in whipped cream.

It was a long process and we learned so many nice tips from chef as.
☑️ Importance of right heating temperature.
☑️ Moisture control while you microwave food item ( This one really good tips as I often get my food items dry while microwaving ). So you need to use cling wrap while you microwave.
☑️ To avoid air bubbles in glaze or any medium you need to use whisker at the bottom only and still if you get some bubbles you can use cling wraps to remove from top.
☑️ If you are planning for long term baking you should invest in a good quality silicone moulds that’s maintain shape in regular use and good quality food colour and cocoa powder really make a difference in the final product in terms of taste and colour.
☑️ For getting a good glaze and shine to your cake you need to keep insure the right temperature and time of glaze and cake.

All Bloggers with Chef

Chef is full of knowledge so the full session was a good learning one and just wished I can get some basic cakes class to get more of this pro version 😁.

Would like to tell you more about Academy of Pastry Arts

Academy of Pastry Arts is an esteemed group of Professional Culinary & Pastry Schools with Pan Asia presence like Malaysia, Philippines, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore. There journey started in 2010 with the flagship school in Malaysia and now, the company is growing exponentially with plans to be in Dubai and Indonesia soon.

Their infrastructure speaks volumes with a cumulative area of about 80,000 Sq ft consisting of 46 kitchens and other facilities like amphitheatre, cafeteria etc. With such amenities, it can be safely said that they are the biggest brand in Asia.

The academy uses cutting edge technology, mixed with ingenious techniques, specifically designed to teach the art, science and techniques of creating good food and methods needed to excel in the food industry.

Their are many course available at the Academy and you can choose the one you want, few listed below –

Duration: 6 Months

Duration: 9 Months

Duration: 12 Week session

Duration: 6 Months

Duration: 9 Months

Duration: 12 Week session

Upcoming intakes:

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  1. Looks like a great event with the Chef showcasing the skill and sharing minutest details. Let me know when attempt the same at ur home, will come & taste the same 🙂

  2. Thanks for the information. I’ve been wanting to enroll myself into a baking class since long but wasn’t sure where. I’m glad they have a school in Mumbai.

  3. What an amazing event this looked like. The glaze of your cake came out to be so perfect. Indeed there are small things which makes a difference to the overall texture of a cake. Great workshop

  4. Looks like a wonderful event. Learning recipes from the chef himself is quite a thrill. Thanks for sharing the recipes with us. Will surely try them out.

  5. Wow! That red pastry looks extremely delicious! And how beautiful! Thank you for the recipe!

  6. This is so cool,, although I’m not into baking I only eat 😀 but I do a few friends who are crazy about baking I will share this post with them

  7. wow, this looks so yum and satisfying to watch. I’d have eaten it straight away in class. How did you concentrate on the learning session? THis is fancy!

  8. I’m not passionate about baking. But the way she made the cake, took my heart. Seems like you all had a fun time there

  9. Making cake is an art and cake depicts emotions and occasions makes the cake create its own niche and we cannot imagine birthdays without such delicious decoration of cakes. The red one is tempting and such beautifully crafted piece of cake.
    Thanks for sharing the process of baking the cake with such details.

  10. “Academy of pastry arts” reminds me of Caroline from the series ‘Twi Broke Girls’.
    What a delightful session–learning from the best. I am going to enroll myself in one of these soon; a beginner’s class to baking maybe.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful recipe.

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