Strength and Bonding with ANMOL BABY CARRIERS!!

At times I think I will really miss these cuddles and warmth of her, holding her close to me all times gives such a relief as my baby is safe in my arms. It’s a soothing way for mom and baby both when you both.
Baby wearing with baby carriers build a strong bond between us and as a mom it has given me strength and confidence, make me independent as now I can handle her alone and all the work too.

Can’t thank Baby wearing enough as I was able to keep my baby happy and close, enjoying all moments and my life too.

But as she is growing so fast I miss those little squishy moments, when first time we started baby wearing when she was 2 months old and I was so excited and tensed to try baby wearing with her. I was not aware about the benefits of ergonomic carriers and then one my my mommy friend Tamana introduced me to ergonomic carriers and the benefits. I joined baby wearing India group and finally bought my first carrier Anmol baby carriers SSC

We used a soft towel as insert for her as SSC should be used when baby is 7kg or you can use insert/soft towel.

For my surprise she was happy and we had a society walk and within few minutes my girl was sleeping peacefully in her carrier.

From then we never turned back and our carrier become the most important part of every day life, living in nuclear family we have to balance all alone from kitchen to market and when it’s hurry time and you have a cranky baby crying for carry the best support is carrier just hold them close and you can relax and do all your work while your baby sleeps in your arms.

And now I have tried so many carriers and both of us enjoy every moment of it . So I just want to share some Quick tips when you want to select a baby carrier for yourself.

✔ You can start baby wearing from first month itself as early as day one and can wear as long as your baby like it.
✔Carrier should be ergonomically safe – carrier should be comfortable for both wearer and baby, weight of baby should be equally distributed on shoulder, back and waist of wearer and baby should be sitting comfortably. Their spine should be supported and baby is sitting in M position where hips are below knees.
✔ Fabric- choosing wright fabric is equally important as it should be breathable, so that air flows to the baby. Handwoven fabric is really good.

✔Padded straps and waist is also important as it provide comfort to wearer and baby legs too.
✔Good quality buckles as to ensure baby safety.
✔Nautral colours should be used for fabric as at times baby use to put carrier in mouth.
✔ If you can get extra small pockets it is really good for keeping any necessary items on the go. Anmol carrier have small pockets and I really found it useful.
✔ Easy to wear.

Baby wearing you baby is the best feeling a mom can get, do wear your baby close to your heart any where any time and enjoy motherhood with Anmol baby carriers .😊

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24 thoughts on “Strength and Bonding with ANMOL BABY CARRIERS!!”

  1. Well I never wore the baby in a similar carrier but looking at your photos it seems to b very comfortable for baby and mom both so will try with next baby.

  2. I support baby wearing. It benefits to both mom and baby. More over it makes Mommy more self dependent.

  3. Baby carriers are most important while strolling/travelling around.And these beautiful color options from Anmol just makes it so awesome.

  4. I really think baby wearing is so much important and when something like this comes it’s just like trusted with love

  5. Baby carrier is a boon for mother as it keeps her hands free all the time and the baby too feels comfortable n secure in it. This baby wearing from Anmol looks good.

  6. Baby wearing takes the stress out of carrying and great for both mom and baby. An old looks like good value

  7. Baby carriers are good for the new moms always. I think it works better always when you are travelling. Thanks for sharing your review about this brand. I will recommend to my friends definitely.

  8. I miss babywearing now since he has grown. I had heard about Anmol carriers and have actually suggested my sister and friends and they used, though I didn’t get chance t use it myself.

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