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After being a mom there is a new set of challenges with every phase of child growth and development. One such phase is selecting the best play school for your kid.

It takes the same time, efforts and energy that you spend in finding a new doctor during pregnancy or finding a new pediatrician for your baby.

You need to check all details online and offline with word of mouth recommendation and trying options for a week or more to find the best place where your baby is safe, learns and enjoys in a nurturing environment.

As my little girl is going to join her pre School soon, my research also started with online and offline search for the ideal preschool. While looking for the best play school, I came across Alphakids International preschool. They have an option of giving out franchisees to moms that are looking to open their very own preschool! I was really impressed with this idea as for mothers who are either housewives or want to be mompreneurs it can be a good idea to open a preschool of their own to ensure quality care for their little ones as well as for other children, and at the same time keep busy and monetize on the idle property that they may have. What a brilliant idea!

I would love to share some more details about taking an Alphakids Preschool franchise which I found during my search and some interaction with the school authorities.

Details about Alphakids preschool

Alphakids Learning Centre’s (ALC) Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in premium education in India, promoting preschools as well as K-12 education through its Alphakids International Preschool and Bellwether International School brands. Bellwether International school (K-12) provides a transition from Alphakids preschools. The first Bellwether School opened in Tanuku (near Vijayawada) in May 2018, with schools opening in Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore in 2019.

The preschools and schools are guided by two reputed investors from well-established backgrounds- Mumbai- based Goenka group and Dandekar family, with one of them being a co-founder of a premium international school in India. The team includes professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of education in India as well as overseas.

Alphakids International has been ranked as the no.2 preschool in Mumbai by Education World (2018-19) and was also awarded as the Emerging play school of the year (2017-18) by Franchise India.

Alphakids International has two centre’s in premium Mumbai locations – Lokhandwala and Juhu and has recently expanded to locations in Kolhapur, Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry, Hyderabad and Tanuku, with over 25 more preschools opening in May 2019.

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Why open an Alphakids preschool?

  1. Their proprietary pedagogy, ASTERIA (meaning “of the stars” in Latin), is based on global best practices and focuses on enriching the IQ (intellectual quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and SQ (Spiritual Quotient) in every child. Their underlying philosophy is that every child is a star and must be given the opportunity to sparkle
  2. Only 40 admissions to operationally breakeven! They provide you with all the guidance and support to ensure that your property location, size and fee structure is apt for you to be the leader preschool in your location!
  3. 100% centralized support for set-up and onwards
  4. Highest quality of frequent teacher training and audit so that the teachers can seamlessly teach the curriculum
  5. Guidance from team of educators who have over 40 years of experience in this domain and have opened preschools and schools in India and overseas
  6. Extensive marketing support and guidance to ensure that your preschool is successful

Benefits of taking a preschool franchise

  1. It is easier to build on a known brand than starting from scratch. Parents will prefer to enroll their children in a known brand as quality and training is ensured by a third party (franchisor head office)
  2. Less risk as the operating standards and procedures are tried and tested and are based on global best practices. These procedures have been piloted in many preschool centers before being documented for the franchisees
  3. The franchisor will provide you with the curriculum and extremely detailed lesson plans for the teachers. They will also provide training for teachers, center heads as well as the business partners so that the centre runs as smoothly as possible. It makes it more convenient!
  4. The franchisor helps in documentation for obtaining the necessary permissions to start and operate the preschool.
  5. The franchisor assists in creating a full-fledged marketing plan and uses its influence and tie ups with newspapers to do central level marketing and provides detailed guidance to the franchisee for all the local level marketing. This ensures maximum enrollments when the franchise preschool opens!

Alphakids support

  1. International standard curriculum with detailed lesson plans for teachers
  2. Quality training and audit for teachers, center heads and business partners
  3. Full support and hand-holding with preschool set up
  4. Full-fledged guidance with location and property finalization, recruitment, and competitor analysis
  5. Extensive marketing support

Requirements to be an Alphakids franchisee:  

  1. Property size of 2500 sq ft built up area
  2. Investment capacity of 20-25 lakh
  3. Passion for children!

If you want to be a part of the Alphakids preschool network and open your very own preschool, please contact on +91 7738010779 or email on

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  1. Thank you for sharing this useful information. As per my knowledge, Delhi does not have an Alphakids School as yet. I will share your post so interested parties may enquire details.

  2. Thanks much for sharing the information. I’m gonna further share to people interested in getting a franchise. I know quite a few.

  3. Sounds a great option for the franchisee. The best part is that you need just 40 admissions to breakeven, really? This is really quick and more so when you have 100% support from central team.

  4. Thank you for sharing such an informative post. It is very important for every parents to choose a proper school for their kids. I will definitely share this post with all my friends.

  5. once my mother in law was about to get retired and we thought of having a franchisee of play school but alas , she pass away and it become a dream. alphakids sounds good school.

  6. I was not aware of this school ,even in my locality ,there is no alphakids school . Will sahare this with my friend who is interested in taking preschool franchise ..

  7. The Alpha Kids Pre-schools seem to be equipped with state-of-the-art, global methodologies. Pre-Schools need to be really equipped as the tiny tots need special attention. The franchise option sounds like a good business option too.

  8. I have heard about alpha kids preschool. It is surely a great preschool chain. Thus is a detailed post about the school.

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  10. Alphakids is wonderful for preschool, I know a lot of preschool children’s​ parents who would love to know about it. Shall share your post with them 🙂

  11. Selecting the right play school for a child is super difficult. I had a tough time to finalize one when I was searching for a safe and good play school for my daughter. Alphakids preschool seems to be a nice option to enroll the little one and also to take the franchise.

  12. I wish Alphakids would have been around d when my son was a preschooler. It’ll had hard time choosing a nice preschool for him.

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  14. Alpha kids is just what I was looking for. Glad you shared the review. A good playschool is much needed.

  15. Alpha kids is just what I was looking for. Glad you shared the review. A good playschool is much needed.

  16. Wow . An interesting business opportunity and that too with kids.. sounds like something i would definitely be interested in. Thanks will get more details on this opportunity of a franchisee.

  17. I have heard about them from a friend of mine. I hope such a preschool opens at our place so that our kids also get such amazing way of learning. I’m sad to say this, but I’m not happy with the preschool that my kid is going. The problem is, we don’t have a better option here!!!

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