Baby massage & bonding with❤mamaearth massage oil❤

Usually we start massage for baby from the first month and continue for at least two years or more if baby loves it .
I started massage for her from first month and keep learning ways how this massage session would be happy one for both mommy and baby, for initial days we kept one massage lady for her but I was really unhappy the way she use to massage, all time my little girl was crying with her and I decided to do massage for her.
I keep on learning through YouTube videos, as I mentioned I was not happy the way massage lady was giving her Massage, so I decide to learn more on this and know how to give massage that is soothing for baby.

So let us first see what are the benefits of massage

🍀Helps to soothe baby and relax for good sleep.
🍀Improve weight gain.
🍀Aids digestion- common problems like constipation and gas, circular motion tummy massage and some simple exercise helps in releasing gas.
🍀Helps in improving blood circulation.
🍀A happy massage session improves mommy baby bonding.
🍀Toddlers are full time in active mode so giving some leg massage before sleep helps in good sleep too.

How to make this session a happy one

🍀 Singing or talking to baby helps a lot as they love to hear you and this will be a great bonding way for you too.
🍀A mother touch is the best when it comes to sooth a baby, so they would love to get massage with you.
🍀Keep some small toys or teether so that baby can play with them and enjoy this session.
🍀Choosing right time for massage is really important, giving massage in morning and before sleep time really works for soothing baby and proper sleep.
Let me share with you one nice soothing massage oil for babies with goodness of sesame , almonds and jojoba from


Cold pressed sesame oil – had healing and immunity building power, strengthen muscles with weight gain.
Virgin coconut oil- moisturise baby skin.
Virgin olive oil- nourish baby skin.
Sweet almond oil- absorbs easily moisturize and repair dry skin with improving skin completion.
Jojoba oil – helps in less damage from Sun rays.
Lavender oil- mild fragrance soothe baby.
Chamomile oil- mild fragrance soothe baby.


Comes with 100 ml plastic bottle with lovely colour too, my baby likes it and play with cap during massage.

Double cap provided prevent leakage and easy while travelling.

Easy use push cap so no more taking oil in bowl and no more spilling .

Price- 100 ml for INR 299.


Mild sweet fragrance that sooths baby
Mild fragrance so it is easy to apply after bath.
Absorbs easily so not stickiness after massage and you can apply this oil after bath and before sleep too.

From where you can get this product
Available on Amazon here, firstcry and more online sites:)

46 thoughts on “Baby massage & bonding with❤mamaearth massage oil❤”

  1. Gd product for babies and good information too about massage
    Wish to use the product in future

  2. I really love the pump packaging I think that makes it very convenient to use… apart from that the overall packaging is really cute I like most of the products from this planned

  3. I really love the pump packaging I think that makes it very convenient to use… apart from that the overall packaging is really cute I like most of the products from this brand

  4. Baby massage develops a nice bond between baby and mother. Babies love it too. MamaEarth is a great choice for baby products.

  5. I wish I massaged more my little girl when she was a baby. I’m a little bit sad about that, but now that she’s 4 years old, she asks to get massages from me all the time! So I get to bond with her now 🙂

  6. Looks like the perfect product for babies. Wish it was there mine were babies.. But it’s never too late.. Will grab a bottle of oil soon.

  7. I have heard a lot about mama Earth products. This baby oil looks great. I will recommend it to my sister in law who has a baby.

  8. I used to love massaging my kid when he would let me. It really is a very effective bonding time. You have provided a very honest review of the massaging oil. a must try for all new moms.

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